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How to Get Rid Of Moisture On Windows?

Moisture on Windows in Vancouver

Combatting Moisture On Windows in Vancouver: Top Tips To Deal With It

Are you fed up of your windows dripping wet on the inside? Moisture is a very usual occurrence with windows and many homeowners ignore or overlook this issue. However, some homeowners struggle with this problem particularly as it generates lots of other problems too. Excess moisture and water dripping from the windows can cause damage to its surroundings. In cities such as Vancouver, you may see lots of humidity or weather that contribute to this issue. So, ZebraBlinds have come up with a list of some very useful and effective tips to help you deal with excess moisture on windows in Vancouver. Before that let’s understand some basic things about moisture.


What is Moisture?

Moisture is the presence of water in the air. People who wear glasses must be very familiar with it as they suffer from its effects every time they come in from the cold weather. Moisture is formed when warm and moist air comes in contact with cool surfaces. The windows in our homes become cold by the outside weather, so they tend to have moisture on their surface when warm air touches them. They even start to drip as the moisture present in the air takes the form of dew on the surface of windows. Those tiny dew drops look amazing and beautiful but they sometimes create a problem. There are many other causes of moisture formation like cooking, showering, storing firewood, fish tanks, breathing, etc. Newly installed windows experience moisture more as compared to the old ones as they are airtight and leave no vents. So, the amount of air entering your home is less. Some amount of humidity is necessary and good for the health of your home as well as for homeowners, but an excessive amount of it can cause serious problems like decay, mold, paint problems, and sometimes even major structural damage.


Where does Moisture occur on Windows?

Moisture can occur on both sides: on the interior or exterior side of windows. Moisture on the exterior side of the windows is a good sign in Summers as it shows that there is a cool temperature inside of the home and that the home is keeping the heat outside. Exterior moisture occurs when there is high humidity, a clear night sky, or no wind. Moisture inside the windows occurs primarily in Winters when outside air is colder. The colder the air outside, the more amount of moisture will occur. Moisture on the interior side of the windows means there is high humidity inside the home.

 Sweating Windows in Vancouver


Top 4 Most Effective Tips To Deal With Moisture on Windows in Vancouver


Ventilation is a must!

Ventilation is one of the best ways to deal with a moisture problem. Vents keep the air flow around your house moving continuously. Vents also help to avoid the formation of dew drops, so having functional vents at home are necessary and recommended for people who are dealing with condensation problems. Vents are especially important in areas like kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms, as a lot of steam is released at these places which add moisture in the air. Vents push out the moist air and let fresh air to enter your home. Most kitchens have electric extractor fan or vent, so make sure that they are regularly turned on for a while to keep the area fresh and moisture-free. You can also keep the windows open for one or two hours a day. One more solution to this problem is to implement sheer shades. These shades let in the fresh air and do not even block the view. They let in natural light and fresh air to keep the ambiance of your home refreshing and comfortable.

 Sheer Horizontal Shadings


Keep your window blinds open

Window blinds and shades are the best way to alter the atmosphere of your home as per your desire. They can also be operated smartly with a remote control or your smartphones.  Smart motorized blinds are not a hassle, in fact, they add a touch of intelligence to your home. You can operate them with utmost ease by even giving voice commands due to an inbuilt Z-wave chip. Closed windows trap the cold air coming from the windows and create an even larger pocket of cold air, which will worsen the moisture formation. By opening the window blinds, your windows will be warm again which leads to a reduction of moisture.

 Open Window Blinds to Prevent Moisture


Warm your home

Formation of moisture is mostly experienced in winters, especially in the first few weeks. Homeowners start to heat their homes in that duration. When the temperature of your home rises, the moisture tries to make its way out. Ventilation during the winters solves this problem of moisture formation within the starting weeks of heating the area. If you get a lot of moisture it means your house is particularly damp, so you need to heat your home for a longer period of time at a higher temperature.

 Prevent Moisture on Windows


Keep a check on the build of your windows

If your window designs are not appropriate or they are poorly installed, this can also cause dripping or moisture formation on your windows. So, you need to keep a check on the build of your windows or their proper installation. With the latest technologies and usage of modern materials, windows can now insulate in a much better way than before. They retain heat which helps to prevent condensation. So, replacing your windows with modern ones is also an effective solution to avoid getting them wet.

 Cellular Shades for Better Insulation

If you wish to install window blinds or shades to deal with the moisture on windows in Vancouver, then ZebraBlinds is the one-stop solution. We offer every kind of window covering solution like norman shutters, smart blinds, discount window blinds, outdoors roller shades, etc. These window coverings online are crafted from a premium quality material which is very effective and budget-friendly as well.

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