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How to Block the Sun from the Front Door

How To Block The Sun From Your Front Door

The front of the house is the part of the house which is most visible to the visitors and passersby alike. It is only fitting that the front portion of the house should stand out. A lot of that depends on how attractive the front door is. If it is aesthetically stimulating, it really livens up the area around it. The front door is also the point of entry in or exit from the house. Hence, keeping it in good shape is of paramount importance.

You may be planning to have window treatment products installed inside your house so that it always stays comfortable and pleasant inside the house. If that is the case, giving sufficient thought to window treatment solution for the front door is also crucial. Ignoring the same may jeopardize the effectiveness of the investment you make in such window coverings.

Why Is It Important to Get Window Coverings for Front Door?

The front door, as the name suggests, is situated at the front of the house. The front of the house faces area which is relatively more open so that going out of the house or coming back to it from anywhere is smooth and hassle-free. This clear area in front of the house also exposes this portion of the house to more sunlight, rain and other elements of nature.

Greenery or walls provide a barrier to other parts of the house which is not available to the front of the house. As a result, the front door is likely to receive more of Sun’s heat and light. Unless you make protective arrangements, you are going to get more heat and light entering inside the house than desired. Window Coverings are a great way of minimizing the effects of greater exposure to the scorching heat and sunlight.
Vertical Blinds for Sliding Door

How to Block the Sun from Front Door

You want to come back to your abode, your homes after a long and tiring day as it is one place that always welcomes you with open arms. To ensure that your personal abode stays pleasantly homely and comfortable at all times, you need to get the right kind of window treatment products for it. The front door also needs proper attention while you are at it. There are many ways in which you can block the sunlight and its heat from falling directly on the front door or of reducing the effects in case it happens. You can be creative about how you want to handle this issue. Let us look at some of the ways you can consider:

• Get External Window Coverings:

If there is a patio at the front of your house, it will be highly advisable to consider external coverings. You can opt for shutters, shades and blinds. Fabric blinds may not withstand constant exposure to heat and humidity and hence if you are going for blinds, you should consider wooden or faux wood blinds. Shutters and shades are sturdier with shutters being particularly more resilient. These external window coverings installed on the patio of your house will block most of the heat and sunlight and prevent the same from falling directly on the front door.

• Solar Shades:

Solar shades are ideal for preventing the Sun’s heat from warming up the interiors. These also block UV exposure and any glare and hence manage to keep it comfortable inside the house. The air-conditioner does not get overburdened and this allows it to function more smoothly. There are different types of solar shades which make use of different types of materials that have a varying degree of openness and heat insulation capabilities. You should opt for the ones which best fulfill the expectations and requirements you have for your house.

• Cellular or Honeycomb Shades:

Cellular or honeycomb shades are designed in a way that creates air pockets in between the layers of their fabric lining. This enhances the heat insulation which can come in handy in case of the front door. These shades, just like other variants, also have great light control capabilities which further sweetens the deal.
Cellular Shades for Patio Doors

• Wooden shades or Blinds Can Do the Trick:

Wood is really good at insulating. Hence, wooden blinds or shades are very effective in preventing heat gain from the sunlight falling on the front door. You can also easily control the amount of light entering the house. This makes them a great option for your front door.

• Shutters:

Shutters are great as both internal and external window coverings. The shutters have great longevity and will easily outlast blinds, shades, curtains and other such coverings. You can install them as an internal window treatment for your front door. Since these are normally made from wood, faux wood or composite wood material, shutters are easily customizable. So, even if you have a fancy or quirky front door, the shutters can be easily modified to fit perfectly.
Front Door Shutters

• Classic Roman blinds:

Roman blinds are elegant and minimalistic and this is the reason why these are preferred by many. Roman blinds are good enough at reducing the heat gain but it may not be sufficient. So, if you want to make use of the aesthetic advantage of the Roman blinds for your front door, use them along with external shades or shutters. External shades will greatly reduce the amount of heat and light falling directly on the front door. The Roman blinds can handle the rest with ease.
Roman Shades for Sliding Glass Doors

• Vertical Blinds and Shades:

If you have a big front door or a modern patio door for the front door, vertical blinds and shades will be a better choice. These coverings are better suited for such doors. Their slats open sideways and are broader. This makes them better at blocking the heat. These are easier to clean and also look great.

These are some of the options you can consider to effectively block the Sun from the front door of your house. Before finalizing the option, you prefer, you should also consider things like the geography, weather, whether your area is warmer or colder in general, the amount of Sun your house receives etc. Keeping all these things in mind will help you zero in on the option which will be most effective for your house.

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