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How to Choose the Proper Window Molding

How to Choose The Proper Window Moulding

No home architecture is complete without proper consideration for windows. Windows constitute your gateway to the outside world, your outlet to enjoy the view of the outside, and to welcome the fresh breeze and natural light inside your house. Windows also serve an aesthetic purpose as they significantly enhance the visual appeal of the house. The window frame is always the focal point of the home décor and can add multiple dimensions to the same.
From regular rectangular and square windows to more elegant and regal arched windows, from modern window styles such as the sliding glass windows to more unique asymmetrical window frames, you can experiment with so many window designs. Each window design adds a distinct architectural interest to the look of the house.

Why Should You Opt for Window Molding?

While windows provide a lot of variety in terms of window design options, there are other ways of enhancing the appeal of the windows. Window moldings are one such method that is as efficient as it is artful. Usually, wood is used in making window moldings but other material options such as stone, PVC, EPS, etc. are also available. These material options make window moldings highly customizable as you can easily give them your desired shape and design.

Window moldings, when applied to the window frame, not only give more structural resilience to the window frame but also make the window frame look more attractive and prominent. You can play with different window molding designs based on your own preference and give a personalized touch to the décor of your room by decorating the window frame the way you like.

Many people prefer internal mounts for installing window treatments on their windows as they look more compact, neat, and occupy less space. However, sometimes the external light can bleed inside the room through the gaps along the edges of the window coverings. This happens because the window coverings installed on internal mounts don’t cover the entire window frame, something that the outside mounted window treatments do quite well.
To overcome this issue, you can use window light blockers along the edges of the window treatments. But, you will need space on the window frame to be able to install these light blockers. Window moldings come in handy in such situations as you can use them to add more space along the edges of the window frame besides their decorative appeal.

How to Choose the Proper Window Molding

While the benefits of using window moldings are quite apparent, the decision to choose proper window moldings for your house is a tricky one. You can’t just go ahead and pick any window molding design for your house. You need to consider many factors as the window moldings have a direct impact on the visual appeal of your windows and can make or break your home décor.

You need to consider the shape of the window, the location of the window, the design principle, and the compatibility with the theme followed in the interiors of the room the window is situated in. All these factors are crucial as they have a visible impact on the decorative value of your windows, one of the main reasons why you opt for window moldings in the first place. Let us look at them in greater detail:

The Shape of the Window
While regular window shapes lend themselves to almost any type of window molding design, unique windows such as the arched windows are a different story. These unique windows have a decorative value of their own and also act as points of architectural interest in your house. Hence, you certainly won’t want to suppress their inherent decorative appeal. Opting for window moldings that follow the shape of your unique window shapes will be a better idea.
Location of the Window
The location of the window is also an important factor when choosing window molding for your windows. Window moldings suitable for the bedroom may be different from the ones you may consider perfect for your living room. Hence, based on the location of the window, you can opt for window moldings that agree with the aesthetics and the designated purpose of the room the window is located in.

The Theme of the Decor
If you have decorated rooms in your house based on a certain theme, it will be better to opt for window moldings that are consistent with the theme so that the moldings blend in effortlessly with the rest of the décor. Some people also decorate individual rooms differently, with each room furnished based on a specific theme. For such instances, you can select different window molding designs for each room so that the windows don’t look out of place and blend in seamlessly with the rest of the décor.

Other things such as the material used in the moldings can also be a factor if you want to give a specific look to your window frame. While wooden window moldings look extremely elegant and are easy to customize, they may be a bit costlier than the other alternatives. On the other hand, PVC and EPS material are more affordable but may not look as amazing as the wooden window moldings. Hence, apart from the factors discussed above, the final choice will also depend on your personal preference and the look you seek to achieve.

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