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High Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas to Showcase the Best Trends of 2019

High Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas

High Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas from Top Designers


In this fast-moving and stylish world, a modern makeover of your home has become an ever-increasing demand. When it comes to home decoration, windows are the first thing to look for, as when dressed properly, they are eye-catching and become the focal point of your room. The best way to decorate windows while making it designer-worthy is installing window treatments which include shades, blinds, curtains or draperies, and various motorized window solutions. But among all, window curtains are something that creates a stunning look while adding softness and glow to your interior. You can add an instant dramatic look to your room by following the trend of high ceiling window treatment ideas which helps to look your small space bigger while making the entire space astonishing and phenomenal. Their timeless beauty makes the windows well worth the investment.

Draperies or curtains create an exquisite look and their excellent functionality makes them unique and elegant. Because of that reason, window designers decide to go for high ceiling window curtain ideas that showcase the creative ways to achieve the designer look. From the traditional home to a modern one, from bedroom to living room, curtains offer more than you can think of – they create a distinctive, warm look while matching with your interior’s style. Their wide range of customizable fabrics, colors, and texture options create a clean, polished, and stylish layered look.

Sheer Vertical Shades for Bedroom


Reasons to Opt for High Ceiling Window Treatments Ideas

Curtains are a major way to bring a classic and elevated style inside your home because it has the power to transform the makeover of overall décor while enhancing your style. There are various high ceiling window treatment ideas available such as – floor to ceiling vertical blinds or any other floor to ceiling blinds but the below reasons will prove that no other window solution can take the place of window curtains:


  • Enhance the Size of Any Room

If you have a small living room with large windows you might think to cover them with motorized shades. But if you are concerned about the beauty of your living room, then curtains play a major role. Apart from this beauty factor, curtains have the ability to change the perceived size of the room. To make a small room look bigger, high ceiling window curtains are the best option. When you keep the windows open, the curtains allow for more light, creating the illusion of more space. When closed, the curtains make the windows look larger. Custom curtains are the perfect fit for your beautiful windows.

Motorized Shades for Large Windows


  • Focus on the Functionality

Natural light and privacy are the main factors considered in any window design project – Curtains do the job of how much light you want to allow entering your home while balancing the level of privacy.  So choose from the wide selection of window curtains and make your home more versatile by managing the excess amount of sunlight that streams through the windows. Apart from natural daylight and privacy, curtains help to protect your furnishings and decor from the unwanted glare and UV rays. And most importantly, they are responsible for creating a comfy and relaxing home by adjusting a consistent temperature with the outside environment. For an added benefit, layer these curtains with other window shades or blinds and create the right feeling for your living space.

Sheer Curtains with Window Shades


  • Add a Vintage Charm to Windows

High ceiling window curtain ideas are the best way to create a soft comfort with their variety of styles and designs. If you want to highlight your windows, the textural balance of the curtains will help you to get that. Customize your product according to your room’s style and make an impressive look which everyone will adore or cherish all year around. No matter what décor type you have, curtains have the ability to establish a particular mood or add drama in a living room.

Sheer Curtains for Tall Windows


Ways to Upgrade Standard Window Curtains for a Stunning Appeal

Window curtains are used for allowing natural light and fresh air, creating a sense of happy and healthy ambiance. But if your high ceiling window curtains are old, dingy, or boring, then it’s time to give them a perfect makeover. Thinking how? Follow some simple tips and designs to make them more attractive than before:


  • Try Out a Drapery or Curtain Rod

This subtle hardware can change the overall look of your home in a different way. It is a sturdy and durable element that enhances the mood of the space as well which lasts for a long time.

  • Bring Elegance with Valances and Cornices

Give the windows a stylish and traditional feel by using window valances and cornices. They help to add dimension to your room while beautifying the windows.

  • Go for Drapery Panels

Uses of drapery panels elevate the beauty of entire décor design while creating a sophisticated and alluring ambiance.

Drapery with Valances


Things You Should Look for Before Purchasing Window Curtains


  • Color Inspiration

The color or tone of the window curtains is an important consideration when choosing your window curtains. The color combination of the walls and window treatment has a big effect on your home decorating project. For example, if you have darker wall décor, then opt for light colored or neutral window curtains, and if you have lighter walls then going for darker curtains can create an interesting contrast.

  • Price Factor

The price of the curtains depends on the texture or pattern you select. These curtains are available at reasonable prices as ZebraBlinds offers you exciting deals and discounts so that you can save more! Place your order now to get the flawless beauty for your interior décor.

High Ceiling Window Treatments for Living Room


Show Off Your Windows with These High Ceiling Window Treatment Ideas

Changing the draperies or curtains of your home is the most cost-effective approach of renovating or re-designing your space. Get these outstanding window curtains now to bring architectural interest to the room while adding warmth. Choose the design of your curtains wisely because they can make a big impact on your overall décor style. Get these refreshing and easily customizable window curtains with the help of professional experts. Free samples are available for convenience.

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