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Outlining Horizontal Window Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Horizontal Window Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are gaining in popularity day by day, and finding window treatments that suit them is a tedious task. Choosing the correct window treatment depends on a lot of factors such as the location of the door and the window, the amount of privacy that you would want the interiors of the room, the level of functionality and durability that is needed, and many other things. Every other shades and blinds have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, while cellular shades are more energy-efficient, it is more difficult to clean them, or while the roman shades are easier to clean, they are not as durable. Natural shades cannot be used in rooms prone to more humidity and metal shades tend to be more difficult to operate as they are heavy. All your choices about window shades should be made while keeping these factors in minds.

One large distinction that is made in the world of blinds and shades is that of vertical and horizontal blinds. It is evident from the name itself, horizontal blinds comprise of horizontally laid slats that pile up against one another when raised, whereas vertical blinds are made of vertically lying slats that can be shifted side to side or are made up of one solid material without any slats or sections. Blinds by most materials are available as horizontal and vertical, for example, wood, metal, faux wood, vinyl, etc., and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The vertical blinds are mostly favorable for large windows and doors, hence they are a preferred choice among buyers. However horizontal blinds or shades are becoming more popular for sliding glass doors. Let’s learn why.

1. Greater Control
Since sliding doors allow a lot of light in but also provides for a great view from the insides of your house. To get the best of both worlds, horizontal blinds will be the perfect choice for you. They allow you not only to control if the blind remains closed or open but also controls how much light you would want to enter. By tilting the slats according to your choice and according to the time of the day you can enjoy the sun at your own liking. This property works wonderfully in rooms that face the north or south as the sun does not fall directly on the blinds and regulation is also moderated. Horizontal blinds can lift completely and out of the way of your door to provide a full and clear view.

Horizontal Shades for Sliding Doors

2. Energy Efficient
Because of their property to tilt the slats according to your need, these blinds are also considered to be energy efficient. Glass doors tend to gain heat as fast as they lose it. Hence, conservation of energy through these doors becomes more critical. They have no natural insulation. Installing horizontal shades which, apart from providing regular insulation, are more proficient because of the regulation of its operation. You can tilt the slats during late afternoon or early morning for more energy conservation. This makes them more environment-friendly also and can save up on your electricity bills by 30%. Horizontal shades are also available in continuous and thick fabrics that provide even more energy-efficient than slats can.

Horizontal Sheer Shades

3. More Privacy

Even though all kinds of blinds and shades provide some level of privacy which is more needed in case of glass doors, horizontal blinds do a better job at it. The reason for this is that vertical blinds can easily move and ruffle, leaving gaping holes through your blinds. These blinds don’t move from their original place until raised or lowered or tilted using the string provided. This makes them more secure. The biggest problem with glass doors is its transparency and horizontal blinds are the perfect solution for these. The availability of remote control window blinds makes them more secure and easy to operate too. It reduces the risk of strings and cords that is posed by horizontal blinds to children and pets and makes your house more accessible.

4. A Large Number of Options
The number of options available for horizontal window blinds is incredible. You can customize your window blinds to be made from the material of your choice. You can use black-out window blinds to make your bedroom cozier. You can choose fabrics that give your house an elegant touch or even choose the one that suits your other interiors. Horizontal blinds are very versatile and since you are using them on your sliding glass doors, you can create great insulation from the materials that you would choose.

Roman Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

5. Gives a Sleeker and More Elegant Look

Horizontal blinds are neater and more organized than vertical ones. They are not prone to ruffling and do not move easily. This is why they appear to be more elegant and structured. It makes for a great option at office spaces too where formal tones add to the environment. If formal tones are not your preference, you can add a pop to your space by choosing more chic styles and patterns. The benefit of using horizontal blinds is that a lot of styles and patterns work very well with these blinds.

6. Easier to Maintain
Even though it is generally said that vertical blinds are easier to clean and with just one stroke of cloth can do your job, the overall maintenance of horizontal blinds is actually easier. Just tilt the blinds to one side, and wipe them down, then tilt the other side and do the same. Vertical blinds need to be cleaned louver by louver and can swing around which can make them difficult to clean properly.
It can be easily concluded that both vertical and horizontal blinds have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. But when it comes to sliding glass doors, horizontal blinds are becoming an increasingly popular choice. Vertical blinds tend to take up more space and cover window and door frames, while horizontal blinds can be mounted to clear the view of the door, and have a huge variety of customization options, styles, and materials that are just not available on a vertical blind.
So, before you make any choice, keep these small details in mind and make smarter decisions as buyers.

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