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Tired of Light Gaps Ruining Your Sleep? Get Window Blockers To Block Light Leakage


Preventing Light Gaps Using Window Blockers

Are you getting enough sleep every day? Or are you facing issues while falling asleep or staying asleep? Well, according to scientists one out of three people do not get the right amount of sleep because of stress and multiple outside disturbances. And as a result, you may confront a host of health problems including depression, mood swings, anxiety, and many more. Cultivating a healthy sleep pattern is important and quality good night’s sleep always keeps our mental and physical health in good shape. When it comes to uninterrupted sleep, nobody wants excessive sunlight in their room and dark indoor ambiance is always preferred.

In today’s world, people are more aware of all these problems and are prone to take the right precautions in order to achieve a night of peaceful sleep. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle, doing exercise, and following a daily routine, people are paying special attention to their interiors. The right environment can make you fall asleep no matter whether you are a night shift worker and sleep during the daytime or sleep at night after a long tiring day. Making the bedroom comfortable, consistent, dark, and quiet is the only way of having quality sleep. And this atmosphere can be created by covering windows with the right blinds and shades. Most homeowners opt for blackout window coverings as they are designed to obstruct all the natural and artificial rays while keeping the indoors comfy and relaxing throughout the day. However, small light gaps are common with certain types of window treatments, especially depending on how they are mounted. Light leakages are a common dilemma for many and finding the solution is challenging as well. There is no one who wishes to be woken up by bright shiny light rays that penetrate through the coverings early in the morning or when they are trying to sleep during the day. Even streetlights and light coming from the passing cars is also frustrating. So what’s the solution? How do you block those light gaps that make your nap hours frustrating? Although it may sound difficult to eliminate those lights, in reality, it’s not when you choose the right element. If you are someone who is looking for a way to prevent those rays, then this article will definitely help you out!

Adding Universal Light Blockers for a Better Sleep

Light gaps are a major problem when complete darkness is desired in your bedroom. No matter what type of window dressing you have, if the windows are not measured properly and the blind is not fitted precisely, then light can escape through the slats/vanes or side of the product, and break the dark atmosphere of your space. Poor quality material can be another big reason for light leakages. Whatever the reason is, you can always install light blockers to prevent those unwanted rays that disrupt your nap time. They are also popular as light-blocking strips. These blockers are an L-shaped piece of plastic that needs to be attached in front of your window covering for maximum light blockage capacity. They can efficiently block the gaps and ensure optimal darkness. They come in a wide range of lengths and you can trim them off to the exact size using a scissor to ensure a proper fit. There are several colors you can choose from for your blockers that will match your blind design.

But how do you attach them to the windows? Installation is not that difficult. You will need to peel the sticky backing and then fix it to the side of the window. For maximum coverage, place it as close to the window covering as possible. Even after installing these blockers, you may see some amount of light can leak through, but it should still help dramatically, so make sure to do a little experimentation with the placement of the blockers.


There are various ways of lowering light gaps like side channels, mounting treatments outside of the window frame, getting blackout liners, layering window coverings, and many more. But if you are looking for a quick and inexpensive way of covering those leakages, then light blockers are a great option.

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