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Give Voice Commands To Your Smart Blinds Using Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Smart Blinds

Amazon Echo Compatible Smart Blinds For a Truly Futuristic Vibe

Alexa! Open the window blinds.
Ok, Google! Close the window blinds.
Sounds cool right? Make your home smarter and intelligent so you can give such voice commands to your window blinds. ZebraBlinds has made this possible with its latest collection of smart window blinds that can be operated smartly. You can operate these smart blinds with a remote or with your smartphones or you can interface them with smart home hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. This feature requires hands-free speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo which have their personal assistants – Alexa and Google Assistant.

From indoor to outdoor, Amazon Echo Smart Blinds can be installed anywhere in your home. They have an exceptionally keen and crisp lo. They fit into any size and shape of windows and improve their stylistic theme. These smart home window blinds are among the most nowadays utilized blinds on the planet. They can be customized in various colors, sizes, shapes, textures, patterns, functionality, and materials.

Amazon Echo Smart Blinds – Accompanying Material Choices

Blackout: This material block the sunlight and harsh glare completely making your room dark. Blackout smart blinds are the best option if you have rotational shifts at the workplace. They will create a perfect environment to get a good night sleep even during daylight. These are also a great implementation if you work from home or study at home and remain irritated by the scorching sun entering your space. These blinds, along with blocking the sunrays, also keep the temperature of the home maintained leading to a cool and comfortable ambiance.

Blackout Smart Shades with Amazon Echo

Light filtering: If you wish to merge the natural light from outside with the artificial light of your home then light filtering smart blinds are the one for you. These blinds will filter the excess amounts of light and harsh glare leading to a perfect atmosphere. The material used for crafting these blinds can be fabric, wood, polyester, jute, etc.


Home Automation Window Shades

Natural: Smart blinds that are made with natural materials like jute, bamboo, and wood, block the light along with bringing nature home. You can adjust the angle of their slats to control the amount and direction of light. These smart blinds protect you, your skin, flooring, furniture and other household things from the harmful UV radiations. Available in numerous textures, they have awesome UV evaluations which empower you to secure your decorations inside your home. These eco-friendly smart window blinds give a very traditional and beautiful look to your home décor.


Where are the Amazon Echo Smart Blinds Utilized?

ZebraBlinds has come up with a huge collection of best online blinds and shades which can be operated smartly. These can be implemented in any area of the home. Here are some tips you should check out before installing smart home window blinds in your home:

Bedrooms: The bedroom is that area of the home which requires maximum privacy. Blackout smart window blinds are the best option if you are looking for window treatment solutions for your bedroom. They give security and perfect blockage from the scorching sun. You can have a good night sleep during any time of the day or night.

Kitchen: Sheer and water-resistant home automation window blinds are mostly utilized for the kitchen. In the kitchen, you need a considerable amount of light for cooking and if your kitchen windows are above the sink, then water-resistant blinds are a must. Smart blinds with the water-resistant material are more appropriate for wet zones in the kitchen.

Living Areas: You can implement smart windows made of any material in your living area. It’s your choice what kind of ambiance you wish for. If you want a bright and sunny look, excluding sun glare, you can opt for sheer smart window blinds. If you want a complete dark and cool ambiance, then go ahead with blackout window blinds. Dual window shades are also available with us which give you benefits of two different blinds in one headrail. Dual window blinds can have blackout blind on one side and sheer blind on another. You can access either blind as per the requirement and time of the day.

Bathrooms: Along with privacy, bathrooms also require protection. Blackout smart window blinds are the most-preferred option which is also available in water and temperature-resistant material. The materials used in their crafting are more reasonable for wet territories than others. Light filtering materials can also be utilized, as, despite the amount of light they give, they do, however, give privacy.

Now, you have gone through the specifications and utilization of our smart cordless window blinds. You must have decided till now what kind of smart blinds are suitable for which room of your home. With easy installation and maintenance, these amazon echo smart blinds are also easy to use. Let’s go through the usage of these smart blinds.

Amazon Echo Smart Blinds for Bedroom


How To Use Cordless Blinds

What are some basic things you do when you go away from your home on a family trip? You make sure the home is clean, you keep the garbage bin outside so that your home won’t smell when you return, check your refrigerator for food items that can possibly be rotten, and most importantly you do whatever you can to make it seem like you are present in the home. To ensure security and avoid any mishappening, you put the lights on, timers on, ask neighbors or relatives or friends to keep an eye on your home, collect mail, water plants, etc. All these things are only to make sure that your home is safe even if you are away from it. But is this enough? 

These 20th-century methods of signaling that your home is not empty are outdated and can be guessed by criminals easily. You can no more make them fool with these old tricks. They are smart and social too. They can get the update of your location through social media updates and geolocation. Criminals are smarter and better equipped now to gather the information about you and your home.

Smart Window Blinds with Amazon Echo

Home automation window blinds not only provide privacy but security as well even when you are away from your home. You can close or open your windows by pre-programming the blinds or at the push of a button on your mobile or remote, even if you are on the other side of the world. You can give a physical sense of a home that is lived in by operating your window blinds smartly. Our Z-wave smart home window blinds are motorized and made by Graber using 12v motors manufactured by comfy. They work using a Home Automation Radio Frequency known as Z-wave. This direct integration let our smart blinds connect directly to a Z-wave home automation system without the need for a bridge. These can be controlled by a system as well as the included portable remote control and button on the blinds. 

To enjoy this feature of our home automation window blinds, you need to purchase a compatible hub which can be connected your blinds or shades and have them completely automated and integrated with a home or office. This will allow you to control and operate your amazon echo smart blinds with a portable remote. You can also set the schedule to open or close your blinds. You can have the shades open or close or go to various levels based on motion in a room, temperature level, light intensity, and other factors; compatible sensors are required and must be connected to the Z-wave Home Automation Hubs like Samsung’s SmartThings, Vera Plus, and Wink or Wink 2. For voice control, you will require a Google Home or Amazon Echo as well. After this set-up, you can have different scenes in various rooms of your home, to meet different light levels and privacy needs throughout the day. You can even schedule it all to simplify and ease your life. Have your smart home window blinds automatically react when it’s too cold or hot, or when you’re home or away.

We are a Canadian online retailer dedicated to the utmost satisfaction and trust of our customers. Shop on for cheap custom blinds and shades, and make your home as comfortable and smart as possible. We make it simpler than ever before to install, operate and maintain home automation smart blinds and shades. All our products are tested by our experts with hubs, motors and other components for a satisfied customer experience. This saves our customers hours of time and a lot of hassle by being able to know which products work together seamlessly. You can also go through our online video tutorials and other supports to make it easy for you to set up your smart home your way. Simply contact to get best online blinds and shades, and let our exceptional customer service support you in getting your smart home devices up and running.

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