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How To Beat the Summer Heat in Your Home

Blackout shades to block the sunlight.

As the days get longer and the weather warms, you start thinking about beautiful summer days and basking in the sun’s warm bosom. However, there is a dark side to it, as the sun produces a lot of harmful UV rays as well. So it becomes very important to protect yourself from it and get UV protection. One thing to remember is that blocking UV rays also applies to you indoors as well as out, but you normally wouldn’t be wearing sunblock while at home. So how do you protect yourself while relaxing inside?

The answer lies in getting window coverings, creating light control and allowing you to protect yourself and your home’s interior. Window treatments come in many different types of light control options, from light filtering, to room darkening, to full blackout. With that in mind, let’s explore different treatment options and how they can help protect you.

Preserving Your View

While most window treatments are able to block most incoming natural light, they can be obstructing your exterior view. It is a sacrifice that you and many have had to make over the years. However, in the advent of roller solar shades, it is no longer something that you have to give up. Solar fabrics are see-through to the side where there is more light, meaning that during the day you can see through them while the sun is out. 

These solar fabrics are usually marked with a percentage value, with the lower percentage meaning it is weaved tighter, reducing the glare but restricting your view more. It will come down to how much you value having an outdoor view versus covering yourself up from the sun. Solar shades allow you to have that option. But, if you want shades that simply block out the sun and adds energy efficiency, then we do suggest cellular shades.

Solar shades allowing a view outside.

Optimal Energy Savings

With rising costs to heating and cooling our homes, it has never been more ideal than now to find window treatments that can help your home with insulation, and with cellular shades, you can achieve that. Cellular shades are made of hexagonal pockets that trap air, creating an insulating layer that covers your window.

As the sun heats up the air near the ground during the summer, it builds up and can enter your house through the windows. Glass is a very poor insulator and the majority of windows are made of glass. So, with the hot weather all around, the heat inside your home is magnified as the hot air passes through the glass, forcing you to use your air conditioner more and using a lot more energy. With the addition of cellular shades, you are able to use less air conditioning and save a little bit more on your energy bills.

Saving and Convenience 

You aren’t always going to be able to open and close your shades as needed. You may be away from home, you might forget, or you might simply be feeling too lazy to perform the task. Luckily, with smart technology, you won’t have to. Smart shades are programable to operate at certain times of the day, for example, you can have it open during sunrise to allow light in, and have them close when the sunlight peaks around 10 am to prevent overheating.

Smart shades are composed of many different types of shades, such as the aforementioned solar and cellular shades, but also roman shades, pleated shades and zebra shades. You can also control them with a remote control or with smart devices like Amazon Alexa. With smart technology, you get so much added convenience but savings as well. The technology can open and close per ideal times, allowing you to maximize any energy savings the shades afford you.

Make the Most of Summer

Summer really allows you so many opportunities to enjoy life. From hikes, barbecues, festivals and many more, there are so many things to do when the weather is so nice and inviting. One thing you don’t want to be worrying about is how the sun and the heat is adversely affecting your home and health. By putting on appropriate window coverings, you can negate those thoughts and you can instead focus on the fun times of the season.

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