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How Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work?

How do Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work

How do Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work?


Top down bottom up shades have become a very popular choice for many homeowners as they offer a lot of benefits you are looking for. If you want privacy but at the same time you wish to have natural light inside your room, then these types of window coverage are perfect choice for you.

There are several colors, textures, and patterns available for these top down bottom up blinds. So whatever look your room has right now, you will always end up with the proper and right window covering which will be the best fit for the entire home decor. But do you know how cordless top down bottom up shades work exactly? What are the top down bottom up shade mechanisms available? So many questions can come to your mind. Our design experts will help you by giving you the best solutions for your questions.


Top 3 Reasons for Choosing Top Down Bottom Up Shades

TDBU shades allow you to take down your covering from the upper portion and raise them from the lower part. This option is an ideal option when you want the natural light with outside view and privacy as well. Below are the reasons that will state that TDBU window covering are best for your entire home décor –

1.Safe Option for Kids and Pets

These shades are absolutely safe for the home with the kids and pets. A cordless TDBU shade ensures that your kids are safe from the hazard of dangling cords. They allow you to open the lower part of your shades so that your children and pets can have the better outside view, and at that time only the top part will allow the daylight to enter your home.

2. Controls Light and Privacy

This type of shade controls the light coming from the outside while maintaining privacy. TDBU shades will lower down your shades from the top portion to let the light in inside your room and if you want to keep out the outsider’s views then close the bottom half portion. Even they can protect your furniture from the harmful UV rays and glare.

3. Balance the Temperature with Outside and Saves on your Energy Bills

During the winter, open the upper portion of the window shade so that natural light can come to your room to make your space warm and more comfortable. And during the summer time, open the lower portion of the shade. In this way, these shades will help you to balance the room temperature with outside and will save on your energy bills.


How do Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades Work for Your Windows?

To control this shade, we will use only one cord mechanism and two top rails. The mounting rail is attached to the window frame. The other is called the floating rail.

First, gently drag the shade down and stop it where you want to. And if you want to keep the shade back in the position, just pull up on the tab and place it back into the mounting rail. When you need to keep the bottom part of the shade up, just hold them up. And again to keep the shade back down, drag down on the same position.

There are so many options available for cordless TDBU shades. Below are the examples of that –

Cordless Top down Bottom up Cellular Honeycomb Shades

These shades will help you save your energy costs by trapping the air coming from inside or outside which help your room to stay cool and comfortable in the summer time and hot in the winter time. They are perfect when you want to enjoy the natural light but privacy is also important. They are safe for kids and pets and most importantly, it is very easy to clean and maintain them.


Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Honeycomb Shades


Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades

The TDBU feature allows your roman shades to open from the bottom up or from the top down. These shades are very elegant when you combine them with beautiful draperies. TDBU Roman shades come with the liner option which allows you to appreciate the natural view while balancing the privacy you are looking for. These shades look amazingly beautiful in any type of room.


Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades


TDBU Feature for Pleated Shades

Their smooth, stylish, and elegant look helps them to look perfect and amazing for your bedroom and living room. You have the option of choosing the corded or cordless option for the TDBU feature. To control privacy, a liner option is also available with this shade. The 1 inch Crown TDBU Cordless Light Filtering Pleated Shade is one of our best products for your home.


TDBU Cordless Pleated Shades


How to Install Cordless Top Down Bottom Up (TDBU) Shades in Your Windows?

To get started, bring the all necessary tools such as a drill, screwdriver, and a pencil to mark any spot so that you don’t have to face any difficulty while installing them. Two cords are available with this feature which will be placed on the left side and the right side of the window shade. One of the cords helps your shades to operate from the top down and the other cord will help the shade to work from bottom up. Now you have to decide, whether you want to mount your rails and brackets inside of the window shade or outside of the window.

If you want to go for inside mounting, attach the bracket in the headrail. Then keep the window shade in position and mark the spot where the bracket meets inside of window frame. Just remove the brackets and connect them to the marked position.

And for outside mounting, attach the brackets in the headrail. Place the shade in the desired position and mark the bracket location with a pencil. Now detach the brackets from the headrail and place them at the spotted location. Now take the drill and screw each bracket into the window frame. Then, fix the handle to the middle rail.


Install Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Shades


Enjoy the Natural Light and Outside View at the same time – Contact us for Any Help

Our main goal is to provide all the benefits you are searching for. That is the reason we are here to help you. You probably want to enjoy the natural light and outside view while maintaining privacy because you don’t want to allow outsiders to see inside your room.

So what are you waiting for? Order the best TDBU featured window shade from ZebraBlinds and provide your room the look your home requires.

Contact us to customize your product. Enjoy the benefits of free shipping and attractive discounts on our featured TDBU products.

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