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Operate Your Motorized Roller Shades With Google Home

Google Home Motorized Roller Shades

Let Google Home Control Your Motorized Roller Shades

Windows and doors are the masterpieces of your home which if redesigned with modern window coverings, can transform the look and feel of any space instantly. Homeowners opt for many expensive ways for enhancing the appearance of their homes like changing furniture, upgrading wall colors, enhancing flooring, etc. These can dig a hole in your pocket. Covering your windows with smart motorized blinds is a simple and cost-effective solution.

The latest collection of window coverings not only makes your home elegant but also add a touch of intelligence to it. Smart window coverings have multiple power options ranging from a single or dual battery case, a plugin dc transformer that plugs into a nearby wall outlet, and a multi-motor power supply which can be used to give power to 8-10 motors. They are equipped with Z-wave technology which makes them compatible with smart home automation systems.

The world is becoming smarter day by day so why should our homes remain outdated? You can make them tech-inspired and intelligent with Google Home compatible motorized roller shades.


Upgrade Your Home And See the Benefits of Installing Google Home Motorized Roller Shades

A touch of intelligence – Every home needs a touch of intelligence to pace-up with the fast-growing and advancing world. Getting Google assistant compatible window blinds and shades in your home will not only make it smart but will also make your home look attractive. Smart motorized blinds are don’t have free hanging cords and are operated using a remote control or, when connected to a compatible hub, using a smartphone. The shades use Z-wave to communicate and will work with any compatible hub. What makes this even more amazing is that when using Hub’s that support Google Home or Assistant (such as the Samsung SmartThings) you can also control them with your voice. Get Google Home or Amazon Alexa and sit back and relax; you need the shades to open 10%, well, just tell it! “Ok, Google! Set the blinds to open 10%. Ok, Google! Close the window blinds.” Doesn’t this sound super-cool?

Smart Roller Shades with Google Home


Safe for kids and pets – Cords are dangerous as they can get tangled around the neck of kids and pets. So, no more cords. Cordless window coverings are safe to operate and when optioned with a motor, can be controlled using a remote or compatible controller.

Smart Roller Shades for Kids


Effective protection from UV rays – UV radiation is very harmful not only for the furniture of your home but even for your skin. They can also damage the soft and delicate eyes of infants. Therefore, blocking the sun’s rays is essential. Some amount of natural light is necessary for homes to keep them fresh and relaxing. But, when there is an excessive amount, it needs to be controlled and limited. Our smart window coverings block the sun’s rays effectively. You can select the range of opacity as per your requirement and choice. Blackout window coverings will block all the light making your room dark and gloomy. This is the best option for those who need to sleep during daylight. Sheer material window shades and blinds are also available which will filter away the excess allowing for a bright room without making it uncomfortable. This will make your space calm and inviting.


Suitable for every space – Whether you want to cover the windows of your home, office, backyard, or any other area, Google Home motorized roller shades are suitable for all. They are a perfect combination of looks and functionality. Endless specifications are available to match with the need and taste of every customer. You can even get them customized in any shape, size, color, texture, design, functionality, material, etc. For sleek and simple look, you can go ahead with roller shades, for elegant and royal appearance, roman shades are best, for smartness and maximum insulation, smart cellular shades are recommended. Likewise, there are many more options as per the preferences of homeowners.

Google Home Roller Shades for Office


Install them yourself – Installation of these window coverings is not rocket science. Just go through the instructions and video tutorials that are available on our website. You can do this task yourself very quickly. If you have any query or problem in installation, you can always take help from our experts that are available 24 by 7 by email and on the phone during office hours.

Installing Smart Roller Shades


Cleaning is not a mess – Regular dusting and vacuuming are enough to keep these window coverings clean and tidy. They don’t require much effort. For deep cleaning, you can take a soft cloth dipped in the detergent solution and wipe the fabric of google home motorized roller shades. This process requires some tools and a few minutes of your time.

Cleaning Smart Roller Shades


Enhanced appearance – They are only known for functionality, but these window blinds and shades compatible with Google Assistant can quickly change the feel of your home. They will make your home look sleek, smart and elegant. With the many designs and colors, you can match them up with the theme of your home interior.


Smooth & Quiet operations – Most of our smart shades which operate using Z-wave use Graber’s Virtual Cord Motors. They are quiet and great for most quiet settings. They are durable and long-lasting and come with an industry standard 5-year warranty on the motors.


Discounted prices – Homeowners think that getting smart window coverings installed in their homes will break their bank, but it’s a myth. This is a very worthy investment and affordable when compared to other nonsmart motorized options. We customize these motorized roller shades compatible with Google Home based on how you need them. In addition to cost-effectiveness, implementation of these window coverings will also contribute in savings in your energy bills. After installation and with the appropriate sensors connected to your hub, have the shades move to help your HVAC system heat or cool your home.

So why wait, check out our z-wave enabled shades and take the plunge into home automation.


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