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How to Choose the Right Curtains for Your Home

How To Choose The Right Curtains For Your Home

An Expert Guide on Choosing the Right Curtain

Curtains are an important aspect when it comes to dressing up your doors and windows. They add aura and grace to your place while offering endless functional benefits. Your window decoration is incomplete if you don’t consider these fashionable and stylish decorative elements as a part of your décor project. Choosing the right curtains can be an overwhelming process as large number of designs, colors, textures and prints are to choose from. It’s not just about picking out your favorite color or design; there are multiple key factors that you need to consider before buying one.

Apart from color and texture, there are other considerations like type of fabric suitable for your room. Whether you need light filtering or blackout fabrics or sheer curtains to add soft glow to the room, there are lots of decisions to make.

In addition to that, if you have a home with several large windows, then you have to be more cautious. Large windows or specialty windows will need special custom-made curtains to get the perfect fit. Given so much to decide, how do you choose curtains for your homes? What are the factors to look for when selecting a particular design? Before you throw yourself in the job of hunting down the ideal curtains, take a second to reflect your needs and preferences. This will help to streamline your needs and also strike out options not suitable for you. Are you looking for complete darkness? Do you want diffused light to stream through? Are you looking for insulation? What is your budget? What is the look you want to create? Do you want a contemporary, modern, minimalist, traditional, rustic or countryside look and feel for your homes? Depending upon this you get to shortlist your curtain options. If you find it too overwhelming do consult experts for more help while choosing and customizing your product!

Tips to Choose the Right Window Curtain

• Consider Budget:
This is the first and foremost fact to consider. Draperies are considered to be a little bit expensive compared to other window solutions but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use them to cover your windows. There are different types of fabrics available in different price ranges and there is something for everyone. There are satins and velvets for your regal look which may be on the higher side of the price range but there are also polyester, polyester mix fabrics and cotton that may be more affordable. So do not give up on your search.

• Don’t be Afraid to Explore Options:
Selecting the right curtain not only enhances the beauty of your space but also expresses your taste of living style. We always suggest you to take a look at your interior before diving into the window treatment world. With so many colors, textures, and design options available, it’s no doubt that you will be confused about picking the right one and end up with some monochromatic or neutral window designs. Always take some time and look for some vibrant color and pattern that will create a magnificent look on the windows. Play with designs and create a magical makeover for your beautiful windows.
Blackout Curtains
• Fabric Material:
There are four types of fabrics to consider when it comes to curtain shopping: sheer, opaque, room darkening, and blackout. Depending on the room type and window position, the requirement will vary.
Sheer curtains are perfect when you are planning to layer them on top of the existing blinds or shades for casual elegance. Hanging them alone will allow natural light to enter your space and at the same time, outsides will be able to peep inside through these curtains. Opaque curtains are great for filtering daylight and offering moderate privacy.
Room darkening and blackout curtains are the best options when you are looking for darkness, privacy, and energy efficiency and these designs are ideal for media rooms and bedrooms.
If you wish to maximize the efficiency then integrate additional blackout and thermal liner with your curtain.
White Semi Sheer Curtains
• Select Curtain Based on the Header Part:
Drapery headers play a major role in categorizing certain types that will easily match your décor style. For modern, transitional, bohemian, and rustic makeover, go for back tab and grommet finish curtains as they offer your windows a neat and clean finished and seamless look. And for a traditional and shabby aesthetic appeal, install flat fold and pleated draperies on the windows.
Grommet Curtains
• Check Length:
Choosing the right length can impact a lot on your overall aesthetics. Custom draperies are available in different lengths and depending on the window size, they can be customized easily. For a modern spacious interior look, hang the curtains high above the window frame. If you have a small window, then hanging them high will create an illusion of a spacious room.
Long Curtains
• Have Existing Windows Blinds?
If you have existing window blinds and wish to layer them with drapes you can go right ahead without any inhibitions. You just need to take care of the following:

o If the blind is textured, then don’t go for a textured window curtain.
o Always look for contrasting colors and patterns to create uniformity.
o If you have more than one window, then try to integrate same type of curtains on all the windows that will make your room look connected while bringing a positive feeling inside your room.
Outside Mount Blinds Curtains
• Order Samples:
It’s not necessary that whatever color you see on the website will match with the real one. Because of the camera and lightings, the designs tend to slightly vary from the original one. So, it’s always recommended to order free samples before you place your final order. Because once customized, these curtains cannot be returned as they are personalized for your windows exclusively.

Curtains add a luxurious appeal and are high on aesthetics. Choosing the right one can make a huge impact on your room decor and become the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. A poorly chosen curtain will ruin the feel of the room, fail to pull the room together and could turn out to be a fashion disaster.

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