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How To Clean Shutters And Blinds Using Items At Home

An Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Shutters and Blinds Like a Pro

A clean house is like heaven, it always feels refreshing and inviting once you enter into it. It will give you a sense of serenity and harmony surrounding a tidy, freshly organized home. Regular cleaning not only helps you to achieve sophisticated aesthetics but also ensures a healthy lifestyle. There are multiple benefits of keeping your home clean and clutter-free, for example, it will reduce germs and allergens from spreading, lower stress when you come back from a long tiring day and will help your interior maintain a comfortable and relaxing vibe all day long.

Like each and every corner of your house, your windows need some cleaning too so that they look good all the time. In recent times, most of the windows are covered with various window designs to protect your indoor from the harsh daylight and glare while elevating the appearance of your arena. But at the same time, they accumulate a lot of dust, pet hair, allergens, and dirt on the surface. Imagine waking up to a bright morning and seeing sunbeams penetrating through your dirty window treatments. It won’t look good, right? That’s why cleaning them on a regular basis is essential, not only for aesthetic purposes, as cleaning will improve the functionality and practicality of the product. There are different types of treatments available in the market which include blinds, shades, shutters, curtains, and many more. While shades and curtains are relatively easy to clean as they are made of fabric material, when it comes to blinds and shutters with all those slats, the process becomes intimidating and overwhelming for many people. With busy schedules and fast-paced lifestyles, it’s hard to clean the slats individually. But learning how to clean blinds isn’t as hard as you think. All you have to do is to do it the right way and be ready with the right tools.

The construction of blinds and shutters are similar to each other, both of them come with different sizes of slats or louvers that are used to control the incoming rays while having privacy. And just like that, cleaning methods for these two window solutions are also similar. To help ensure that you have a successful cleaning job, here are some simple ways that you can follow using items available at home. You don’t have to purchase anything new and professional involvement is also not required. Check them now!

Different Ways of Cleaning Window Treatments at Home

Both blinds and shutters can be a great addition to your home decor because of their uniqueness, incredibility, and functional smoothness. Though the methods are almost the same depending on the material, the process may slightly vary. Have a look at the different cleaning ways and choose the one that best suits you.


Take a duster or soft dust cloth and clean the slats one by one, starting from the top part of the covering and slowly moving towards the bottom. Keep the blind/shutter closed completely before you get started. Rotate the slats or louvers and repeat the same process. You can put a sock on your hand as well to eliminate the dust efficiently.

Dusting Blinds and Shades


Get rid of more dust and grime by using a soft brush attachment and a low suction setting on your (too much suction can damage the slats) vacuum cleaner. Run the machine between each slat of your blinds or slide it along the louvers to loosen dirt without damaging your product. Tilt the product and repeat the same process on the other side.

Note – Although dusting and vacuuming are safe for all the window treatments, still be careful for more delicate products as they require special care.

Vacuuming Window Blinds


If you live in a high humidity area, then chances are that dirt may stick on your blinds/shutters. In that case, mix warm water with a mild detergent, damp microfiber cloth, squeeze the excess water properly and then wipe each of the slats. Keep the blind/shutter closed, start from the top, and do the process from one side to another. Then turn the product in the opposite direction and follow the same. You can use some natural cleaners as well like white vinegar instead of mild detergent. After completing, let the product dry in normal weather conditions. And also make sure not to use any harmful chemicals, otherwise, it will ruin the covering completely.

If you find that there is too much dirt and wiping them is not working, then open the slats and then unhook the blinds from the frame. Lay down your product on a clean surface and then use a cloth dipped into the soapy water and wipe each slat down thoroughly on both sides. Before you mount them again on the window, dry them properly. If you own aluminum or vinyl blinds, you can give them a bath too. Remove the blind from the window and keep them in a bathtub. Fill it with water and a gentle liquid solution, soak the product around 5-10mins, use a toothbrush to rub stubborn dirt, and then rinse them with plain water.

Never get your wooden blinds or shutters wet as water can damage the shape easily. Instead, you can use some lemon oil to restore their appearance for a long time. But shutters made with aluminum, vinyl, or composite materials are washable.

Washing Aluminum Blinds


Now you know how to clean blinds and shutters quickly at home that too without any professional help. Add these simple techniques to your regular list of cleaning to-dos. Make dusting and vacuuming a part of your daily job to maintain the beauty for lifelong and wash them once a week or month. Cleaning blinds and shutters not only improve the appeal but also ensure the longevity and durability of the product.

Though the above instructions will help you in effective cleaning, it’s recommended to consult with the experts once as depending on the product material the process may vary. ZebraBlinds is not responsible for any damage or loss that occurred through DIY cleaning methods.

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