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How to Achieve a Minimalist Decor Trend with Roman Shades


Roman shades have been around for a long while now. They were a popular window covering in traditional medieval homes. Heavy luxurious fabrics like velvet, suede and silk were used to create a stunning visual appeal. They helped to add a touch of elegance and class and gave homeowners the feel of both drapes and blinds. Made of fabric, Roman shades added a softness, warmth and feminine appeal to the rooms and helped to soften the sharp edges of furniture. The cord lift allowed the shades to be pulled up and down like blinds. Roman shades are often referred to as hybrid window treatments between blinds and curtains.

Evolution of Roman Shades

Over the years window treatment solutions have evolved significantly. They have been transformed and technology has also been added to make them acceptable in a contemporary home setting. Unlike traditional medieval homes, contemporary modern homes adopt a minimalist decor style. There is nothing flashy or over-the-top about contemporary homes. It is understated and controlled and hence everything that you choose must be able to blend with this decor. In a contemporary home, you cannot mount a Roman shade that is ornamental and highly decorated. The aesthetics of the room will fall apart. These homes demand sophisticated straight lines, softer edges, neutral color palettes which have to be duly complemented by natural textiles and a high level of functionality. Roman shades have evolved over time to get recognition and acceptance in modern homes. Here are a few ideas that would work in a contemporary setting.

Roman Shades for Contemporary Homes

TDBU Relaxed Fold Roman Shades

If you have an uncluttered and unadorned minimalist decor, settle for the extremely stylish top-down-bottom-up Roman shades. They will give you brilliant control over light and privacy. You can opt for semi-sheer blackout materials that will come in cotton or faux linen fabric. Roman shades with relaxed folds or custom flats work best. They impart a touch of elegance and class to the surrounding with their soft appeal.
Top Down Bottom Up Roman Shades
Black & White Casual Roman Shades

Small rooms, restricted spaces are a common feature in modern homes. It is sans the lavishness and extravagance that characterizes the traditional large homes and mansions. The decor style must be able to do just to this small space. You can opt for industrial-style rooms with well-executed designs. They can be truly impactful. A black and white flat Roman shade offers a relaxed, casual and neat appearance with the right amount of light needed for your space. An industrial room uses dark wood, bright colors, sharp lines and edges and this style of Roman shade will offer the right balance.

Fluid Printed Roman Shades

For minimalist homes, prints are not encouraged with the exception of soft fluid prints. Drawing inspiration from the world art deco, elegant lines and curves, these Roman shades are a fascinating inclusion in your living space. A flat Roman shade with delicate geometric patterns, handcrafted in a gorgeous faux linen fabric will impart a stunning look to any room.
Roman Shades for Recessed Windows
Relaxed Romans for Calm Look

Contemporary homes with their minimalist decor style help to create a relaxed, calm and soothing ambiance. Get your window treatment custom-made to help complement this ambiance. Casual decor demands casual window shades that will be a perfect fit for kitchens and hallways. A striped design casual Roman shade, available in a range of colors will create a lazy laid-back ambiance.

Floral Accented Roman Shades

Floral textiles and designs are sheer joy and they are capable of infusing life into an abstract and idle space instantly. A French patterned Roman shade with a shabby-chic touch and vibrancy will spark life into your decor like nothing else.

Nautical Colored Roman Shades

Contemporary minimalist decor does not mean that you have to use neutral and white color hues only. A dash of vibrantly bright color can transform your minimalist decor into something fascinating. A shade of royal blue is bold without appearing jarring. A top-quality classy Roman shade with tints of navy nautical blue with a white border is reflective of the calm look of minimalist homes. Use handcrafted faux linen for this flat Roman shade. They help your room make a bold statement. A nautical blue flat Roman shade against a white wall complemented with a dark royal blue couch will elevate your room into something regal and luxurious.

If you have a contemporary home or thinking of incorporating minimalist decor style into your existing home, do not shy away from experimenting with Roman shades. Many people associate Roman shades with traditional home decor which couldn’t be further from the truth. Use any of the styles we have discussed above and see the magic unfold.

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