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How To Choose Window Treatments For A Basement

How To Choose Window Treatments For A Basement

Choosing a window treatment for a basement can be a challenging proposition. It is because there are not a lot of suitable options available in the market. Therefore, selecting the correct window treatment becomes imperative to make optimum utilisation of the basement. If you find it tough to choose a suitable treatment for the basement window, then you are not alone. It is because basement windows are uniquely placed to allow natural light and air to enter. However, since they are no standard sizes, getting a general fit for all solutions becomes tough. Further, if the size of the windows is small, covering them while keeping the theme of the interior décor might be a challenge. Higher levels of humidity also play a decisive role in selecting window treatments. Therefore, before finalising these window treatments,  it becomes essential to clarify the types of treatments that an owner can opt from.

Choosing window treatments for basements can be tedious as a wrong decision might run counter to the decor. The following are questions that an owner should consider before finalising the window treatment for the basement:

  • Can Curtains be a Suitable Choice for Basement?

Curtains can indeed be a good option as a window treatment for basements. Experts advise that the owners opt for thick and heavy fabric for basements as they can be damp, moist and cold throughout the year. The thick material will stop the cold air from penetrating the basement, leading to a cosy and comfortable surrounding. If the owner lives in a cold area, thick curtains will help him use the furnace less frequently and save electricity.  Further, curtains add to the aesthetic appeal of the windows in a basement. Typically, homeowners decide to go for a shorter curtain length as the size of the windows in the basement is small. However, a longer curtain length helps create the impression that the basement is more extensive and spacious. They also help in making the window look big.

It is not advisable to use full blackout curtains as the basement will need some natural light. So the owner should opt for a sheer curtain but then layer it with a blind or a shade for the desired privacy and light filtration. This window treatment arrangement will let the sunlight filter into the basement with a warm glow and keep it comfortable.

  • Can Woven wood Blinds be Suitable for the basement?

If the owner is environmentally conscious and wants to have natural elements in the basement, then woven wood blinds go well with all types of styles. They add eco-sophistication to the basement and are a good choice for having a nature-inspired theme. Since these blinds are made from organic matter like bamboo and jute, they do not cause any harm to nature with use of plastics. They are available in many natural colours and designs, enabling the owner to opt for a look that suits his taste and requirements. They are simple to install, convenient to maintain and highly durable. A weekly cleaning schedule will keep the woven wood blinds as good as new for a long time.

  • How do Roller Shades Help in the Creation of the desired Theme in the basement?

Roller shades are a good option for the basements as they provide good sunlight protection and enhanced privacy. These are available in a wide variety of materials, ensuring that the owner has complete control over sunlight protection. They can choose from light materials which can allow diffused light to enter the basement, or blackout material to make it pitch black for enhanced privacy and comfort.

  • Do Plantation Shutter Provide the Desired Sunlight Control in a Basement:

Plantation shutters are sturdy and durable window treatments that are good enough to give the desired sunlight protection in all types of basements. They can help create the selected theme to match the other interior décor in the basement. They are easy to install and require significantly less maintenance. They get attached to the window frame, and the owner can operate them with a single lever. It can open and close the slats to allow the light to enter and air to circulate in the room. Another valuable tip for the owners is to get slightly bigger shutters than the window size. This will help in creating the impression that the basement is enormous and spacious.

Selecting the correct window treatment for the basement provides sunlight protection and privacy, but along with it, the owner can also create the desired theme and look in the basement. In addition to, a correct window treatment adds to the functional aspect of the basement, leading to enhanced utility.

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