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How to Clean Fabric Blinds in A Bathtub?

How to Clean Fabric Blinds in A Bathtub?

Very few people pay attention to the cleaning rituals of blinds when making a purchase. However, as any housekeeper would tell you, this can be one of the most important aspects to consider when you are making a choice.
Blinds that have a hard surface gather dust on their surface, which is quite easy to clean. A swipe of duster or a quick vacuum clean is all you will need. However, fabric blinds present another story. They don’t show the dust easily, but when they do, cleaning them requires an altogether different approach.

Why are Fabric Blinds So Popular?

Fabric blinds have been and continue to be one of the most popular window treatment options. With advances in textile technology and the advent of different motorization options, fabric blinds have undergone a massive uplift. Let’s look at some of the key benefits that continue to keep fabric blinds on the top of the consumer’s must-have list.

Aesthetic Appeal
There are very few other options that match the elegance and charm of fabric blinds. Available in a wide range of colors, textures, and shapes, fabric blinds offer a bigger range of choices than any other option out there. Whether it is the timeless glamour of Roman blinds or the simple appeal of roller blinds, fabric blinds have something to offer for any décor of your choice.

The sheer variety of roller fabric blind materials allows you to have varying levels of control over the light that filters through them. With a thin fabric, you get the sheer effect. The light that passes through the fabric gets partially blocked to fill your room with a soft, muted glow. With sheer roller blinds, you will be able to create an ethereal look for your interiors, all the while protecting your furniture from the harmful effects of the UV rays.

For greater light control, add a thicker lining to your fabric blinds. For the blackout effect, add a blackout lining, something that can even be done at home. With blackout fabric, you can get the most desired room darkening effect, perfect for bedrooms and media rooms.

As fabric blinds are made up of a single fabric, they provide a more compact cover for the window, which is great news for energy-efficiency. When closed, fabric blinds act as a powerful insulator against heat-gain. Depending on the fabric thickness, you can achieve varying levels of insulation with fabric blinds.
If you have a blackout fabric, you will achieve more insulation.

As with light-control and insulation, the thickness of the fabric will determine how much noise penetrates into the room. If you have a thick lining, like a blackout, for your fabric blinds, you will also notice a slight noise reduction when the blinds are lowered.

The single fabric also gives you total privacy. Even when it is not fully closed, you still get to lower it to a height you feel will preserve your privacy, while the rest of the window allows in lots of light.

Three Primary Way of Cleaning Fabric Blinds

Although each fabric comes with its specific maintenance manual, some basic steps can be added to clean the most common fabric blinds.

Fabric blinds do not show dust, but they do accumulate dust. To avoid dust from gathering, regularly dust your fabric blinds. To dust it with a vacuum cleaner, close the shade and use the brush attachment to clean the entire shade in a low-suction mode. Move the cleaner in S-pattern to cover the entire surface. Do not forget to repeat the whole process on the other side. Both the sides are equally liable to gather dust.

Spot Cleaning
If it is one spot or a specific smear that requires special attention, you need to proceed with caution. As you are treating a specific area, be very gentle, and use gentle cleaning material, to avoid discoloration. To prevent the smear or dirt to set in, act quickly. Best use a bit of dish soap, diluted in water, and apply it to an area that is not visible to check how the fabric is reacting to the solution. If nothing drastic happens, use a clean sponge to softly wipe away the dirt. Let it dry in the air.

Deep Cleaning in a Bathtub
For a deeper clean, you need water. That is if your blinds are machine washable. A bathtub is a very good option. Using your hands, you can gently wash the blinds without causing any lasting damage. Follow the steps given below to wash your blinds.

Step 1: Fill the tub with lukewarm water.
Tip: Water should not be very hot, as that would damage the fabric.
Step 2: Mix mild detergent into the water.
Tip: Check with the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer to select a detergent.
Step 3: For a patch of stubborn stain, use a sponge to gently bat away at the spot.
Step 4: After wash, fill the tub again to rinse it properly.
Step 5: After the wash, lay it down over a clean surface to dry.
Tip: Hanging them out to dry is not a good idea, as that might distort the shape.
Step 6: Once dried, put them back up.
Now you have a sparkly blind which would once again revive the look of your home.

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