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Opt For Smart Home Automation with Customized Motorized Blinds

Custom Motorized Shades

Custom Motorized Shades – Secrets to Make Your Home Smart and Sophisticated


The advancement of home automation has grown a lot in the past few years. Gone are the days when we get up and do everything manually or by hand. Smart home technology is going to make our lives easier while bringing warmth, sophistication, and convenience. Smart homes can be used for many purposes which include safety, security, and entertainment. But when it comes to safety concern, the first thing we should look into is our doors and windows. Custom motorized shades are one of the most versatile products available in the market that are used to cover your windows while protecting your home from unwanted outdoor elements. The power of controlling the window shades from anywhere in the room with the simple press of a remote button or using a smartphone and voice-controlled assistants is like making a dream come true.

Smart Motorized Roman Shades


Some Features of Smart Home Window Blinds

  • Being able to open or close shades and blinds individually or as a group by setting timers
  • Raising or lowering the shades automatically when needed, such as sunrise or sunset, or when the outside temperature is too high or low, to create a relaxing ambiance
  • Using smart controller devices such as smartphone or tablet to manage the shades from anywhere in the room where you have wifi connection
  • Using your voice to raise and lower your shades and blinds (through voice-controlled assistants such as Amazon Echo and Google Home)

Alexa Controlled Window Shades


A Brief Study: How Custom Motorized Shades Actually Work?


The number of smart products that are compatible with home automation system is growing continuously and smart window treatments are no exception. Imagine raising or lowering the shades and blinds from your smart controller devices so you can enjoy natural light while having privacy and outside amazing view. Even while watching TV, you can eliminate the glare off your screen by closing the shades smartly without getting up from the sofa.

No matter wherever you are, you can adjust the shades by pre-programming them, creating an illusion of occupancy and protecting your home from burglars. Even programmable timers keep the home cool and comfortable by raising and lowering them with the position of the sunlight, allowing you enjoy a lower energy bill. Controlling the amount of light that enters your room is now easy with these smart operating shades while obstructing the UV beams at the same time.

Apart from the remote access, you can adjust the shades by connecting your smartphone or tablet to the smart home automation hub. Make sure the hub is compatible with the window treatments and also integrated with the voice assistants – Google Home and Amazon Echo – for hands-free control.  With the smart operations of custom motorized blinds, now it is easy to control all the shades with your smartphone or your voice.

Smart windows have the ability to change the way of our living style. Not only do these window solutions bring convenience into our lives, but they also bring accessibility to those in needs. For elderly users, it is easy to operate the shades as they don’t have to pull the cords which are heavier and difficult to operate. Switching to the smart home may be the smartest decision you ever make.

Google Home Smart Blinds


How to Choose the Right Custom Motorized Shades?


There are so many choices available to get your favorite smart window shades but it’s difficult to figure out which one will be the best for your home. Here are few guidelines that will help you to pick the right one:

Right Fabrication – Functionality matters, but the aesthetics of the shades is also important. All the motorized shades are available in a wide assortment of colors, textures, and fabric choices. So personalize your product now that will suit the interior type.

Power Resources – Another important thing to consider, make sure you choose the right power supply – reloadable batteries, solar power kit, DC power adaptor. Most of the homeowners prefer battery power shades as they are easier to install.

Think Long-term – Window treatments are a one-time investment and so you should think about available warranty.

Motor Type – Make sure you choose the right motor type for your needs. Choose Z-wave motors to have your shades connect directly to a Z-wave hub for smart control.

What About the Price of the Shades?

Most homeowners think that integration with smart technology means that the shades will be expensive. Well, the price or cost of the shades depends on the size, style, or fabric you select. But at ZebraBlinds, you can take advantage of our various deals and discounts to save more. So shop now to create a perfect home while being smart!

Depending on what interior style you want, you have the choices of endless designs, textures, and fabrics. From cellular shades to z-wave sheer horizontal shades, roman shades to solar shades, anything you can pick up to embrace the look of your overall décor. Experience the next level of smart technology by opting for smart home automation with these smart window shades and blinds.

Z Wave Sheer Horizontal Shades


Say Adios to Your Corded Shades – Choose Smart Control for Every Window!!

With SmartThings window shades and Google assistant smart blinds, you don’t have to manually open or close the shades. Smart homes have already changed our daily lifestyles with the latest technology. So make a perfect ambiance with these easy controls right at your fingertips. If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team.

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