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The summer season is marked by long days and bright sunshine and while the longer days ensure more time at your disposal, bright sunshine forces you to remain inside to avoid health hazards. Consequently, low productivity is a significant challenge that must be overcome during the summer season. Even when you are inside your homes or offices, you have to ensure that a comfortable and pleasant temperature is maintained throughout to work at your full potential. 

Windows are the primary entry points through which the sunlight enters your home, creating solar heat gain. Thus, you must ensure that the air-conditioning systems and fans are properly functioning. If air-conditioning is not an option or if you simply wish to cut down on your energy costs, we have some ideas for you on how to block the heat for cheap. 


You as a homeowner should be clear about the amount of heat entering a room through a window. Glass is an extremely poor insulator, allowing the hot air to easily pass through it, with the latest studies revealing that as much as 40 percent of the total heat in the home enters through the windows. It is beneficial during winters as the sunlight helps keep the rooms warm, but this blessing turns into a curse in the peak summer season. The room gets excessively heated, the furniture and the other items of interior décor fade and wither in with the beating sun. As a result, you are looking for ways to beat the heat without having to break the bank. 


Air conditioning is an amazing invention and it has allowed us to become very productive during the hottest seasons and in the warmest climates. However, it is extremely energy consuming and in turn, takes a large toll on your monthly bills. So how can you cut down on these costs? Read on as we would like to share our thoughts with you.

Use of Aluminium Foil to Deflect Sunlight

Aluminium foil is a good way of blocking the sunlight and the heat it generates. Light as it passes through the glass amplifies heat and creates a greenhouse effect inside. The sunlight falling on the aluminium foil bounces off, thereby keeping the heat gain of the room low resulting in a more comfortable temperature in the room. 

Blackout Window Coverings

Like using aluminum to block out sunlight, using a window dressing to cover your windows will most certainly block the sun and protect your interiors from the heat. From Blackout curtains, to blackout roller blinds, there are many different coverings that will help you create window insulation. Unlike just using aluminum foil, window coverings will actually accentuate the appearance of your window and your room’s decor.

If you’re looking for further energy efficiency, then look for cellular shades. Not only will they keep the sunlight from cooking your interiors, but they will also keep incoming hot air out as they trap air with its pocketlike structure. If you want something for the outside of your window, then exterior solar shades are useful for the outdoors. They cover your windows from the outside, creating a covering layer there.

Curtains that are closed to prevent incoming light.

Window Awnings for Creating Shade

When spending the day outdoors, like during a picnic or a hike, do you not prefer to find a large tree somewhere that is creating large spaces of shade to spend time to relax? The same idea can be applied to your home. By creating a shaded area over your windows, you are preventing direct sunlight from getting to your windows. With awnings, you are still allowing natural light to enter your home, but you are forcing it to come indirectly, helping to deflect unwanted UV rays and excess heat.

Window Quilts to Create Insulations

If money is extremely tight and spending on new window coverings or awnings is not an option, do not worry, you can reuse the same things keeping you warm in winter to keep you cool in summer. The same quilts that you like to snuggle under in the colder months can be hung in front of your window during the hotter months. Like cellular shades, the quilt is made of materials that can block out unwanted air, keeping the space you occupy a comfortable temperature.

Closing Thoughts

Turning the air conditioners to the maximum might appear to be a good option, but for some, it is too pricey or they want to supplement it. The tips outlined above are a few ways in which you can do that. Combating summer heat can also be translated to combating winter cold as well with some of these suggestions, as the added insulation can work in both seasons. Regardless, it is a great idea to reduce your energy usage and reduce your energy bill. Window treatments, additional aluminum foil on the window frame and awnings can all assist in this.

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