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Graber Horizontal Window Blinds with unlimited options

Graber-Traditions-Wood-Blinds-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca

With the wide variety and selection of window blinds in the North American, choosing the blinds can seem like a daunting task. Graber help’s with this process by offering a solid selection of products ranging from Traditions wood blinds, Lake Forest Faux wood blinds and finally their simple selection series of wood and faux wood blinds. All three types of blinds are available for windows of any shape and size and are made of quality materials. The Traditions wood blinds are made from processed North American hardwood, stained/painted from a choice of beautiful colors and come with options such as wand tilt and valance as standard; these blinds are also very light. Lake Forest Faux Wood blinds are made out of a mix of PVC and vinyl and come in a wide range of colors and some textures. Options such as wand tilt and a valance are also standard however these blinds tend to be a bit heavier than the Traditions wood blinds. Finally, Graber offers their simple selection series of Faux Wood and Wood Blinds. These come with a standard valance and can be customized to a size of your choosing, however, all other options such as the type of lift and tile are fixed and cannot be changed. The best part about all of these is that Graber offers a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer defects, making these a bargain.


Traditions Wood Blinds

Graber-Traditions-Wood-Blinds-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca
Graber Traditions Wood Blinds Canada – ZebraBlinds.ca

Graber’s Traditions Wood Blinds are custom made and are available in one inch, two inches, two and a half inch, and two and three quarter inch slat sized. They are very lightweight, made out of North American hardwood and are available in a wide variety of beautiful stains and painted colors. These blinds are available with a standard cord lift, either a cord or wand tilt and a standard three-inch wood valance. Additional options available are cordless lift and motorized tilt providing the ultimate convenience with ultimate safety for kids and pets since there are no cords. If additional privacy is needed, the blinds are also available with no holes option and block all daylight. If multiple blinds on one headrail are what you need, you can have up to three blinds share a single headrail. With a large variety of options and utility, these blinds are the ultimate custom wood blinds.


Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds

Faux-Wood-Blinds-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca
Faux Wood Blinds Canada – ZebraBlinds.ca

Graber’s Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds are available in two inches and two and a half inch slat faux wood slat sizes. These are made of high-quality material but is slightly heavier than wood blinds; the trade-off, however, is better durability and similar appearance. The Lake Forest series of faux wood blinds are also available in a wide range of colors and textures. Like the wood blinds, these are supplied with a standard cord lift and a standard cord or wand tilt. Additional options such as multiple blinds on a single headrail along with a cordless lift and motorized tilt are available. A standard valance is also provided. These blinds can be customized to any size window or door and are a cost effective option to real wood blinds.


Graber Simple Selections

2-Faux-Wood-Blinds-Canada - ZebraBlinds.ca
2-inch Faux Wood Blinds Canada – ZebraBlinds.ca

The simple selection series of wood and faux wood blinds by Graber are unique. They come with the same high-quality build and finish that Graber offers on their more expensive options, but they come with fixed options. Both the wood and faux wood blinds are available in a small selection of excellent colors and are ideal for any window or door on a budget. The lift and tilt options are fixed as a cord control, and a standard valance is also available. These products are also covered by Graber’s limited lifetime warranty making them an excellent choice for any home.

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  1. HI, I am looking for horizontal faux wood blinds for my patio doors .Size 70 wide by 78 height Can you supply this type .It would be 2 separate blinds or 2 blinds on one bar

    1. For patio doors, we don’t recommend horizontal blinds since they take more stacking space and blinds would be heavy to lift. Most of the patio doors height will be more than 6 feet so that a person can get out/in to and from patio easily. We recommend vertical blinds which move sideways or roller shades or Zebra Sheer Shades. Both shades lifting will be easy since they are light weight and they stack inside the cassette valance without becoming an obstruction. If you are choosing shades better choose two shades one for the fixed glass and other for sliding glass and when you order make sure you select the controls for the shades on both sides.

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