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How Do Day/Night Blinds Work?

How Do Day And Night Blinds Work

Contrasting Needs of Home Owners

Sometimes we have very contrasting needs which is difficult to satisfy with the limited options available. This holds true for window treatments in our homes. While we want lots of natural light sans the glare and want to maintain an outside view of the surroundings, we also want privacy, protection from peeping neighbors and adequate and effective insulation from heat gain and loss. Such varying demands make the task of finding the right window treatment solution for your windows an extremely challenging task. Some offer great privacy, some help to block light completely, others block the view out completely. Just when an exasperated you decided to give up, along came Day and Night Cellular Shades which promises to address all your conflicting needs and demands. It is an extremely versatile window treatment suitable for any house.

What are Cellular Shades?

Cellular Shades need little introduction in the world of window coverings. They are known for their superb insulating qualities. Their honeycomb design containing small cells helps to trap air inside creating a buffer layer between the window and the room. This prevents warm air from escaping the house during winter months and from entering the house during the hot summer months. They are an extremely energy-efficient window treatment option for your homes and can significantly help to bring down your energy costs. There are typically two types of fabric opacities you can choose from when ordering cellular shades, namely, light filtering and room darkening. Light filtering fabric helps to cut down the harsh glares and allows diffused light to stream into the house. Room darkening fabric on the other hand helps to block light out particularly when you are trying to catch up on sleep.

What are Day/Night Cellular Shades?

A day/night cellular shade is one single window covering which incorporates both these fabrics. They are a great way of controlling the amount of light flowing into your room. They are equipped with contrasting horizontal lines that help you to keep the blinds down throughout the day. They let filtered light in without compromising on privacy.
Day Night Honeycomb Shades

How do Day/Night Shades work?

There is a middle bar that helps to separate the two fabrics. When you need light and privacy the middle bar needs to be pulled down and when pushed up it will offer superior light blockage. When the shades are raised completely they offer a great unobstructed view of the outside. It makes day/night shades a very versatile option for your homes. You can switch between the two fabrics or even use both together for optimal results. They are also referred to as combination shades, a blend of Venetian and roller shades. They are available in a range of textures and designs to choose from to match your interiors.

Day/night cellular shades work brilliantly in bedrooms which need complete darkness for a good night’s sleep and sufficient natural light as well during the daytime for energy. They also offer much-needed privacy during the day and night hours. They help create a pleasant, comfortable and warm ambiance indoors which improves productivity. They ensure that your body and mind get well-rested. Day/night shades help to address all your primary concerns related to your window coverings. They are available in their cordless variant which makes them a pet and child-friendly option for homes with small pets and toddlers.
Day Night TDBU Shades

Inside or Outside Mount?

Day/night cellular shades can be both inside and outside mount. Many homeowners may prefer inside mount if they have a decorative molding to show off and is looking for a sleek, streamlined appearance for their windows. Outside mount is preferred if windows lack depth, there are irregularities with the windows or is looking for better coverage for the windows.

The day/night cellular shades apart from being extremely functional and versatile are also not lacking in aesthetics. They are sleek and perfect for minimalist decor. However, if you are looking for a dramatic impact in your rooms and a touch of royalty and grandeur to your windows you could add luxurious drapes. Functionally these shades are extremely self-sufficient and does not need to be layered with any other window covering to complement them. Investing in day/night cellular shades is the best decision you could take for your bedroom windows which present an eternal dilemma when it comes to choosing a window covering.

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