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How to Use Horizontal Blinds For Patio Doors

Horizontal Shades for Patio Doors

Give Your Patio Doors a Finishing Touch with Horizontal Blinds or Shades

Patio doors some of the most common parts of a home. They give a classic and sophisticated look. However, along with the appearance, patio doors also welcome prying eyes and harsh sunlight inside the home. This makes the atmosphere of the home uncomfortable and unsafe. The best solution to this issue is the installation of window coverings.

Patio doors are sliding doors which makes it tricky to cover them as they move sidewards. Window coverings may come in between their movement. However, it’s a myth. Most people go for vertical blinds to cover patio or sliding doors and larger sized windows and although vertical blinds are a good option but when it comes to blocking of light, horizontal blinds perform in a better way it is not the only option.

Horizontal Shades for Patio Doors


H2: What Are the Advantages of Using Horizontal Blinds for Patio Doors?

Better Light Control and Protection

The reduction of harsh sunlight and harmful UV radiations is the primary concern of all homeowners who are looking for window covering solutions. UV radiation can damage your skin, furniture, flooring, and other household items. Some amount of natural light is good for a comfortable ambiance in a home, but when this amount exceeds to a limit then the atmosphere inside becomes hot and uncomfortable; it becomes necessary to install window coverings.

Horizontal blinds for patio doors and large windows, specifically shades, will not only insulate your space but also will give it a touch of beauty. Horizontal shades are easy to install and simple to use. Depending on the type of shades you can filter the light, see-through or completely blackout the window. They are easy to clean as well. They require regular dusting or vacuuming just like any other household item.

Horizontal window blinds come in various specifications like size, shape, functionality, material, color, pattern, design, texture, etc. Customization options are also available at affordable prices to make sure that they match with the theme of your home perfectly. These blinds are also an excellent option for small windows. Also, they can be installed inside and outside of the window frame. Outside mounting makes your window look larger whereas inside mounting generally looks a bit better. They can be operated with a cord, but loose hanging cords can be dangerous if you have kids and pets at home. As an alternative, you can get cordless or motorized lift systems which are safer.

Sheer Horizontal Shades for Sliding Patio Doors


Better Privacy

Horizontal blinds for patio doors or French doors take the lead over vertical blinds when it comes to complete privacy. Vertical blinds will always have a small gap in between each hanging louver, whereas horizontal shades generally won’t have any gaps that you can see through (depending on the fabric). Prying eyes hindering in your privacy can be really frustrating and even unsafe at times.

Horizontal Shades for Large Windows


Less Noisy During Strong Winds

Vertical blinds are considered a good option to cover large windows and patio doors. They look elegant enough and are very practical. However, they have a drawback. The long vertical vanes can collide with each other when they are open or close creating noise. Even if the window is open and there is a breeze, this becomes an issue. Some people who have to sleep or work or study at home might find it distracting. This excessive movement also increases the rate of wear and tear. Most horizontal blinds or shades are available with hold down brackets which can prevent them from moving back and forth. This eliminates the noise and prevents wear and tear.

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