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How To Compliment Hygge Decor with Blinds and Shades

How to Compliment Hygge Decor with Blinds and Shades

Scope of Home Decor

The scope of home décor is enormous. Anybody who takes up interior designing and home décor as their profession would know how vast and exciting it can be and how it presents infinite possibilities that can be tapped into and explored. Home decoration is not about picking up random pieces of furniture, choosing some colors for the walls and adding some curtains or shades to the windows. It is a whole lot more and entails details that could be pretty mindboggling. Each piece of decor comes stacked with features that lend a rich and elegant look and feel to your living space. But they are also different from each other.

While some home décor styles are more commonly known among homeowners like traditional, rustic, minimalist, Scandinavian, countryside etc.,there are some that are not as popularly known, such as Japandi  and Hygge. Today we will take you through Hygge home décor style and the type of window treatments that best compliments this style.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish word that is used to describe enjoyment of simple pleasures in life. The style of décor moves a round a focal point, and a clutter-free ambiance is important to create a peaceful and serene space in the house. It is believed that mess and clutter can cause stress and this is opposite of the calm and happy lifestyle that is propagated by the Danish people.

The key elements of Hygge décor style are:

Neutral color scheme: Hygge décor discourages the use of a color palette that is too overwhelming. They recommend sticking to a color scheme that can help create a calm, soothing atmosphere of harmony and peace. Along with neutrals like brown, beige, grey, soft pastels are also preferred.

A comfortable & cozy atmosphere: Comfort is the guiding principle of a Hygge décor style. Fluffy pillows, soft comforters, a comfortable cozy couch, and high back arm chairs are the preferred choices. A cozy nook by the window with soft pastel colors and comfortable throw pillows is an ideal inclusion in a Hygge décor styled home.

Less is more: Avoid clutter. Get rid of stuff you do not need. Give away old clothes, toys and books which may be occupying a substantial amount of space in the house. Keep furniture and décor piece minimum. This makes your décor more pleasing to the eyes, easier to maintain, and helps to instill a sense of calm and peace.

Make a fire: Gathering around the fireplace is part of the Danish culture and Hygge décor style is all about warmth and togetherness. As Denmark experiences harsh winters, fireplaces are a common feature in all homes and they help to create a warm, cozy and welcoming ambiance inside. You could also try adding candles or twinkling string lights to light up the space without being too overwhelming.

Spa-like Bathroom: This is a very common feature in Hygge homes. A spa-like bathroom where you can relax and unwind and escape to before the start of a long day. Store away the clutter and add a plush fluffy rug and bathrobes with some relaxing scented candles to free the mind.

Window Treatments for Hygge Décor Style

The essential element of Hygge décor style is to NOT add anything that is too overpowering and overwhelming, be it too many lights, scented candles or a harsh color palette. Muted, elegant, stylish and minimal is what best defines Hygge style of décor. So, when choosing window treatments for Hygge homes,keep these pointers in mind. The blinds and shades should blend with the décor and not stick out.

Roller Shades

If you are looking for a minimalist window treatment to match your décor, there are few that can match the beauty and elegance of Roller shades. Made up of a single piece of fabric that stretches out across the window, roller shades are sleek with straight neat lines. There are no scallops, no folds and no extra detailing that will make the windows appear cluttered. You can choose from a range of muted neutral colors and textures to compliment your Hygge décor.

Sheer Shades

When less is more, you can’t get better than sheer shades. Made of translucent material, sheer horizontal shades are a fantastic choice for homes looking to create a warm and cozy ambiance. They help to diffuse the harsh rays of the sun and fills the home with a soft glow. They block out harmful UV rays and allows you to enjoy the outside view. They are elegant and stylish. You can choose from different colors, patterns, and lift options.

Sheer Curtains

If you are in love with curtains and love the soft feel of fabric, curtains are a great choice for your homes. For your minimalist Hygge homes, we don’t recommend anything heavy and luxurious as they will appear chaotic. But you can always experiment with sheer curtains. Made from a range of materials like polyester, lace, net, voile chiffon etc., sheer curtains come in an amazing variety of colors and patterns. They help to diffuse the harsh glares of the sunlight and blocks out the harmful UV rays. They lend a feminine touch to the space and are stunning.

Natural Blinds

Natural blinds made of eco-friendly materials like bamboo, woven wood, reed, grass etc. They are smart and minimalist in their appearance and lend a natural glow and warmth to their surroundings. They do not block out light, but they soften the harshness of the light considerably and help to create an ethereal ambiance indoors.

Relaxed Roman Shades

Relaxed Roman shade is another great option for your Hygge home. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, patterns and textures for these shades. They offer a relaxed feel to the surroundings. When raised, the shades will collect in neat folds at the top. Choose prints and colors that compliments your Hygge décor well and it will not appear cluttered or messy.

Irrespective of the blinds and shades you choose opt for, select either a cordless or motorized lift option. Corded blinds and shades lend a cluttered appearance to the windows with the cords pooling along the sides over the windows.

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