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How To Clean Pleated Fabric Blinds

How To Clean Pleated Fabric Blinds
A window blind is a lot of responsibility, and your search for one and hanging it in your abode won’t suffice. Blinds require a lot of care and regular attention, and unless you are prepared to give them what they deserve, it is better to stay away from making this important investment and commitment. In the absence of regular care, they may sag, fade and crack earlier than expected, making all the effort of research, time and money go to waste. Still, many people are in the dark about how to go about taking care of blinds. Different blinds need to be cleaned in different ways to preserve their looks and functionality. Two of their important takeaways are their looks and the fabric used in their construction: takeaways that also decide how you go about caring for them. For instance, a silk curtain cannot simply be washed in a machine or given a scrub with a dry cloth. It has to be dry-cleaned.
Pleated Window Coverings
In this section, we shall talk about cleaning pleated fabric blinds. These blinds have a unique textured look. They are built from lightweight material and can be sensitive to handling. Therefore, we shall tell you exactly how to take care of them, thereby helping you enable longevity in these window treatments.

A Step-By-Step Procedure of Cleaning Pleated Shades

It is common for your window blinds to be susceptible to dust, dirt, grime, and bugs, especially in high traffic areas and places that are often vulnerable to storms and winds. Outside grime can enter your home between cracks and crevices of windows and doors. In such a scenario, it becomes all the more important to clean your windows and shades regularly.

Here, we talk about the different situations that require different ‘kinds’ of cleaning. Pay attention, as you might need different cleaning tools for each.

1. When you’ve got bugs inside: For pleated cellular shades, bugs getting trapped inside their cell pockets are a rather common occurrence. Your pieces of cloth may not be too helpful here. What you need is a cleaning tool that can clear the dirt inside these pockets, which might be a hard task. That is unless you have a can of compressed air to do the job for you. It can blow the debris and dead bugs out of the shade and keep your shades clean both on the inside and outside.

2. When your pleated shades are dusty and fading: A vacuum cleaner with a hose brush attachment might help you clean the dust off the surface. Cover every inch of your shades by going horizontal on the surface, and this brush attachment will let even the most stubborn dust loose. An added advantage with the attached brush is that there is no risk of the fabric of the blinds being crumpled from the pressure of the vacuum cleaner.

3. When they have stains and dust on them: Although cleaning with damp water is the last thing we recommend, it can be one of the ideal go-to methods of cleaning your pleated blinds. It is important that you refer to the care instructions carefully, and use water only when it is recommended. A lot depends on the material in their construction, and regular exposure to moisture can cause your blinds to lose shape. Use a cloth or sponge dipped in detergent water, wring it properly to remove excess water, and clean every part of the shades clean. This can be done in case of stubborn stains that haven’t come off even when you’ve used a vacuum cleaner or run a dry cloth on them.

Final note: When none of the above methods work, it is better to request the help of a professional, who often resorts to ultrasonic cleaning in case of shades that are super grimy. For those not in the know of this method, a professional carries a large tank of cleaning solution and dips your blinds in it. What follows is a high frequency of sound waves cleaning the dirt off the surface with microscopic bubbles that form as a result. That must, however, be your last resort, and there are high chances you may not require such a service. Dirt formation is a common occurrence in pleated blinds, and unless you leave your blinds untended for weeks and months, you should not face any trouble with cleaning them.

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