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How New Modern Designs and Ideas Can Improve the Way We Live

A lady controlling her smart shades.

A lot of modern houses get accused of using a “copy and paste” look. This means that architects, developers and builders overuse a lot of design ideas and concepts and get used in a large group of houses built together. So as a homeowner, you have to ask yourself how you can make your home different from all of your neighbours. Well, the answer lies in interior design and how you choose to dress your house.

There are many ways to go about designing your modern home. You can go for an old-school style look like a victorian-era style or you can go with a more new-age look like the Scandinavian decor style. Each provides a unique look while still giving you wiggle room to put your own spin on it. What is important though is deciding on the look, and bringing in your modern take on it.

Modernity and Technology

One way modern decor separates itself from traditional ones is its infusion with technology, creating what we call smart homes. Smart homes are ones with technological features like smart lights, smart thermostats, smart sensors and more. While you may not think of these things as design features, there are ways to take common design elements like blinds and make them electrical.

Motorized blinds give you so many advantages over regular manual ones. They give you added convenience that will improve your life in many ways. Imagine your television, and having to walk up to it every time you need to adjust things. The TV remote control has removed the need to do that and with motorized blinds, the remote for it has given you the same.

A level up from motorized blinds would be smart shades. Imagine taking the motorized blinds, and making them fully hands-free. You don’t even have to move a finger to operate them. If the shades are connected to smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, you can simply speak the voice commands and they will operate. This type of convenience was only something that was seen in science fiction movies like Star Trek in the past, but it is available today and you can base some of your modern designs around it.

A person controlling their shades with a remote.

Know Your Space

One thing you should really consider before deciding on a decor style is the amount of space that your home has. Many modern trends like mid-century decor style call for minimalist looks like clean lines and a decluttered overall appearance. Take into account how much floor space you have, especially when getting things like couches and dining sets. You don’t want to be overfilling your space and stifling your ability to adjust your design as you see fit.

Some rooms are easy to design. A dining room you need a dining set, in a living room you want couches and maybe a television. However, a lot of newly built houses are combining these spaces together, often going for an open concept. This gives you opportunities, namely being able to match the room furniture better and being able to share light sources between them. With a larger room, you don’t even need to stick to traditional style decor. For example, instead of making it a dining and living space, you can choose to make the entire area a home theatre, as the space is ample and you can fit a large screen there with a large sound system. Whatever works with the space you have is the only limit on your design choices.

Convenience and Choice

Two ways newer homes improve your life are the vast opportunities afforded to you in terms of design choice and the amount of convenience you can create with modern technology. In the past, many homes may have been more unique in terms of how they were built, but they ended up becoming very similar to each other due to fewer choices available to homeowners. Today, your house may be the same architecturally as another house, but the way you can separate it allows you to avoid the copy-paste look of yesteryear. Your house can truly become a unique living space catering to you and your family as long as you put it together in a way that improves your lives.

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