How Dual Shades Perfectly Matched Dual Needs of My Interiors

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“I live a dual life. On the red carpet, it’s complete glam. But at home, I’m a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl. Simple can be beautiful.” Ashley Greene.
I crave for something similar in my life as well. Vancouver was becoming too busy and hectic for me to live in, especially in the busy area where I had my home. I finally decided to move to Delta, some 16 miles from my workplace, so that I could live in peace with a little travel thrown in every day. Delta is as busy as any other city, but I have seen pockets of residential areas in Delta, which are quite serene and tranquil. I could lead a simple and peaceful life there without being flabbergasted by the rush of the city life.

The Beauty of Delta, British Columbia

A few years ago, professional ambition had lured me to the city of Vancouver, a place that overwhelmed me with its hectic lifestyle. I thought I would settle down and get used to it, but, unfortunately, my nature clashed with city life, and it never changed. I loved my work, so I did not want to compromise on that front either. I was wondering how I could have the best of both aspects of my life when I discovered a beautiful small home in Delta, which was just 16 miles drive from my office. It is no wonder that Delta was mistaken for an island since the beautiful place is surrounded by water on three sides, which gives it the island look.

This was the perfect place to have a home and relax after a busy day at work. I hear that this was an isolated place before the Massey Tunnel linked the town to Vancouver. I loved traveling through this tunnel, which was a relaxing experience in itself for me. The vast expanse of water that met my eyes had a soothing effect on my nerves as well.

New Home Decor
Having signed the last of the papers that gave me the possession of the house, I would now have to do up my home according to my needs. I discovered the joy of setting up my own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and other areas with care and love. Finally, I had to address the window treatments as well. One of the most beautiful aspects of my home was the view I had through the large window in my living room. It was the view of the vast expanse of water, plants, flowers, birds, and butterflies that enthralled me no end. Unfortunately, there were pests and insects trying to get in through that particular window as well.

Regional Climate and Window Treatments
In any other part of Canada, I would have preferred cellular shades that had high efficiency in preventing heat from escaping the room. But since Delta had a mild climate, is one of the sunniest and driest regions in the Lower Mainland, I did not have to bother much about that. I enjoyed the warm summer climate in this lovely place, which averaged 75F, though in winter it would slide to -50F, which is not as low as it is in many other parts of Canada. I wanted to make the best use of the sunshine I would get on those hot days, along with providing my home with a chic new look that maintains my outdoor view when I install the window treatments. I especially wanted to sit near the large window, with a book in my hand in the cooler months, as the ocean air would travel across the flat, delta-rich landscape, bringing on foggy mists, to watch the magical images they create.

The Best of Both Worlds
I had been lucky to have the advantage of having the best of both professional and housing space, and now I wanted to try my luck with window decor as well. I decided to consult a professional interior decorator to decide on what would work best for me.
After a lengthy chat, he decided that Dual Shades would be the best option to meet all of my requirements, especially for the living room window, where I wished to install solar shades to have a clear view of the outdoor without worrying about UV rays. My consultant explained that though solar shades give proper UV protection and daytime privacy, they do not offer nighttime privacy, which was important for me. When the lights are turned on in the evening, it allows inward visibility, compromising the privacy of the people living indoors. So to meet my visibility and privacy requirements, he recommended Dual Shades for my window. He specifically sought a darker fabric that had a high openness factor, providing me with an almost clear view. The darker fabric color also made for better glare control, which was necessary for my television set up in the living room. On the other hand, lighter fabrics from LightWeaves selection would reduce heat transmittance, which was not a significant factor, as the climate is quite cool in Delta.

The Difference between Zebra Shades and Dual Shades
I had seen those dual shades on some windows a few days ago, and I liked the concept. The shades had well-coordinated stripes providing a well-synchronized look to the home decor. I was interrupted by my decorator, who explained that the shades I was talking about were the Zebra Sheer Shades, which were not dual shades at all! Zebra shades had 3-inch colored, or blackout bands combined alternatively with the 2-inch sheer bands on the same fabric, wrapped around a single headrail giving it the appearance of dual shades. The zebra shades illuminated indoors with diffused light, the sheer bands protecting the indoors from the harmful UV rays while the colored bands could be aligned to provide blackout and privacy.
Zebra Sheer Shades

Dual-Shades With Cassette Valance
Dual Shades With Valance

Dual shades are a modern, advanced and trendy window covering solution that does not have striped bands on them, instead, they are two practically different shade panels on two headrails, fitted into a single bracket for complete privacy and light control for any room. Moreover, each of these shades can be configured with Roller or Solar fabrics with different opacity and translucency options, providing an extraordinarily efficient light management system. The solar or sheer fabric maximizes the view of the beautiful outdoors while protecting the indoors from the harmful UV rays. The roller shade fabric, on the other hand, increases privacy when required and enables energy savings with its insulation property. We can raise or lower them at different positions to have that perfect effect we desire in the room.

Advantages of Dual Shades for My Home
I was extremely interested in the option of having versatile light control and privacy for my interiors, which was possible with the dual shades since its design integrates two different fabrics from the Solar and Roller collections, and can be independently lowered or raised as needed, depending on the time of the day or privacy required. This was possible since each panel on the dual shade headrails can be operated independently, using its own standard clutch with a continuous beaded cord loop.

I had the option of combining different materials to complement the requirement of the room. They ranged from sheer, light-filtering, room-darkening to blackout fabrics, covering a range of my needs. I am no expert in window treatments, yet having a consultant decorator by my side helped me make the right choices for different windows in my room.

I was instructed to install the shade for light regulation closest to the window. As for the shade facing the room, we opted for roller fabrics since they came in various designs and colors that would blend with my decor, adding style and elegance. I added trims to the roller fabrics for the finishing touch. My helpful guide also provided detailed information about the choice of configuration I had if I opted to install the dual shades with cassette valance. The best option was to have the front shade (closest to the room) on a reverse roll so that it would provide a consistent, even look to the shade. The shade closest to the window or the back shade could either be on the standard roll or reverse roll because it did not interfere with the decor as much.

I had no idea that the shades had something called the R-Value that block out temperature differences. A shade that had higher R-Value meant it would be a better insulator for my room. I also learned that the sheer or light filtering shade would help the sun’s heat to warm up my rooms, which was an advantage for the cooler northern climate. I was very pleased with the decorator because his recommendation met my needs entirely, the only drawback being the dual shades were a bit expensive. But then, all good things come at a price!

Light Gaps
When I opted for cordless inside mount option for my shade, my decorator did not appreciate my choice. He explained that the continuous-loop on the dual shade and motorized inside mounts would leave an 11/16” light gap on the sides. Even if I chose the Smart Pull for the inside mount, it would still have a 1” gap on the pull cord side and nearly 1/2” on the other side. The cordless inside mounts have 9/16” light gaps on each of its side. These light gaps would not allow optimal light or glare control when I preferred. Hence, his recommendation was for an outside mount that would increase the efficiency of the dual shades. Since he was the expert on the topic and had also given me the right guidance for window coverings so far, I went ahead with the outside mount for my dual shades. I also opted for the motorized shades with multi-channel remote control, as was recommended.

I decided to list down the information I collected so far, to have a clear picture of the window treatment I was installing for my home. They came with their share of Pros and Cons.

• The advantage of having two fabrics from the Solar and Roller collections on the same bracket, which can be independently lowered or raised, as needed.
• It is a multipurpose shade that offers versatile light control and varied privacy levels.
• Great for whole-decor coordination since the select fabrics are available in both Sliding Panels and Vertical collections.
• All Dual shades are available in the Continuous Cord-Loop Lift or low-voltage Motorized Lift.
• The beaded chain for the front and back shade can be positioned either to the left or right pull.
• They are available in a broad range of fabrics, colors, patterns, and textures, in various opacity levels.
• You can coordinate the whole window treatment to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.
• You can choose the fabric for the Fabric-wrapped Cassette Valance to coordinate with either the front or the back shade fabric.
• A choice of bead chain colors, such Black, Brown, Gray, Vanilla and White to blend with existing color schemes and to coordinate with the front and back shade.
• Light gaps on the inside mount may not provide complete control of light.
• Dual shades are not budget friendly.
• Because two shades must fit into a single cassette valance, the Dual Shade requires the large cassette valance. Small and medium cassette balances are not available for Dual Shades.
• Scallops will decrease the maximum height by 63⁄4″ on roller fabrics.
• For those who prefer Curved, Classic and Symphony Valances, they are not available for dual shades.
• Cordless and Smart Pull lift systems are not available.
• Square-corner Valance and fascia are not available.
• Hold-down brackets are not recommended for dual shades.

For Commercial Use –
When the shades were installed in my living room, I realized how ideal they could be for my office. The office atmosphere was hot and bright, with daylight streaming in through the sheer shades we had on the large windows. Unfortunately, we had trouble with the glare, especially when we had to share media during the meetings and conferences we organized in our office space. Since the dual shade system has two roller shades mounted on a single bracket, we could have room darkening/blackout or light filtering control as the day progressed.
The best configuration would be to have one solar screen shade combined with a blackout shade to create a perfect office environment. We had a beautiful view of the skyline from our high-rise office building that would not be blocked by the solar shades, yet it would stabilize the temperature and block glare for our convenience.

We would definitely require the motorized option though, for convenience and trouble-free operations without interrupting the work in progress. It would also prevent the wear and tear of shade fabric due to either over-handling or mishandling by people who were not familiar with the operating system. Modern motorized window shade systems incorporate innovative technology that allows it to be operated by remote control, office automation systems, wireless switches, timers, and also sun/heat sensors, which would not only increase energy efficiency but would bring in a sophisticated appearance to the office.

But before moving to re-decorating office windows, I had to complete my on-going home project! Finally, when I had my home fully furnished and decorated, the most outstanding feature was the motorized dual shade window treatments I had installed with so much care and dedication. They were worth every minute and every penny I spent on them. They added to my home value and took its aesthetic appeal up by several notches. I am so thrilled with the expectation of watching the foggy mist float by my living room window!

Dual Shade is the best decision for saving money and energy both. Double Roller Blackout Shades are an awesome decision when security and light control is required, be it in your bedroom or living room. These shades accompanied two textures fused into one headrail. There are the alternatives of sun filtering fabrics with varying degrees of openness and blackout fabrics. Light filtering textures permit an extraordinary view while disposing of unforgiving UV beams and glare. Blackout fabrics can block out up to 100% of the light going into your room, ensuring an undisturbed rest. So, you have both light filtering and light blocking shade built into one system as part of the same unit.


A Single Roller Shade is made up of a single panel of texture, whether of a natural fiber or man-made, rolled on a rod, for the most part, aluminum, and settled to the highest point of a window outline. Utilizing a cord system, the shade is raised and brought down. Raising a shade takes into account a considerable measure of daylight and natural air. Bringing down it removes the light to a huge degree and the harmful UV beams as well. Other than offering complete privacy, there is positively no decision left to us for an outside view.

A Dual Roller Shade framework consolidates two sorts of window covers in one reduced bundle. The outer layer is the light filtering shade made of high UV safe material intended to remove the incoming light and give partial privacy while permitting you a view of the outside. The inner layer a light blocking shade that totally removes the light, eliminating of it when darkness is required in a room. It can be utilized as a part of the day or during the night for a total blackout effect and for complete privacy.


When it comes to operation, you have the continuous loop cord control in Dual Blinds that raises and brings down the shades, keeping the string at a similar length. The continuous lift holds it all the more safely utilizing a safety lock clutch mechanism. This clutch helps with raising and bringing down the shades, holding the shades safely anytime.

Graber Dual Shades can even be remotely controlled that allows you to operate your shades anywhere in your home. Hard to reach windows can have the light alter flawlessly with simply the touch of a button. These sorts of window treatments are progressively well known for senior citizens and other people who might be confronting difficulties to their portability.

Some Dual Shades Canada can even be programmed to open and close at pre-decided times. By connecting the shades with the Z-wave compatible smart hub like Samsung SmartThings, Wink, Vera Plus, you’ll get the smartphone app control. For Voice command control connect the Smart Hub with compatible Voice assistant speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, allowing you to monitor, control, and secure your home. This makes a home appear occupied when residents are out of town and is a welcome home security addition.


Choosing Dual Shade Blinds for your window treatment means you have an option to get light-filtering shades to diffuse harsh sunlight or room darkening shades to block out the unwanted light. With the innovation of Dual Roller Shades, you can have both in the same window. The external layer is the light filtering shade which removes the incoming light and gives partial privacy. The internal layer a light blocking shade that absolutely evacuates the light, taking out of it when obscurity is required in a room. In one shared headrail, you have two light control options to meet the needs of your home and lifestyle all throughout the day and night. Dual-functioning shades bring the extremes of light filtering and room obscuring together into one product. This is the main advantage of choosing Dual Shade for your beautiful home.
Double Roller Blinds is the ideal choice for both bedrooms and media Rooms. Because it has a light filtering shade that enables light to filter in delicately and gives privacy, giving the room an exceptionally agreeable climate. It doesn’t remove the outside view, and pictures and shapes can be seen, yet not particularly. If a deep fabric color is decided for light filtering it gives direct light while light hues provide lower light control. The room darkening shade blocks out the daylight totally and obscures the room. It removes the glare and encourages the utilization of computers and video screens, decreases warm pick up and blocks off the impact of the harmful UV beams. Around evening time, they are appropriate for cutting of light going into your rooms from road lights, a bustling neighborhood or movement, making a comfortable and peaceful environment for your rest. Double roller shades that can coordinate your moods, your activities, or even the time.

    • For Meditation Room

Proper lighting is a necessary part of a meditation session. Delicate surrounding light is the best. Utilizing overhead lights with dimmers is a cost effective method for making the right mood in a meditation room. With the Dual Roller shades raised up and the sun peering through, you can start your activity to relax and concentrate on the other good things.

    • For Child Safety

As in the Dual Shade, there is an option for the cordless and the motorized mechanism, so it is ideal for your children and pet. Since they rank high concerning safety as they wipe out the danger of strangulation and trap.

    • Energy Efficiency

Dual Blinds are energy efficient so the shades help you to save your money. They control the measure of daylight and warmth going into your home in the summer month. This indirectly brings down the hot temperature inside our homes, keeping up a comfortable warmth. Double roller shades have been firmly suggested for greater energy efficiency. The reflective side should always confront the hottest side or outward side during the cooling season, and internal during the hot season.

    • Cleaning

This Window treatment requires minimal cleaning since they’ve been treated with exclusive procedures to guarantee they repulse tidy, soil, and stains. Very easy to clean. You can easily remove the dust by doing dusting or vacuuming.

    • Durability

These shades are long lasting because of the texture utilized which is a blend of polyester, vinyl and fiberglass, materials that are known to guarantee strength over a period.

The decor and style of a room are fundamentally influenced by the window treatments. Lightweaves®Dual Shades are a modern appealing approach to highlight the improving of your bedrooms and media rooms. Furthermore, while you are picking this window treatment doesn’t mean you have to think about the cost. Because Zebrablinds offer several stylish choices at sensible costs. So if you are dreaming of a perfect window shade, don’t stop! Simply Go ahead and order free fabric samples, measure your window size and place your order. If you require any kind of help with this product, contact Zebrablinds executives, they are always ready to help you.

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