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How To Clean Your Graber Cellular Shades

How To Clean Graber Cellular Shades

A Detailed Study on Cleaning Graber Cellular Shades

Like other household things in your home, window treatments require frequent cleaning to keep the shine maintained while enhancing their lifespan. There is a wide range of window treatments available and each of them has different cleaning procedures. Keeping your window solutions dust-free not only spruces up the look of the windows but makes a big difference to your overall interior. Dusting and vacuuming are perfect to remove small amount of dust or dirt but to removing deep stains requires a more intensive approach. But all these procedures can be done at home using some basic tools.

In recent times, Graber cellular shades are the most preferred and used window solution because of their insulation features that makes your indoor cool and warm based on the outside climate condition. Their endless availability in colors and texture options helps to create a stunning and sophisticated look for your décor. To maximize the functional and aesthetic appeal, keeping them clean is mandatory.

These window shades are made of soft fabric material and tend to accumulate more dust and stains in high traffic areas. Clean them regularly and feel fresh all day long. Cleaned cellular blinds not only create a fresh and healthy ambiance but also keep allergens out of the home. Know the various ways of caring for these window blinds and help them to highlight in your interior!
Cleaning Cellular Shades

Quick Ways to Remove Dirty Elements from the Graber Cellular Shades

• Remove Dust
Dusting is recommended for monthly cleaning. Take a duster to remove all the dust and dirt your shade holds. Take a duster or microfiber cloth to remove all the particles. But don’t put too much force while wiping them off.

• Vacuuming
Use a soft brush attached vacuum cleaner against the dirty substances and maintain their shine for long. Keep the pressure in the medium or low settings. And swipe the machine in a horizontal way following the pleats.

• Keep the Bugs Out
Sometimes, bugs can crawl into the honeycomb structured air pockets and get stuck there. With a can of compressed air, you can get rid of this problem. Press the applicator and pass air through the pockets and remove the insects and dust. Instead of this, you can use blow dryer as well.
Cleaning Cellular Shades Side Pocket
• Clean the Side Tracks of the Shades
If the cellular shades have side channels, then clean them too to create a shiny and classy aesthetics. Dust and insects can build up and create a layer over time. Take a clean rag or cloth dampened with lukewarm water and a mild soapy solution and wipe the tracks.

• Spot Cleaning
For this process do not use hot water as it can weaken glue used in the shades. Mix lukewarm and gentle liquid solution, dab with a rag or sponge on the spotted areas. Always patch test before applying on the shades. Avoid using chemical solutions that can ruin the fabric material.

Do this process only when it’s required because excessive strain on the fabric can cause pilling or damage.

Things to Keep in Mind While Cleaning

• Make sure there is no water inside the headrail as it can damage the moving parts or lifting systems of the shades.
• Consider keeping one towel or shade under the shades to hold the water that may drop from the cloth.
• Avoid string detergents, chemical substances, and liquids while washing the blinds.
• Dry cleaning is not recommended.
• Take extra care while cleaning for blackout cellular fabrics.
The above tips and tricks will help you to get your Graber cellular shades cleaned efficiently. Follow the instruction manuals or video tutorials to avoid mistakes because a small error can lead your shade to damage. For more inspiration, feel free to contact the window design specialists!!

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