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How To Build A Canadian Smart Home

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The Canadian real estate market is as hot as ever. Homes in major cities such as Toronto and Vancouver are at all-time high marks. Even homes in the suburban cities adjacent to these major metropolitan centers are hot hot hot. As a homeowner, you must ask yourself, how can I build up and maximize the value of my home? Even if you don’t live in or near any of these major cities your house can enjoy a great increase in curb value. To do this for your house, you can turn it into a smart home.

Smart homes are a marriage of technology and home building. A smart home system enables you to control and automate many things inside your home, including smart lighting, voice assistants, and motorized shades to name a few. Smart homes allow all you who live within your home to enjoy a wealth of benefits. With automation and AI handling a lot of the controls, you will experience living in the future, well, living in the present, but it will feel like living in a futuristic science fiction world.

So how do you go about building this futuristic home? Let’s discuss the process and you will find it easy to install and simple to operate.

Internet and Hub

All of the devices that you get and add to make up your smart home need to be connected to the internet for you to be able to control them. You will need a very strong internet connection and a good router that can handle many devices all at the same time. Many of these devices are connected directly to the wifi, however, creating too much traffic on the router can cause some connectivity problems, slowing down the internet and everything on it. To resolve this problem, you can get an intermediary hub that connects to the internet and all the smart devices.

Hubs such as Samsung SmartThings are internet-connected and can control both Z-Wave and Zigby protocol devices, giving you more options in terms of which devices you can include in your smart home. The separate connective networks will allow you to not have to connect the smart devices directly to the wifi, relieving it of the extra strain. Furthermore, you connect them to compatible voice command devices like Google Home, Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa.

Voice Control Over your House

The amount of convenience you gain when your compatible devices are connected to your voice control systems like Google Assistant and Amazon Echo is a great reason why your smart home will feel like a thing of the future. Science fiction has become a science reality, as you are able to turn your smart lights on and off, control the opening and closing of your window coverings and schedule certain appliances to operate per a time you set up.

You will have other options as well in terms of control. Most smart blinds will include remote control options and the same with other smart devices. Furthermore, many of them are compatible with apps on your IOS or Android devices, allowing you to control them from anywhere and anytime. For example, let’s say you have a night out, but you forget to close your window treatments. You need not worry as you can access them from wherever you are and close them, removing the worry that your interior is exposed to everyone outside.

Smart Security 

The idea of controlling aspects of your home even while away leads us to the next idea that we want to share with you. As you build your smart home, you will want to be very protective of it, especially as its value and the value of your belongings will inevitably increase. Control over the lights and the motorized blinds will help you ward off potential burglars, but with a smart home security system in place, you will maximize your home’s safety even further.

Things like smart cameras and voice recognition doorbells can help you identify threats to your house. Furthermore, you can set up a 24/7 automated home security watch that can alert the authorities if they detect any suspicious activity around your home. Protecting your assets is a must especially as you are investing so much into your home, so make sure you get the requisite security to do so.

Other Benefits

You must have realized by now, that as you build your smart home, you are able to do more and more things without the use of your hands. The realized convenience you gain as you automate more and more of your home allows you to have a great deal more time to do other endeavours, whether it be more leisure time, more time to work on self-improvements like studies or other monetary activities like a side hustle.

Another distinct advantage of a smart home is its superior efficiency and energy savings. A few things, like outdoor smart cameras and some smart shades, can be solar powered, removing the need for them to be connected to your house’s electricity. Furthermore, you can have the smart devices operate only at certain times. So for example, when the sun comes down, you can have your window coverings move into a closed position and help seal off your house from the colder night air, and you can have the smart lights come on only when needed. These are just a few of the ways you can help increase your energy efficiency and put more money into your pockets.

Cater to Your Needs

Don’t forget that when building your smart home, it has to be about building a home for you and your family. Even if your ultimate goal is to eventually increase your house’s value, you still need to live there (unless it is a rental property). Your needs come first, so after setting up the requisite internet, hub and system, prioritize the needs that are most important to you. Do you need better energy efficiency from window coverings or do you need safety first? Maybe you aren’t the tidiest person so a robot vacuum might need to be added first. Regardless of it all, decide what you need most and start there when you build your Canadian smart home.

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