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How Sun-Up Sun-Down Cellular Shades Can Solve All Your Problems

How Sun-Up Sun-Down Cellular Shades Can Solve All Your Problems

There is so much to consider while choosing a window treatment. If you are stuck between a blackout shade for blocking out most of the sunlight versus restoring privacy while letting in some light, then the versatile sun-up sun-down shades are just the right product to solve your various light control requirements. While ordering cellular shades, there are actually two kinds of fabric opacities to pick from i.e., light filtering shades and room darkening shades. A sun-up sun-down shade, also known as cellular shade is a single-window covering that uses light-filtering as well as room-darkening fabric. The center bar dividing the two fabric materials can be pushed down when you wish for some privacy and natural sun. They can be pushed up when a higher light blockage is required or entirely opened for a beautiful outside view.

Sun-up sun-down shades are particularly useful for bedrooms. This is because it creates a dark cocoon that will improve your sleep while presenting the choice of allowing the natural light during the day when you desire to. They are also beneficial in offices where it is crucial to managing different monitors, screens, and differing levels of incoming light throughout the day for improved productivity.

The two materials that create the sun-up sun-down shade possess distinct opacities, determining how much natural light is being allowed to pass through. Even if the selected color is the same, the fabric colors appear different after installation with natural sunlight passing through. You can even mix and match different light filtering and room darkening colors, making these multipurpose window shades a highly stylish and highly functional option for your windows. Sun-up sun-down shades (also known as day/night shades) are truly a double delight.

How Do Sun-Up Sun-Down Cellular Shades Work?

You can think of sun-up sun-down shades as basically two cellular shades stacked on top of each other. When you lower the shade fully, the top half will be covered with one type of fabric, while the bottom half will be covered with the other type. There is a middle rail that allows you to adjust the fabric so that the top shade covers the entire window, or vice versa. This means that you can have the entire window be room darkening, light filtering, or half and half. Of course you can also raise the shade fully for a clear view.

Benefits Of Sun-Up Sun-Down Cellular Shades

  • Privacy Control

When it comes to sun-up sun-down cellular shades, one of the exceptional things about them is that they can allow light to enter while preventing outsiders from viewing inside for privacy during the day without sacrificing on natural light.

  • Accurate Lighting

In order to modify the light levels of the sun-up sun-down cellular shades, you just have to shift the fabric by moving the middle rail. You can observe the variation in the amount of light immediately – from bright illumination to complete shade coverage and everything in between. Also, these cellular shades have a very unique style that matches a distinct interior style. This shade style is better for classic and minimalist room decors.

  • An Alternative Option To Venetian Blinds

Before sun-up sun-down cellular shades, Venetian blinds were the go-to choice for those who loved to enjoy the natural sunlight within the closed window treatments. While Venetian blinds are an excellent choice, sun-up sun-down shades provide the same accurate illumination benefits and are even simpler to operate.

  • Insulation

Thermal qualities are a commonly overlooked advantage of the sun-up sun-down shade. While making your house even more comfortable, these shades also help you save on heating bills.

In A Nutshell

The popularity of sun-up sun-down cellular shades is increasing due to their practicality and functionality. These shades are a relatively new addition to the market and are growing to become a reliable alternative to traditional blinds and curtains. Blending the aspects of cellular as well as roller shades, sun-up sun-down shades offer complete light control in a room while presenting several style choices. With their capability to offer privacy while allowing light to enter a room, these shades are an incredible choice that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds which makes them an ideal option among the various styles of shades.

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