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How to Choose and Settle on a Curtain Colour

How To Choose And Settle On A Curtain Color

The world of window treatments has witnessed revolutionary changes over the past few years. Blinds and shades have made the gradual transition from corded to cordless variants and then burst into the world of motorized window treatments. Home automation systems have allowed us to use home assistants like Alexa and Google Home to operate our blinds and shades with voice commands. It has been an amazing journey and we are waiting for more to come. In the midst of all this technology, one wonders whether curtains and drapes have survived the competition. And it is surprising and assuring at the same time to know that drapes have lost none of the sheen and lustre despite people going the automated way.

Drapes are Timeless Beauties

Curtains and drapes are dreams woven in yards of silk or linen or cotton. They are timeless classic beauties that have continued to sweep people off their feet with their elegance and grace. There are curtains for every occasion and can be customized to meet every preference and need. There are endless possibilities and options with drapes. There are infinite designs, patterns, textures, and colors to choose from. Bombarded with such limitless choices, homeowners are often at their wit’s end particularly when it comes to choosing the right color of the curtains. The color of the curtains is the most important factor to consider. In fact, color must be the place to start trimming down your search. You have loads of things to consider when deciding on the color of your curtains. The wall color, decor, upholstery color, etc. curtains chosen with complete disregard for these will be the perfect recipe for a fashion disaster.

How to Determine Drape Colour

Room Type
The room you are choosing your curtains for plays an important role in determining the color. Choosing curtain shades for your kitchen will be very different from curtain colors chosen for bedrooms and living rooms. For example, if you are choosing drapes for your sliding glass door in the living room or for windows that face a lot of sunlight you would want energy efficient blackout curtains of darker hues. Kitchens need a lot of natural light and you would be tempted to opt for lighter shades like white sheer curtains. Kid’s room needs light blockage but also something colorful that will go with the kid’s room decor.
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Replacing Old Curtains
When you are selecting curtains for your rooms, it is important to understand whether you are decorating the room from scratch or just replacing old curtains. If you are starting from scratch then you could opt for any curtain color and then match the remaining decor and upholstery with the curtains. You can really experiment with the color of your curtains. You can choose any color, pattern or texture for your rooms without any inhibitions or restrictions and then choose other decor items to match the color shade of your curtains.

If you are replacing your old curtains, you do have some restrictions because you have the existing decor and color scheme to consider but it does not mean that you have to stick to the same color combination.

Use Accent Colours
One of the best ways to help pull your room together, experiment with the different color combinations for your curtains and yet not out of place is using accent colors. Accent color means using any one color shade from your existing decor to keep the color scheme intact. An accent color from a rug, a cushion cover, a painted wall or even furniture can be used. They can go a long way in inspiring the color of your curtains.
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Use Complementary Colours
This is a great way of choosing the color of your curtains. If you have more neutral paint colors in your room then complementary colors work well. If you have a certain color or group of colors dominating your room then you can search for a complementary color from the color wheel to see which color complements which color the best.

Stick to Neutral Shades
It is not necessary that you always choose curtains to make a colorful statement in your room. This means you can do without using bold bright colors in your rooms and look for accents to pull the room together. If you have a brightly colored room or have used bright colored upholstery you can finish the look by opting for neutral shaded curtains like beige, white or off white. Sometimes, subtlety is the key to create impactful room decor statement. Semi-sheers and lacework beautifully in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your rooms without going overboard and you don’t have to think much about integrating the color into the room.

Complement Wall Colour
The Wall color of your rooms has an important bearing on the color of your curtains. For a cohesive look you have to coordinate them with the wall color. If you want to go for a monochromatic look it is advisable to stick to the same color family as the wall color but you must opt for a darker or lighter color shade. For example, if you have a light beige colored wall you could do well by choosing dark brown curtains and vice versa. If you want a patterned look for the curtains then it would be advisable to ensure that pattern incorporates a bit of the wall color. So if your walls are white you could choose curtains with red and white, ivory and white patterns. You can opt for darker or lighter shades of the color as well. If you have used bold colors on your wall, we recommend that you stick to neutral shades to pull off the look. If you have a royal blue colored wall, pair them with white sheers and see the magic unfold.

If you are opting for drapes and curtains, remember that they are an integral part of your room decor. Getting the color right is critical in getting the entire look right for your room and the house. A mismatch will not only ruin the appearance of the room and could also amount to a disaster you would not want.

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