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Get That Elusive Perfection You Want

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The Customizing Options of Artisan Drapery

“Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle”.
You would know what Michelangelo was talking about if you were to try to customize your Artisan Drapery. There are tons of trifle options available, which when arranged in a precise manner, will bring out the perfect look you desire for your window treatment.
The drapery panels in itself are a great addition to your interior décor since these panels are crafted with great finesse to portray the pleasant beauty of a home. The color, fabric material, and design exude the dexterity of perfect craftsmanship. The cascading drapery panels augment the visual appeal to complement your mood, taste, and fashion with a unique display of grace and charm. Let us have a look at the choices you have when you pick your artisan drapery.



Choice of Panels and Measurement

First, you will have your say in what type of panel you wish to install on your windows. You can have a single panel for small windows and a pair of panels for larger ones. Of course, there is no doubt that you will have to pick your size. In fact, draperies can be customized to fit almost any window size, using the customer’s specific measurements.



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Drapery Styles

Once you’re done with sizing your panels, you can make your first style statement with the drapery style you prefer. Every style has its own charisma. You will have a tough time picking from a wide range of styles including the pleated, rod pocket, grommet top, classic tab, wrapped tab, back tab and plain top, which have their own unique attractions. With the design options you have with drapery, you can change the ambiance of your rooms from traditional, to luxurious or chic and modern as well.


When you choose pleated drapery panels, you can further customize them with the following options:


• Cartridge Pleat
• Four Finger Pleat
• Box Pleat
• Inverted Pleat
• Pinch Pleat
• Roll Pleat
With rod pocket, you have choices to make from Rod Pocket, and Rod Pocket Top and Bottom, which have completely different effects on the appearance of the drapery and the window.




The specialty option has different styles as well which includes

Back tab
• Classic tab
• Grommet top
• Plain top
• Wrapped tab



Fabric Selection


When you install drapery, you have an extensive range of fabrics, patterns and color choices that will coordinate with and complement no matter what type of décor you have in your home. For practical use , you should consider weight, texture, light-blocking or light-filtering qualities, and the fabric’s durability, whereas for aesthetic purposes, keep in mind the color and patterns to bring out the look you desire.
Note that the fullness is calculated based on fabric width and pattern repeats, and the ordered width to maintain the uniformity of appearance. Sheers and casement fabrics are available in straight styles only, but not to worry since you can choose from an exclusive collection of sophisticated materials in unusual solids, prints, stripes, jacquards, and sheers for your drapery. The different textures in fabrics are achieved by combining different materials. Some modern drapery fabrics are made of:-
• 100% Polyester
• 87% Polyester/13% Viscose
• 67% Polyester/33% Rayon
• 66% Polyester/30% Cotton/4% Linen
• 100% Cotton
• 70% Cotton/30% Linen




You can indulge in a wide spectrum of colors and patterns for your artisan drapery.
• Angel Fire • Artichoke • Bayberry • Beige • Black • Brown • Clover • Cream • Dark Beige • Light Green
• Maize • Maroon • Morning Glory • Night Shadow • Rock Gray • Stucco • Tender Taupe • Toffee • White
• Mingled Cream • Mingled Maroon • Mingled Morning Blue • Mingled Toffee



Lining is used at the the back of the drapery fabric to protect it from the sun and other elements, while making windows more energy efficient at the same time. They add body to the drapery, allowing it to cascade majestically. The different liner options you have for the Artisan drapery are
• Standard Liner
• Thermal Liner
• Water Repellent Liner
• Blackout Liner
• Standard with Interlining
• Water Repellent with Interlining
The standard liner is often made of a cotton/polyester blend and comes with drapery fabrics without any extra price. The Thermal Liner protects the drapery fabric and makes it more energy efficient by blocking excessive heat or cold. Water repellent liner is 100% cotton fabric that is treated to help protect the drapery fabric from dampness. They protect your drapery during the rainy season, especially if rain lashes at your windows very hard. Blackout liners block light from entering through the fabric, making it an ideal choice for day sleepers, nurseries, and entertainment rooms. Due to the multiple layers needed to create this liner, it will have a stiffer hand. Standard with Interlining is a flannel lining that is used between the main fabric and liner fabric to add additional weight and protection to the drapery panel. It is recommended for lightweight fabrics such as silk and silk blends, and it can be used with Standard liners.





Banding is another aspect where you can customize your drapery panels. The drapery looks good without banding, yet a contrasting strip of fabric sewn along the inside and/or outside edges of the drapery, or on the bottom edge of selected top treatments can create an exact custom look for your window treatment. The different banding options are
• Banding Inside Edge
• Banding Inside and Outside Edges
• Banding Outside Edge



Though not a very important part of window treatments, trims can make a tremendous visual impact, even at a glance. Trims are attached to the inside edge, bottom hem, or inside edge and bottom hem to create a unique appeal in the drapery. You can use the trims on the inside which is an option to stylize inside edge, or inside and Bottom Hem Edge which is an option to stylize inside edge and bottom hem edge and Bottom Hem -an option to stylize bottom hem edge of the drapery.
Some of the different types of trims you can use to create the special effect are:
• Brush fringe
• Bullion fringe
• Globe Fringe
• Tassel fringe
• Gimp
• Round crystal bead trim


Drapery Lengths

Drapery lengths have not just visual impact on the window treatment but can make an enormous difference to the spatial appearance of any room. The different lengths you can choose considering your requirements are
• Bottom of window sill
• Apron Below molding
• Floor less ½”
• Trouser Floor plus 2″
• Puddle Floor plus 6–10″
These are just some of trifle things that can bring out the perfect display of charming beauty in your home. Have fun making your combinations to get that perfect look you desire with your drapery.



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