Wood Valances

Get the Handcrafted and Polished Look with Wooden Window Valances

Wooden Window Valances

Beautify Your Windows with Custom Wood Valances

Window treatments are among the essential parts of any home decorating project. But when it comes to decorating the windows, we tend to think of drapery or blinds. But if we move a little further back into design history we find wooden window valances. There are so many classic window valance ideas that will create a perfect look for your home.

For a complete look, you can coordinate a wood valance with matching roman shades or custom drapery. These valances are available in many styles and designs that provide you with limitless ways of doing up your home.

Custom Wood Valance


Enhance the Look of Your Room by Installing a Wooden Window Valance

Wooden Window Valances are a popular decorative choice for concealing blinds hardware. The uppermost part of the window is covered by the window valance and is usually paired with window blinds or curtains.

A valance can be the beautiful finishing touch to your window coverings, or they can even add interest to your bare windows. While they are used for decoration, they also conceal curtain rods, blind or shade hardware, and other fixtures at the top of a window.

With excellent designs and natural colors, they give the rooms a traditional look and are perfect for gatherings at banquet halls, living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, and more.

Valances come in several styles, including 3″ Classic, 4.5″ Symphony, 3.5″ Beaded, 3.5″ Legacy or 3″ Majestic Faux Wood. Custom-made Graber Wood Valances are offered with or without Valance Returns, based on your needs. You also get an option of inside or outside mount.

Window Valance Installation


Advantages of Having Wooden Window Valances

Custom wood valances made of superior quality wood provides excellent beauty to match the needs of your interior decor. Exquisite craftsmanship is involved in the construction of these decorative wood valances which makes the job of an interior decorator so much simpler. Ornamentation of the windows and the interiors of your home are made easy with the help of the Custom Wood Valances. Valances are the best way to add an extra flourish to your bare windows. The basic advantages of wood valances are:

  • Valances will give you a polished look to your windows and can make your windows a focal point of the room if needed.
  • Valances can renew the look of your room. Customized valances with decorative designs add elegant and artistic charm to your home.


Wood Valances For Sliding Glass Doors

Wood Valance for Sliding Glass Doors

If you have a sliding glass door at home and you are not able to decide how to decorate them, try our best wood valances. They add architectural interest, give a polished finish to a window treatment, and coordinate efficiently with a room’s wood furniture and flooring.

How to Hang a Wooden Window Valance?

Hanging a valance and curtains over your window will add dimension, texture, and style to any room. Window curtains with a valance give your window treatments a finished, designer look. If you want to block out light, a valance and full-length blackout panel curtain is your best choice. If you are more interested in decoration and only need to block minimal light, then a valance over sheer curtains is a good choice. Follow the easy steps below to hang your wooden window valance-

  • Before you start, make sure you have all the proper tools: measuring tape, a pencil, drill, valance rod, brackets, and screws.
  • The wall-mounting brackets for your curtain rod should be half the length of the brackets for your valance.
  • Use a measuring tape and pencil to mark the placement of the first bracket. Once you’ve figured out where to place the first curtain bracket, mark the spot and then mark the placement of the second bracket. Use a level to make sure both your marks are aligned. Use a drill to attach the brackets with screws at the places you marked with the pencil.
  • Measure and mark the placement of your valance brackets. Use a level to make sure they’re straight and then use your drill to attach the brackets with screws.
  • Now hang your curtain.
  • Run the valance rod through the top of the valance or use curtain hardware to attach the valance to the rod. Attach the valance rod to the brackets and adjust it so that the fabric is spread out evenly.

Buy Your Wood Valances at the Lowest Prices with ZebraBlinds

Natural wood valances offer a polished look that is sure to complement any window covering. The price of these valances is very reasonable and opting for these decorative elements for your home will prove to be a budget-friendly decision. Even cleaning them is very easy – just use a gentle vacuum cleaner.

We can’t wait to enhance the look of your home! Contact our team for if you have any questions and our experts will be happy to assist you. Get the best deals on window valances with free shipping.


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