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The Glory of Handcrafted Expertise – Artisan Custom Roman Shades

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Artisan Window Shading.

Walking in the park is lovely, no doubt, but when you pass by a few people wearing the same tee or the same pair of loafers, the enthusiasm that you started out starts to wane. How many different Nike tees can there be? And really, how differently dressed can we be? After all, we’re the hoi polloi, and barring an excellent sale at Macy’s, it would be difficult to sport designer duds! The other day, the youngster came asking if he could get a pair of Air Jordan’s. The price? $180! And he would outgrow them in less than six months.

But there’s nothing like a designer label – something that stands out in terms of finesse and quality. Today, we have organic products that are making serious inroads into homes – Whole Foods, a ‘values-oriented experience store’ offering fresh, high-quality food. All brought to you at notorious prices! Why is it that seemingly home-grown produce come with sky-high price tags? It’s like the handmade Italian leather shoes and bags – exorbitant! But well-crafted handmade products do have a charm and artistic value unmatched by mass-produced products. They offer the fine differentiator, albeit at higher rates. But some say one can’t attach arbitrary value to art!

To tell the truth, a lot of the artisan products look a bit homegrown to me, and often, I find it difficult to comprehend why the products are so expensive. The other day, I went looking for some handmade baskets to store quilts and unused cushions in. Actually, I like the idea of that boxy woven rattan or cane basket with a lid at the foot of my bed, and I thought I could have one in all the bedrooms. But what I saw just didn’t have the perfect finish I was looking for, and I ended up buying some really great stuff from IKEA! I did get some wooden salad bowls, spoons and claws from the artisan store, some exquisite hand towels, bathmats, candle blocks and leather folders. Why they couldn’t achieve the same finish with the baskets was beyond me!

Graber’s Artistry.



Roman-Shades-Canada -


Though buying the small things burnt a hole in my pocket, my interest was piqued, and I was surfing through some online stores I came across the Artisan Window dressings, and expecting to find some unfinished looking curtains in the guise of ‘artisan’, I was pleasantly surprised to find what looked to be some of the best looking fabric window dressings I’ve seen!

Happening in the field of window fashions by accident rather than design, John Graber invented the Badger Crane, an adjustable metal bracket that solved practically all drapery issues in providing measured style for windows. Seeing new possibilities, he is said to have brought varied products to consumers with artistry and innovation. Now a branch of the best experience company, Springs Window Fashions, Graber continues to impress. The fabulous Artisan Drapery and Roman Shades, a new line introduced in 2012, are crafted with an unerring eye for detail that makes for seamless perfection. They are truly expressions that elevate the mundane and traditional to the extraordinary and contemporary!

The Artisan Drapery.

Created for those who care for detail and drama, the Artisan Custom Drapery collection is handcrafted for excellence, as is Graber’s tradition. Stylistically featured double turned hems and bottom weights for a beautiful fall and protection, mitered corners for neat elegance and sewn-in liners for light filtration and insulation.

They are hand made in an array of header styles to complement décor styles, such as a variety of pleats, the classic tab, the grommets and the back tabs that allow for gathered splendor. One can really liven up dull interiors by creating artistically endowed windows, majestically draped with artisan craft hung from high above the windows to pool onto the floor in dramatic decadence or to break just above for stately elegance!

The Artisan Roman Shades and top treatments.

And that’s not all! It’s not everyone who likes to adorn windows with drapes. For those who prefer neat and unfussy style, Graber has developed a line of faultless, hand stitched Roman shades in linen, cotton, silk jacquards, polyesters, and velvets in light filtering, room darkening and blackout options that create mindless excitement with flat, looped, pleated and balloon styles! The Artisan Roman Shade can also be teamed with the Artisan Drapery to create fascinatingly luxurious window décor – you can match styles, fabric, textures and prints, any way you want.

Top off your artisan window dressings with the exquisitely crafted contoured fabric cornices and a variety of scintillating valances for formality, elegance or sass. Match them all with other artisan relics and objets d’art like basketry, rugs, braided and bow cushions, wooden bowls and leather knick knacks to create masterly décor for your interiors.

And that’s exactly what I did! I got blackout liners for the elegant poly silk relaxed Roman Shades for all my bedroom windows, in different prints, of course, and teamed them with some exquisite Artisan Sheers that has converted my thoughts that artisan products look home grown! Majestic, elegant, sumptuous, romantic, call it what you will, but to miss out on the opportunity to create unique styles for your interiors would be short sighted of you! Be a cut above with Artisan Window Dressings from Graber.


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