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Give Your Home an Elite Touch with Smart Motorized Dual Shades

Smart Motorized Dual Shades

Smart Motorized Dual Shades to Boost the Charm of Your Windows


Windows play a very significant role in making or breaking the ambiance of your home. They are the source of light entering your home. Controlling the excess amount of sunlight is necessary as it makes the temperature of the home high and also creates an unpleasant atmosphere. Air conditioning is one of the ways people make the home cool and pleasant. But, there are many drawbacks of implementing AC. Firstly, it can emit harmful gasses which is bad for outside atmosphere, making it a non-eco-friendly solution. Secondly, AC impacts your energy bills by a huge amount. Thirdly, it is a costly affair.

ZebraBlinds has come up with an eco-friendly, budget-friendly and a very reliable solution to make the ambiance of your home pleasant and keep its temperature nice and comfortable. Smart Motorized Dual Shades – a perfect combination of innovation and technology – are a two-in-one solution which gives you an option of either blocking light completely or maintaining the view. This solution serves the purpose conveniently and also enhances the décor of your room. Smart dual shades make it easy to create versatile light control and privacy levels. These unique window solutions carry two different kinds of shades. One can be a roller shade and another can be a solar shade. Depending on your choice and needs, these smart dual shades can also be customized. You can pull down a solar shade during the day to lower temperature and block the harsh glare. You can pull down a roller blackout shade during night to get a sound sleep. So, these smart motorized dual shades provide a versatile control over light and privacy.

Motorized Dual Shades

Five reasons to chose Smart Motorized Dual Shades

It’s important to control the amount of light entering your home. If you have to work from home or you have night shifts and have to sleep during daytime, then light plays a very crucial role in making the ambiance of your room. Implement these unique smart dual shades and enjoy a serene and pleasant atmosphere in your home. Whether you wish to work, study or do household works or sleep, after installing, these smart window designs will make everything super-comfortable.

Energy-efficient Solution

Air conditioning may be an effective solution but it is not budget-friendly and eco-friendly. Our smart dual shades block the UV rays from entering your home and control the temperature of your room. Your home remains cool and the ambiance stays comfortable with these dual shades. They comprise of two kind of shades which you can choose as per your choice and needs. On one side you can choose solar shades which absorb the harsh sunshine and glare while allowing you to retain your view. On another side, you can opt for blackout shades which provide complete darkness giving a perfect atmosphere to sleep during the daytime. Implementing window coverings lowers the need of air conditioning which will eventually impact your energy bills.

Light Blocking Dual Shades

Eye-catching Designs

Our smart motorized dual shades come in various designs, colors, sizes, textures, and patterns. You can choose or get customized these window coverings to match with your home interiors. You can enjoy multiple functionalities in these dual shades.

Perfect Privacy

Our smart motorized dual shades shield your home from excess amount of light and take care of your privacy as well. Blocking the view prevents people from taking a sneak peek inside your space. You can open the shades whenever you wish to view outside and close them whenever you want isolation. These shades also filter out outside noises of traffic, neighbors, people and many other sounds, bringing peace.

Light Filtering Dual Shades

Versatile Light Control

These smart motorized dual shades offer a range of opacity. You can choose as per your need how much light you require to enter your home. Complete blockage to sheer fabric, all the options are available with us at affordable prices.

Smart Operations

Equipped with Somfy motors and a Z-wave network antenna, these motorized dual shades can be operated with a remote, a smartphone, a tablet, and voice command devices also. There is no need of cords anymore which makes them a safe solution for pets and kids. They give a clean and sleek look to your windows. These can be integrated with Z-wave home automation compatible voice activated speakers such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. You just need to give voice commands and they will open or close accordingly. You can also set timers as per the need and temperature in these smart dual shades. Technology is making everything work simply and quickly. Home automation is growing day by day and offering a comfortable life to homeowners.


Smart Motorized Dual Shades Online

ZebraBlinds offer supreme quality smart motorized dual shades. They are easy to measure and easy to install as well. Cleaning them also doesn’t need much effort. Our professionals craft these shades using the highest quality technology and material. Our window coverings are durable, user-friendly and energy-efficient. You can explore our huge range with numerous color tones, textures and sizes. We have a perfect solution for windows which are small, large, odd-shaped or are hard to reach.

Redesigning your home can make you think twice as it requires a big investment. But with our smart window coverings, you don’t need to dig a hole in your budget. You space will not only be redesigned, it will become smart and intelligent with our smart window solutions. You can implement them anywhere you want – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or your living room. We have a suitable window covering to fulfill your every requirement. So, save your furniture from the harsh sun rays and make your home comfortable and soothing. Implement our smart motorized dual window shades and make life smart.

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