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How To Clean Vinyl Blinds Without Taking Them Down

How To Clean Vinyl Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Best Ways to Clean Vinyl Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Window blinds are manufactured to block out the excess sunlight, heat, ultraviolet rays, and glare while fulfilling the requirement of indoor privacy. Choosing the right material and tone maximizes the functionality of a window dressing, but window designers say that keeping them clean and dirt-free is another way to maximize the efficiency of a product. A cleaned and well-maintained window covering not only revamp the beauty of a space but also improves its functionality. So, when is the last time you cleaned your blinds? Cleaning window treatments regularly should be an integral part of your house cleaning routine.

Keeping the blinds bare all the time accumulates dust, dirt, floating substances, pet furs, and greasy particles, and over time, it will create a layer of dirt. This not only affects the interior aesthetics but also can pose a health risk to you and your family. There are different window blinds available such as wood, faux wood, metal, plastic (made of vinyl or PVC), and fabric and each of them requires different cleaning methods. If you owe a vinyl blind and looking for the easiest ways of cleaning them, then this article might help you. To continue this process all you need is microfiber cloth or duster, gentle liquid solutions, and soft brush attached vacuum cleaner. Follow the below steps to get your blinds dirt-free without having to take them down.
Cleaning Vinyl Blinds

Hands-on Ways to Clean Vinyl Blinds

When you hear the word cleaning, the first thing comes to your mind is to remove the blinds from the window frame and then wash. But cleaning blind slats is not as easy as cleaning some window curtains or draperies which can be removed and thrown into a washing machine (note not all fabrics can be machine washed). Bringing down the blinds can create a mess for your home décor that would require extra effort and valuable time. To avoid this, clean your vinyl blinds using the following methods without taking the tension of taking them down.

• First, open up your blinds and dust each slat using a duster or cloth. Tilt the slats up and down to clean both sides. Make sure that you start this task from top to bottom.
• Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust or dirt accumulated in the corner of the slats. Remember, attaching a soft brush cleaner will protect the blinds from damage. Move along each slat but don’t put too much pressure, otherwise, it will bend or break the blind slats.
• For spot cleaning, use a mixture of gentle soapy solution and water. Dip a cloth in the solution and wipe down a slat, starting from the top portion.
• Consider cleaning the pull strings as well, as these can easily be discolored by dirt and dust.
• Dry the blinds in natural weather conditions. Otherwise, you can use a blow dryer for this process but in low suction.


Vinyl blinds are an excellent addition to any interior since they add an aesthetic value to any room while offering various functional benefits. So, how often do you clean your blinds? According to the window designers, cleaning vinyl blinds regularly will maintain the smoothness and quality of the blinds and increase the lifespan as well. If they are not cleaned properly, dust and other unwanted elements will create a thick layer on the slats.
Removing and putting back the blinds can be hazardous and time-taking too. But the above guidelines on how to clean vinyl blinds without taking them down has got you covered. will definitely help you the way you want. Have questions or need help in cleaning? Contact an expert now!

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