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How to Best Match Your Blinds to Your Window Molding

How To Best Match Your Blinds To Your Window Moulding

Why Do You Need Window Coverings?

Windows form an integral part of the architecture of any house. The windows act as the points of interest in any home décor. From mainstream rectangular and square shapes to less common unique form factors, windows have evolved immensely in terms of the architectural and aesthetic effect. However, bare windows are poor insulators and hence are unable to prevent heat gain or to provide you with any light control. This affects the energy efficiency of your house and is also unable to prevent the glare caused by slanting rays of the Sun. The glare affects indoor visibility especially if you are trying to watch something on the television or are working on your laptop.

Bare windows are also found lacking in their ability to prevent UV exposure that can damage the furniture and drapery inside the house to discolor and whither away. If we talk purely in terms of aesthetics, bare windows are found wanting there as well. Unique window shapes lend elegance and visual interest to the window frame. However, if you want to achieve the desired effect with your home décor, dressing the windows up with suitable window coverings becomes crucial.

How the Shape of the Windows Affects the Mounting of Blinds?

Most of the pre-fabricated blinds and other such window coverings offered by brands are designed to fit the standard window shapes and sizes. Hence, if you have square or rectangular windows in your house, you will have no difficulty finding the ideal set of blinds for your windows. Depending on the dimensions of your windows, you can easily select the right-sized blinds.

However, when it comes to uniquely or awkwardly-shaped windows, it is not that straightforward. The pre-fabricated blinds may not serve the purpose here. Since the window shape is unique, you need to opt for custom solutions if you want your blinds to fit the windows perfectly. You can choose to go with outside-mounted blinds that are bigger than the window frame so that the window frame gets completely covered.

This quick-fix may give you good enough coverage but doing so will also hide the contours and decorative moldings of your uniquely-shaped windows. In other words, you will lose the aesthetic advantage of having opted for uncommon window shapes resulting in your home décor having a lackluster appeal. An arched window loses its character and elegance if you hide its arched portion. The same stands true for other such windows such as the angled windows, hexagonal windows, the octagonal windows, etc. These windows will lose their architectural interest if you hide away their contours behind a regular set of blinds.

Custom blinds and other custom window treatment solutions come to the rescue here. These custom options give you the option of dressing up your windows without having to subdue their unique character. You can get them modified to resemble the shape of the windows so that you get proper coverage and decorative value without needing to hide the window molding. But, most of these custom solutions don’t provide total operability as the portion of the blinds covering awkward angles or curves of the windows are generally not operable or adjustable once you install the blinds on the windows. So, you get window coverings that make the décor of your windows look graceful and sublime but with limited operability.
Outside Mount Blinds Curtains

How to Best Match Your Blinds to Your Window Molding?

There are various ways of getting the blinds modified to match with the window moldings in your house. However, if you want to get it just right, you should always begin with measuring the windows. This comes in handy in ensuring that the blinds are an exact fit for your windows. For the usual square or rectangular windows, measuring the width and height of the windows should be enough to match the blinds with them.

For the uniquely-shaped windows, you need to go the extra mile. To ensure an ideal fit, it is always advisable to create a cut-out. The cut-out needs to be correctly proportioned, should resemble the shape of the windows, and has to be an exact fit when you place the cut-out over the windows. To achieve this, you not only need to measure the maximum width and height of the windows but also the angles and the distance between each corner.
Measuring Blinds
Once you are done with the measurement, you need to create a cut-out that resembles the shape of the windows and also has the same dimensions as the windows. You then have to cross-check if the cut-out is an exact match by placing the cut-out over the window. If it is an exact match, then you can use the cut-out as a ready reference for customizing your blinds. This will make it easier to match your blinds with the molding of complex window shapes as well.

The custom blinds are the best option if you want your window treatments to fit the windows perfectly. However, there is another option as well if you find customizing your blinds cumbersome. Since the unique window shapes have been gaining in popularity, some brands have started offering pre-fabricated window coverings that are designed specifically for some of these window shapes. If you are in luck, you may find a set of blinds that are perfectly compatible with the shape and size of your windows.

So, in a nutshell, it is safe to say that custom window treatments are the mainstay of window dressing requirements for awkwardly-shaped windows. You also get many other benefits when you opt for a custom solution. You get control over the choice of material, the design, and the quality of the components. Custom window coverings also allow for a perfect fit besides cost advantages. You can get rid of unwanted or unnecessarily expensive components and replace them with more affordable yet good quality alternatives. This drives the overall cost down in most cases as long as the nature of customization is not too extensive or complex.

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