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A Guide to Home Décor Part 1: Window Shades and Blinds

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What is Home Décor?

The first step towards setting up your new home is determining and zeroing in on a home décor style. You may ask why this is so important. Your home is just not a structure made of bricks and mortar. It is an extension of yourself. When you step into any home, you get a feel of the people who live there, and it allows a peek into the lives of its inhabitants, their personality and lifestyle. A home says a lot about who you are. The décor you choose has to be a representation of one’s self, a décor that says much about your own tastes and preference, a style with which you can identify yourself. There are many styles to choose from, and though the task of choosing one may appear challenging, it is not so. The style for which you show a natural inclination and relate to, that is what you should choose for your home.

Home Décor and Window Treatment

Once this initial hurdle is safely crossed, most things fall into place; the furniture, decorative pieces, rugs, cushions etc. But beyond these, there is another area which is an intrinsic part of your home décor, and getting the look correct is the real challenge. This is the window treatment part. Every house has windows, big or small, standard ones or uniquely shaped ones. And each of these windows needs to be well dressed, effectively, efficiently and adequately. Leaving them bare is never an option because of the issues of privacy, light control, energy loss etc. Dressing them up however is not an easy task. The windows and shades you choose must blend well with the existing room décor. They must be compatible with the overall color scheme of the room which includes the color of the wall, the sofas, etc. The window treatment must be aesthetically pleasing and not stick out like a sore thumb. Windows are an essential feature of every home and often become the focal point of a room. A hurriedly chosen window covering could upset the balance of look in the room. At the same time, the treatments must be functional and practical.

Which Style and Window Treatment Works Best?

Now that we know that windows shades and blinds play an important role in home décor, how do you understand which treatment will work best in different styles? There is no right or wrong. All window treatments that are available in the market today are great. Some of these, however, may not look good with certain styles of home décor. For example, lavish and luxurious draperies are stunning but the minute you pair introduce in a room where the décor style is overwhelmingly contemporary with neat straight lines, an imbalance is created.

We bring to you a list of popular home décor styles and window treatments that pair well with them. The list is certainly not exhaustive and much depends upon the intricate styling of the house and how well you can pull of conflicting looks. Much depends upon your own personality. Nevertheless, this attempt may serve as a guide for newbies who are attempting to set up home for the first time and are not in favor of experimenting with different styles.
Traditional Style
The traditional style of home décor is a timeless classic. While one may dismiss them as old or archaic, the truth is that a traditional style of home décor is as much a show-stealer today as it was before. There is a richness, elegance, calmness, predictability and grace in this style. There is nothing wild, chaotic, no place for eclectic pieces.
Roman shades and real wood blinds complement traditional décor beautifully. They have a richness that is unparalleled. Roman shades bring a touch of softness and warmth which does wonder to your rooms.
Farbric Roman Shades
Modern Style
Modern style of décor is not contemporary as it is commonly mistaken for. It is based on the 20th-century design movement and celebrates the use of earthly or neutral shades and natural materials, stress on neat vertical or horizontal lines and characterized by lack of fuss and unnecessary detailing. Honeycomb cellular shades, roller shades and pleated shades win hands down in this category. The neat straight lines, streamlined and sleek look, no fuss or fluff is what makes them a stunning choice for modern style of décor.
Pleated Window Shades
Contemporary Style
The contemporary style of home décor is characterized by a subtle sophistication and simplicity that touches the soul. With stress on textures and clean lines, neutrals, black and white color palette and sparse use of decorative pieces, contemporary style is extremely comforting. Roller shades, shutters, Roman shades, honeycomb cellular shades all go well with the décor style. The choice of color is important.
Smart Z-Wave Roller Shades
Minimalism Style
The Minimalism style of home décor is all about simplicity. There is no extravagance, no-frills, no unnecessary detailing. It is the simplicity of the rooms that strike people and sweeps them off their feet. Though simplicity is the mantra, it is not at the cost of functionality or artistic beauty. Honeycomb and roller shades are perfect for this décor. Opt for motorized operation as the dangling cords will interfere with the minimalist look.
Motorized Cellular Shades
Rustic Style
This is a style of home décor that is truly intoxicating. The look is plain, simple and unsophisticated with a raw finish. There is a natural flair about the décor that helps create a happy and cheerful ambiance. For rustic home décor wood blinds, faux wood blinds, shutters with solid earthly colors help pull off rustic décor style beautifully without a hitch.
Cordless Faux Wood Blinds
Hollywood Style
The complete opposite of minimalist and contemporary décor style is Hollywood style. It has an old-world charm and recreates the glamorous feel of Hollywood. The styling is chic, regal and there is gorgeousness that hard to ignore. There is an inhibited use of velvet, suede, furs, mirror, silver, etc. Shutters, light filtering roller shades and Roman shades blend stunningly with Hollywood style. They have a subtle sophistication and glamour that works well for rooms without appearing loud.
Modern Plantation Shutters
Valance & Cornice
Valance and cornice boards are perfect for all types of décor styles. Choose the shape and look that goes with your existing décor. They can be smart, simple, and gorgeous with frills and tassels depending upon the look you want to create for your windows and for the room. Valance and cornice help to pull the entire room together and can do wonders for your existing style.

Home Décor is also about Functionality

Home décor is however not only about looks, glamour, richness and sophistication. Home décor is as much about functionality as it is about visual appeal. No home décor style can survive without practical solutions. While choosing window shades and blinds take into consideration whether, apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your rooms, they are addressing the needs and concerns which every room presents. For example, for your bedrooms opt for roller shades with blackout and light-filtering fabrics to ensure complete darkness at night and help diffuse light in the morning. Go for honeycomb cellular shades wherever the décor permits because they are among the most energy-efficient window treatments you will come across. Roman shades are versatile as ever. Shutters look stunning with most décor styles and they are great for your privacy, light filtration and insulation. For your bathrooms and kitchen choose blinds that will survive prolonged exposure to moisture and heat.

As we have already said, your personal touch and preference have a big role to play in pulling off the look you desire for your homes. You can opt for two unlikely ingredients and still get the recipe for the perfect dish right, using your own skills and touches. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to home styling.

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