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How To Clean Vinyl Roller Blinds

How To Clean Vinyl Roller Blinds

We all love to set our homes with the best decorative things: wallpapers that show sophistication, and furniture that is utmost comfy to entertain our guests. The weekend is the party time, when friends from work or college, and parents, relatives and cousins can come and join you for a drink and enjoy the feeling of togetherness. However, while we are busy assembling stuff and moving it to and fro from bedrooms to living rooms, we often tend to ignore one thing that must be paramount: cleanliness.Tidying things up regularly is the bare minimum, the most essential requirement in keeping up your house to avoid diseases and allergies. A house infested with bugs and dust on surfaces can lead to coughing, sneezing and development of rashes. What good is the aesthetic appearance when you have guests feeling uncomfortable the moment they step into your home? Dealing with dust, dirt, and infestation of insects and fungus can and should be made a priority. Identify parts of your home that need urgent maintenance, and when you are at it, do not ignore the window treatments.We will make it specific to you. In this section, we will identify how to clean and maintain your roller blinds. Made from polyester and vinyl blinds, they can be easily maintained if you follow a few simple steps.

Step-By-Step Procedure Of Cleaning Your Roller Blinds

Just because they are made from some user-friendly fabric doesn’t mean they can be put in a washing machine and the rest of the job is made easy. A lot of window treatments made today are maintenance-free, saving you the trouble of reaching out to every nook and corner to scrub them clean. Many roller shades are fire retardant and dirt resistant, but that shouldn’t make you ignorant of their existence while you are spot cleaning your shelves and furniture.

As a start, look inside the package they came in. Roller blinds, when bought from Graber or Hunter Douglas, always come with manufacturer’s instructions for their maintenance. If you have misplaced them, we are here to assist you. Read the following instructions carefully, and follow them to the T if you wish to keep your home the ideal hangout place for yourself and your guests.

1. Pull Them All The Way Down: As an important and essential first step, expose yourself to the full length of the material. Resist the urge to wipe the whole surface clean, because this is where you will make an oft-repeated mistake. Their maintenance is simply not restricted to the part that is visible. The setup of roller blinds entails a lot of other things, including the hardware.

2. Make Use Of Your Vacuum’s Brush Tool: Once you plug in the vacuum, put on the brush tool at its top before you plug in the power. Use it to wipe off every speck of dirt by moving from left to right, starting from the top. Despite their fabulous material that can filter the sun’s rays to let in only the good part of the sunlight, they may collect a certain degree of dirt. It might also become the infestation ground for bugs when you come back home after a vacation. So vacuuming is the first step towards removing such unwelcome stuff from the surface before you proceed to clean them.
Vacuum Cleaning Roller Blinds
3. Mix Detergent In A Bowl Of Lukewarm Water: Be very careful about the quantity of detergent you mix in the water. It must be in proper proportion, so consider this: for 950 ml of water, there must be an ideal quantity of 15 ml of soap. This implies the proportion of detergent to the water must be 1:60. Mix the detergent properly using a spoon. Once the mixture is ready, carry the bowl to a place from where you can easily access the blinds. You must note, however, that you must not employ any chemical cleaners or bleach to wipe your blinds. No matter what any marketer says, they are not good for cleaning your window shades.

4. Wet A Sponge Or A Clean Piece Cloth: Submerge your sponge or a clean and dry cloth in the bowl of water and leave it there for a while so that it absorbs as much of the detergent mix as possible. Take it out and wring it properly to get rid of the excess water, as you wouldn’t it to drip down on the floor as you are cleaning the blinds. That would entail more work, which could be avoided at the onset.

5. Wipe The Blinds Using The Wet Sponge/Cloth: Clean your blinds thoroughly with the wet sponge or cloth, working your way from the top and moving it horizontally. Every portion of the blind should be covered. In case there are any stubborn stains, devote some more time to scrub them clean. Do it gently, though, and ensure you do not damage the surface by aggressive scrubbing.

6. Rinse Your Sponge Multiple Times: When you are dealing with large blinds for large windows, you need to rinse your sponge several times before proceeding to clean the remaining portion. The sponge may accumulate dirt along the way, so dip it into the soapy water and wring it clean. However, if the dirt still doesn’t come off after rinsing it several times, you can replace it with a new one.

7. Make Use Of A Fabric Stain Remover: Before using it, read through your manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you are apprehensive about the usage and worry if it will discolor your blinds, test it for a portion that is generally not visible, like the back of the blind or the top when it is rolled up. When the stain still doesn’t come off despite scrubbing it and using the fabric stain removal, maybe it is time for you to visit a professional blinds cleaner.

8. Leave Them Pulled All The Way Down Until They Are Dry: If the blinds are still wet and you roll them up, they might become smelly. That will not be pleasant for anyone coming to your room. It usually takes a few hours for them to dry completely, so leave them fully extended through the night.

Using The Tub To Clean Them

The procedure for cleaning the blinds is almost the same here, except that instead of using the detergent water and the sponge to wipe them clean across the surface, you submerge the blinds in tub water filled with detergent, and leave them for a couple of hours. Later, you rinse them with clean water to get rid of the soap residue, and then dry them like you would dry your clothes – on a clothesline. Before you put them back on the roller, ensure there is no moisture left.

To sum up, roller blinds are some of the best window treatments during summers, as they protect you from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun and are energy efficient. They must be taken care of as regularly as possible so that they continue being a great value-for-money proposition for you. The qualities of the blinds withstanding, they must be vacuum cleaned and must be given a thorough scrub with detergent water to ensure their longevity. And while you are at it, you may also give their roller a thorough scrub with a wet sponge or cloth. A metallic roller can easily become rusty when uncared for.

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