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How Does A Roman Blind Work?

How Does A Roman Blind Work?

What Are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are a traditional type of window coverings that provides you with a high level of privacy. Compared to its older versions, roman blinds are now one of the more innovative forms of window blinds. They are far superior in terms of fibre, sewing patterns and design. Roman blinds give your room an ecstatic look. However, people often come with a question about how these blinds work? In this article, the entire working mechanism of Roman blinds is explained, so keep reading.

Types Of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are generally a single layer of fibre that gets folded when the string is gradually pulled up during the opening process. You will get clean and well-pleated folds when open and they look flat when closed. Roman blinds can be grouped under the following four categories in terms of varieties and styles:

1)Soft Fold

Soft fold roman blinds come with a traditional look that consists of soft fabric folds, giving an appearance of a beautiful waterfall from top to bottom. To give your windows a bulky appearance, soft fold roman blinds are the ideal choice.

2)Flat Fold

Flat fold Roman blinds consist of a single flat piece of fabric giving your room a tidy and spacious look. When closed they completely lay down flat, thus saving a large space. When you open them up, they form clean and well-stacked folds. In this type of blind, you can find the fabric in one single flat piece. These types of blinds are ideal for shallow windows.

3)Batten Front

These types of roman blinds consist of battens, also known as tunnels. They are front faced fabric tubes, having a strip of either wood or plastic or any other solid material. These strips are sewed at fixed intervals on the outer side of the blind. These battens do not interrupt the design of the blinds and are best suited for stripes as well as various other patterns.

4)Batten Back

This type of roman blind has inverted battens that are sewed at the side that faces the window. Such types of blinds provide a delicate and clean look when lowered down and make neat folds when opened up.

How Does Roman Blind Work?

Roman blinds are very easy to use and install. These types of blinds mainly consist of a fabric panel, cord or string and a ring system. You can open them by just simply pulling up the string attached to the blind and close by pulling down the cord or string. With this cord system, you can control the amount of light entering your room.

Individually sewn rings are located along the sections of the blind fabric, through these rings, a thin cording is threaded. This in turn allows the blinds to form clean folds when the string is pulled up for opening the window. These cords don’t interfere with the beauty of your blinds or room, as these thin cords are hidden along the sides.

Roman blinds provide great insulation for your window space. Whether it is sizzling summer or chilled winter, these blinds regulate the temperature of your room within tolerance limits. Thus these blinds also save you extra money which you can spend on temperature maintenance of your room.

Is It Worthy To Choose Roman Blinds For Your Windows?

Roman blinds are seen to be an effective and convenient form of window blinds. Some of its following features will help you in deciding its worthiness and make it easier for you to choose the perfect blind for your windows.

1)Roman blinds come in various patterns, colours and textures that are suitable for windows of all sizes, which you can choose per your preferences and likes.

2)You can have them replace your curtains, as their modern designs and clean look will complement each pattern and design of your interior, giving your room an appealing look.

3)Roman blinds make your room look spacious and less cluttered. There is no need to adjust your furniture according to the blinds. These blinds complement every kind of room setting and decor.

4)Also, you can get your blinds customized per your preferences. You can customize your blind according to your choice of fabric, pattern, colour, texture, window size and cord types. Thus roman blinds give you more opportunity to set up your window blinds according to your taste and desires.

5) Roman blinds are made up of a variety of fabrics like glass cloth, polyester, blended cotton, woven woods and also silk. So you have a huge range of blind materials from which you can choose.

6)These roman blinds can either be installed inside the window frame or you can get them mounted outside. However, inside installed blinds are more popular as they add to the beauty of your room and are show stoppers.

Based on the above points you will get an idea about how these blinds work and what fantastic features they deliver. All these things will help you in choosing the right blind for your windows. Roman blinds are always considered as a soft and delicate window treatment. These blinds are quite easy to use and offer you a wide range of beautiful features.

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