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Going Eco Smart With Natural Window Shades

Going Eco Smart With Natural Window Shades

Eco-smart Windows for a Sustainable Living

It’s great that in today’s world, most people are concerned about the need to be eco-friendly. But with the busy schedules of modern life, changing our daily routine might feel impossible. Well, rather than focusing on daily living, we can make some small investments that engulf eco-friendly behaviors into our existing life. There are many things that you can do to make a huge difference. From buying nature-friendly furniture to getting solar panels, endowing in reusable products to reduce the use of chemical substances, you can implement a more eco-conscious approach in and around your house.

There are many homeowners who wish to give their interior a smart environment-friendly appearance and start decorating the home walls with rockstone, put plants near the windows, organize their home with natural items, and many more. But one thing that interior designers suggest is taking care of doors and windows. They are an integral part of any home decor as they play a viable role in allowing natural light and ventilation inside your home. But when the incoming heat and light becomes excessive, your space becomes uncomfortable. The best way to solve this problem is to cover with blinds and shades. Though there are lots of options available in the window fashion market, one of the most effective eco-friendly ones is the natural window shade. As the name suggests, these shades are made of natural items such as bamboo, jute, grass, wood, and many more which ensures them to be non-toxic and harmless for your home. These window dressings come in a variety of textures, colors, and pattern choices that create the perfect natural vibes while creating a timeless beauty for the decor.

Motorized natural shades do more than you think. And we can assure you that opting for these designs will make your home smarter and your life easier.

These window coverings make a perfect choice for casual and formal both design schemes. And they consist of endless aesthetic and functional values that complement your home in a substantial way.  To help you get started, check out their multiple benefits that create a greener and healthier home!
Sliding Panel Natural Shades

Functional Aspects of Natural Window Coverings

  • Emphasize Indoor Air Quality:

These shades are made of organic material and do not use hazardous materials that contribute toxins or allergens to the air. Hence, they ensure improved indoor air quality which is safe for your family members.

  • Light Control:

Natural light is a great source of vitamin D which keeps us healthy and fresh every time. Even letting light in brighten up your space, creating soothing and pleasing vibes. But harsh sun rays and UV beams can break the sustainability of your space. To prevent harmful rays, natural shades work efficiently. They are available in different light controlling features such as light filtering, room darkening, and blackout. And depending on the requirements, you can choose the desired fabric material. For example, sheer and light filtering natural shadings gently diffuse the direct daylight while offering moderate privacy and room darkening and blackout natural coverings offer complete darkness along with ultimate protection. In this way, the shades add a touch of warmth and elegance to the windows and the entire decor.

  • Reduce Energy Usage:

The main thing to consider when creating an eco-smart window is minimizing energy usage. Most of the homeowners spend their maximum money on electricity bills, so the issue is based around saving money and going green. Using a thermostat like Nest is an easy way to reduce the costs as it has the motion sensor technology that makes your room cool and warm as per the needs.

But do you know when you install natural shades on the doors and windows, you don’t have to pay a single penny on the energy costs? The shades are considered to be of the best insulating window coverings. These thick fabricated shades have a strong capability of preventing the sun and heat while maintaining a consistent temperature all year round, lowering the home’s utility costs and saving money. These shades ensure no more investment but in return get more.

  • Technology Featured Eco-smart Windows:

Natural shades come in standard cord control and cordless features to open and close the fabrics as needed. To add convenience and luxury, these shades can be integrated with modern technology and innovation which allows the shades to be accessed using a remote control, smartphone, or tablet. Besides this ultimate comfort, these eco-smart window treatments help you in saving energy as well. These come in programmable timers and temperature sensor buttons, when the outside climate is unbearable then these shades will automatically close themselves. The shades also ensure the safety and security of your decor as they don’t come with dangling window cords and create an illusion of occupancy when you are not home.
Smart Motorized Natural Shades

What else do you want for green living?  Go for these natural window shades and integrate the touch of eco-friendly vibes to your home interior. Featuring technology will boost up both beauty and work-efficiency. Make sure to get them installed properly to get the maximum coverage with countless advantages.

So, enjoy your happy and healthy green living!!

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