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Provide Light Control & Privacy To Your Home Theater With Blackout Shades

Home Theater Blackout Shades

Home Theater Blackout Shades – Enjoy Watching Movies At Home Without Any Disturbance

Noise and light are the two major components which are responsible for a disturbed and uncomfortable ambiance whether at home or in the office. The most common solution homeowners opt for is the installation of curtains and drapes which helps but often needs the addition of a shade or blind for additional light and sound blockage.


Every home is different on the basis of its structure, location, number of rooms, design, and also size & shape of windows and doors. Windows and doors vary according to the choices of homeowners. Some homes might have large windows, some have small ones, some have French doors, some have patio doors, and likewise. Some homes have many rooms including bedrooms, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, theatre room, etc. Theatre rooms are becoming a common part of homes nowadays. The required ambiance of theatre rooms is different from that of other rooms in the home. It requires complete darkness and no noise so that homeowners can enjoy watching movies or playing games without any disturbance.


Window blinds and shades with blackout material are one of the best and cost-effective ways to filter disturbances through your windows. These are preferred by most homeowners with theatre rooms at home.


Here is the list of advantages of installing Home Theater Blackout Shades:

Top 10 Advantages of Home Theater Blackout Shades


Complete Blockage of Light: A theater room is a place where maximum darkness is required so that you will be able to enjoy a movie with your loved ones. Light plays a very important role in making or breaking the ambiance of any area. Blocking it will give a perfect gloomy atmosphere which is a must for theatre rooms. These blackout shades are crafted from premium quality blackout material which makes them durable and long-lasting. You can control the level of darkness according to the time, need, and temperature of the area.


Sound-Proof: Noisy surroundings are not only disturbing but also reduce productivity while doing any kind of work or household chores. The theatre room is the area where sound filtration is a must to enjoy a fun time without any hurdle. Home theater blackout shades insulate the area and block the excessive sound outside, making the room quieter and more comfortable. Made from the premium quality material, these cordless cellular blackout shades are very effective and reliable.

 Brown Cordless Cellular Blackout Shades


Smart Functionality: Smart home window blinds are cordless and can be operated with a remote or your smartphones. They come with Somfy Z-wave motors which can be controlled with a virtual cord remote. You also get an option to operate single or multiple shades with a remote. You can also program home theater blackout shades as per the time, temperature, and weather with the help of sensors and apps. These window coverings feature a thick layer of foam which perfectly insulate the home from light and heat. They come with an inbuilt Z-wave chip which can be interfaced with home automation hubs like Samsung SmartThings and Wink. This feature gives hands-free convenience, allowing you to use voice commands with voice assistants like Google Home and Amazon Echo.

 Smart Z Wave Blackout Shades


Sleek Appearance: In addition to providing so many functions, skylight remote controlled blackout blinds offer an elegant look and a neat appearance to your home. They are available in so many intricate and attractive designs. You can match them up with the theme of your interiors. They look modern and sophisticated.

 Blackout Skylight Cellular Shades


Easy Installation & Maintenance: Complete blackout window shades are very easy to install. There are proper instructions and video tutorials available on our website. These can help you to install these window coverings in your home theater room yourself. You can take help or contact our experts if you have any questions. Cleaning and maintaining these smart home window blinds are also very simple. They just need regular dusting or vacuuming.


Your Home, Your Choice: There are many specifications available of these home theater blackout shades like shape, size, color, texture, design, pattern, material, functionality, and others. You can get them customized as per the need and choice of your home. Go through our collection and just select the best-suited window coverings. You just need to tell us the measurements and required specifications and your desired window coverings will be delivered to you at your doorstep.


Energy-Efficiency: The lesser the amount of light and heat entering your space, the lesser will be the requirement of air conditioning. Implementation of home theater blackout shades insulates your room from outside weather conditions. The ambiance will become comfortable and soothing. Lesser usage of the air conditioner will lead to saving of electricity. High energy bills are one of the major concerns that give homeowners sleepless nights. Installation of cellular blackout shades cordless can give you a considerable amount of ease.

 Energy Efficient Blackout Shades


Nature-friendliness: Air conditioner emits harmful radiations which affect the environment leading to an unhealthy atmosphere for our future generations. These window coverings are nature-friendly and have no side effects on the outside environment.


Discounted Prices: ZebraBlinds is a one stop solution where you can buy blackout blinds at cheaper prices along with exciting deals. It is a worthy investment and you can get it at a discount. You can also get them customized as per the budget and needs of your home.

Discounted Blackout Shades

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