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How to Check Window Depth for Blinds

How to Check Window Depth for Blinds

Analyzing Window Depth for Mounting Blinds

Window blinds are an elegant and functional way to cover any window. Top manufacturing companies have introduced a wide range of blinds such as – wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum blinds, vinyl blinds, cellular shades, and so on, which are incredible for blocking out light and providing protection against glare and UV beams. A wide range of colors, textures, and design styles can help you to customize your product quickly, but what about measurements and installation?

Window specialists say that there are two types of mounting available – inside and outside.
If you have already decided to mount your window blinds inside of the window frame, then the first thing is to check the window depth to position the headrail and brackets correctly. If there isn’t enough depth, then blinds will not fit the frame. If you are installing window blinds for the first time, then measuring learning about window depth can be confusing. Going through this article might help you to get all your answers.

What is Window Depth? Why does it matter?

Window depth is considered the length between the window frame and edge of the frame. Make sure you have the correct amount to fit the blinds inside the frame without any hassle.

According to the window designers, the depth needed for a window blind depends on the style or design you select. Small window treatments such as cellular shades or aluminum blinds require less depth to install, but the larger window solutions, which includes wood blinds, roller shades, or vertical blinds, can sometimes need up to 4-6 inches for inside mount installation.

Note: Before placing your order, make sure to check the required window depth the blind or shade needed. By not checking the product details, you can create various issues during the installation procedure.

Measuring Window Depth

When Your Window Depth is Too Shallow

There are different types of window shades available with varying sizes of depth. You might not always have the right amount of depth for the window shade that you want. In that case, what can you do?
Well, if the required depth is not available, then consider opting for outside mounting (outside of the window frame).
Choose your window style wisely, as different products have different depth requirements. For shallow windows, honeycomb blinds or mini blinds work well as they require less depth during installation. Compare all the measurements and be sure that you have enough space to attach the brackets and secure blinds properly.

How to Measure Window Depth?

Take a measuring tape to the top of the window frame to measure where the brackets will be mounted and measure the edge of the window frame. Check for the window opening as well for cranks and handles. Take the measurement of the largest flat area available for mounting across the whole width of the window. A small mistake can lead you to get the wrong product with an incorrect depth.

After taking the depth measurement, you can select the blind or shade accordingly. You will find the product details behind the product package.

Take an expert’s help to get the right measurements and installation. For any doubt, you can reach out to them for measuring and installing your window treatment.

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