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How Do You Block Heat Without Blocking Light?

How Do You Block Heat Without Blocking Light

Natural light affects us in more ways than one. Each one of us has experienced a sudden lift in spirits as the sun comes out. In the winter, the long beams of the sun trace a path of happiness throughout the house, that immediately dissipates the gloom and chill of the winter. Similarly, in summer, the glow of the summer sun makes us feel more alive and active.

None of this is a coincidence. Natural light contributes to our feeling of well being to a great extent. Both in our homes and offices, there is a greater emphasis on getting as much as natural light as possible. Failure to do so, will have serious results on our physical and mental health. Let’s look at the ways natural light benefits us.

Benefits of Natural Light

Vitamin D Boost: Sunlight helps the skin absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D is not easily available through food, and has a huge role to play in reducing the risk of heart disease, weight gain, and many forms of cancer. Irrespective of whether you are indoors or outdoors, the sunlight is equally effective in providing you vitamin D. For this reason, our interiors should have adequate access to natural light.

Reduces Depression: Winter gloom brings with it a season of depression for a lot of people. Natural light acts as a barrier against this. Research has proven that exposure to natural light wards off depression to a large extent.

Sleep Improvement: Although natural light is usually associated with waking up and disturbed sleep, it has a passive role to play in improving our sleep cycle. A certain amount of exposure is necessary for getting a good night’s sleep.

Window Treatments that Block Heat but not Light

Most of us would choose natural light over other material comforts, both in our professional and private lives. This is easier said than done, as most homes and offices now focus on saving energy. An unintentional consequence of this is the blocking of light. Most home insulation window treatment solutions cut off the light. So, how do your block heat, both from inside and outside, while letting in plenty of natural light?

Solar Shades

Solar shades are great for letting in light while blocking heat. These shades are specifically built to reflect back heat and block harmful UV rays that can cause extensive damage to your walls and your furniture. They are made of tightly woven fabrics that can block heat, while you enjoy the sunlit scenery outside. These blinds also block the view from outside during the daytime. This feature ensures that you can keep the blinds open all day long, without worrying about privacy issues. They are practical choices for both homes and offices, primarily due to their durability and multi-functionality.
Dual Solar Shades

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are very effective in reducing heat gain. The slats can be tilted at any angle, to give you a lot of control over the light that gets in, while the material helps reduce and reflect incoming heat. If the room gets long hours of sunlight, go for aluminum or wooden slats, which are more durable and heat resistant. Inverted slats are also a good option that allows you to reflect light towards your ceiling, allowing natural light to come into the room while reducing exposure to direct heat and sunlight.
Venetian Shades

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are the perfect solution for blocking heat and letting in light. If you select heat-reflective material, the big slats can easily reflect back most of the heat that it receives, while flooding the room with sunlight. It also offers you the flexibility of tilting the slats at any angle to let in as much light as you want.
Vertical Sliding Glass Door Blinds

Natural Shades

If you are conscious about the effect your buying choices are having on the environment, go for natural shades. Natural shades are made from sustainable plant sources. These blinds are naturally more equipped to block heat, while their structure and design allow light to flood in without any obstruction.

These blinds keep the room bright and airy but allow enough ventilation so that the room temperature remains comfortable. The perforated design casts an attractive pattern on the interior walls, adding a rustic charm to the room. The best thing about these blinds is the visibility they offer. Enjoy the view outside from the cool shade of these blinds, reaping the full benefit of natural light without suffering from sunburn or excessive UV rays.

When it comes to durability, natural materials show surprising tenacity. These blinds can withstand humidity and heat for a long time and can resist mold and infestation for a long time. Natural blinds are the best choice if you are looking to make the room earthy and bright even on a gloomy winter day.
Smart Motorized Natural Shades

Vision Blinds

Vision blind is a cross between roller shades and venetian blinds, also known as Sheer Horizontal blinds. They consist of two layers. The first layer consists of transparent or translucent material that lets in plenty of light. The second layer consists of venetian slats that can be positioned to close the blind completely or partially for enhanced privacy and insulation. With these blinds you can get maximum flexibility, in terms of privacy and heat blocking. Keep the slats open in the day to let in natural light and at night, close the slats to maintain privacy.

Other Ways of Increasing Light in the Interiors

While a suitable window treatment is great in blocking heat and letting in light, there are other methods you can try to keep your interiors bright and crispy.

Use Light-Colored Walls

Light-colored walls are great for reflecting light. Any light that comes in your room, will make it look brighter as the walls work to reflect them back. Light-colored walls also don’t absorb heat.


Make clever use of mirrors to keep the sunlight in the room. With mirrors, light travels well within the room to make all areas of the house equally bright. With a combination of blinds and other accessories, reap the full benefit of natural light.

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