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Every time I drive past residential neighborhoods, what draws my attention to individual homes is the state of their Windows. Depending on the season and the time of the day, some are left open to let light and breeze through, and the sight of sheers fluttering pleasantly gives an appearance of peace and harmony; window shades raised to different levels give the impression that the dwellers are concerned about privacy, lighting, and appearance; bright windows dressings suggest that the inhabitants are decor conscious and have taken the trouble to coordinate colors differently in various rooms; some window covers show a standard white across all windows, which suggests to me that visual uniformity is important, and the decorator is quite obsessive about looks; others leave their shades open to show off their interiors to advantage – well-laid out furniture put to relief with plants, rugs, and attractive art forms; closed windows and tightly drawn curtains during the day tell me that the inhabitants are rabidly private, so they must use other forms of lighting, perhaps artificial or skylights, or that the inhabitants are ailing or old and can’t be bothered / not able to open their windows shades and the curtains. That’s sad! Do people realize how important it is to ventilate homes? A good dose of sunlight kills a number of germs, and a draft of cool air can carry out a lot of allergens. Homes must have a system that allows stale air to be flushed out in winter to ensure the good health of the residents!
The play of colors, apart from lending insights to the decorator (primarily the lady of the house)and other inhabitants of a home, makes for interesting contrasts and highlights – could be a room done up entirely in browns and creams with natural window shades, the only relief being well-placed plants or a room done up in shades of yellows and oranges but large white window shades cutting into/leveling out the brightness or a room done up in blacks and greens that are underplayed by light-colored wooden furniture and window blinds.



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But the great news is, in today’s world, one really doesn’t need to stretch oneself out too much to achieve great looking interiors. I believe that well-thought out window coverings go a long way in elevating the looks of a room. No matter how good or ‘designer’ your upholstery and floor coverings are, if the window coverings aren’t given due consideration, all would be in vain! And window fashion accouterments are almost infinite! They come in all shapes (for arched or angled specialty windows), sizes (from dormer windows, skylights, half windows, French windows, bow windows, Casement windows to bay windows), fabrics, materials, and the most incredible palette of colors – enticing colors like frost gray, blue mirage, antique white, plum purple, dusty orchid, fog green, empire yellow, golden cream – just some of the exotic renderings! Fabrics like grass cloth, Springdale, grace, sheer linen, Windsor Etc! Materials like cloth that’s natural or synthetic, PVC, Wood, Faux wood, and all sorts of grasses, reeds, bamboo, etc. What more could one want? The sky’s the limit, reach for it folks, and transform your interiors to your heart’s content!


Some fun facts about colors and personalities according to

· If you’ve leanings towards RED, it shows you’re bold and willing to take risks, as danger doesn’t faze you.
· People who love the color ORANGE are highly sociable and generally have a wide circle of friends. They are ever ready with a helping hand.
· YELLOW apparently suggests a sunny personality, though ordered and logical in all interactions.WindowCovering2
· If GREEN is a favored color, it indicates a need to belong, love and be loved. Acceptance and Acknowledgment are significant to you.
· BLUE is indicative of peace loving folk living up to their ideals – live and let live is their motto!
· People who like INDIGO love harmony and move away from stressful situations. They are considered spiritual, with a need to feel one with their surroundings.
· People, who love PURPLE or VIOLET, need constant emotional security in their lives and surround themselves with order and perfection. They are very humanitarian at heart.
· PINK suggests that you’re attuned to your feminine self. A fun personality who needs to be loved without reservation.
·That TURQUOISE is your favorite color suggests the need for emotional balance in your life, the need to express hopes and dreams, however idealistic.
· People who are non-conformist tend to favor MAGENTA.
· BROWN suggests a deep need to be in touch with nature to feel safe and secure. You like simple comforts and are an amiable person with good relationships with family and friends.
· Those who like BLACK seem to be on a ‘power trip’ – they need to control others in order to be in control of their insecurities.
· If WHITE is your favored color, you crave simplicity and need to be self-reliant.
· With GRAY as your favorite color, you are in danger of being called the ‘fence-sitter’ as you tend to conform for the sake of peace.
· If SILVER is your favorite, you are said to be intuitive and insightful having a strong connect to your spiritual side.
· With the color GOLD, you radiate charisma – much like Bill Clinton, you automatically put people at ease.

A color guide could be helpful if you want to portray window personality as windows are surely the mirrors of your home! So, go ahead and give yourself free reign to decorate the mirrors of your home!





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