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How to Blackout Nursery Windows

Blackout shades.

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Young children sleep a lot. Newborn babies, young toddlers and children will often spend more hours of the day sleeping than awake. As a parent, you want to provide them with the post environment to be able to sleep soundly (and consequently buy yourself some more free time). So how can you build a great nursery for sleeping? Let’s discuss.

A Dark Room

Human evolution over thousands of years has taught your body to sleep in dark environments. It has only been over the past hundred years that our homes and cities have had very bright lights after sunset. But before the advent of the industrial revolution, you need not have worried about light control, as when the sun goes down, you automatically knew that it was soon time to go to bed.

Your body starts to release hormones that make you feel sleepy and tired when the sun sets. But with the increase of artificial light sources everywhere, sleep quality has suffered. You wouldn’t want this issue for your young one, so by creating a light-controlled environment you can help them sleep soundly. To prevent lights from coming in from the windows, you can get room darkening or blackout curtains or blackout blinds and shades. You still have to worry about the lights on the inside, but with these window coverings in place, you need not worry about streetlights, car lights or even a neighbour’s light bothering your sleeping child.

A Temperature Controlled Environment

Another factor that affect’s your child’s sleep is their nursery’s temperature. Ideally, it should be from 20 to 23 degrees. But depending on where you live, you know that room temperatures are subject to the changing seasons and during the hot months of summer or the cold months of winter, you will have to use your air conditioner or heaters to keep these rooms at the optimum temperature.

Blackout cellular shades in a nursery.

Luckily, there is a window covering that can both provide room darkening and temperature control- blackout cellular shades. Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are made of hexagonal pockets stacked on one another. When pulled over the window, the pockets trap air and create a barrier over the window, preventing outdoor air from leaking in through the windows. Glass is an extremely poor insulator and unwanted outdoor air often comes through it, disrupting the interior temperature of the nursery. With cellular shades in place, you help prevent this issue and in turn, help decrease your reliance on the AC and heaters, helping you save money.

Cellular shades help you save by increasing your home’s energy efficiency and you can turn the savings into more books, toys, and clothes for your little ones. The energy efficiency can even be increased if you opt for a double cell shade. These would be two layers of the hexagonal pockets, creating more air barriers in front of the windows and further preventing that unwanted outdoor air from leaking in.

Smart Technology for Assistance

Another way you can provide a restful environment for your young ones is with the assistance of smart technology through smart homes. Smart home technology allows you to essentially have a good majority of your home controllable through an app or a few apps on your smartphone. You can ensure that the nursery’s lights are off, or at the very least dimmed, you can close smart shades with it, and you can monitor the room’s temperature easily with smart thermostats.

Technology allows you to be a little less hands-off, and as a parent, you know how much attention you need to give your young children. With smart technology assisting, you can spend more time attending to their needs like their diet and playtime. Furthermore, you can have technology monitor them in the nursery, allowing you to focus your attention on other things while they sleep or nap.

Time for You

As a parent, it is also important that you find time for yourself and your needs. With newborns, often it is difficult to find this time, usually when they sleep you yourself will be resting. But as they age, you should be able to find more time for yourself again, and often the best time to do this is when your child sleeps. 

Me time for you is important for your own well-being. Parenting may be a full-time job, but as everyone who works knows, you need breaks here and there. Giving your child a nursery with the most optimal sleeping environment will help buy yourself time, which in turn you can use for anything you need, whether it be sleep, quiet time, exercise time, or even time to catch up on other household chores. Whatever other tasks you need, you can help yourself by helping your child get their best sleep.

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