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How to Cover a Skylight for Insulation and Heat Blocking?

How to Cover a Skylight for Insulation and Heat Blocking?

What are Skylights?

Skylights are often used as a generic term for roof windows but it is not entirely true. Skylights are normally angled and often installed on a slanting roof. Still regarded by many as a luxurious addition to the house, skylights can be aesthetically and functionally valuable for a house. They are much more than mere luxury and instead can be very useful in certain settings and situations. If your house is tucked beneath a sloped roofline, your living space is surrounded by lots of greenery or there is less open space around the house, it may get dark inside the house due to lack of enough natural light. Skylights can be an ideal option to introduce more natural light inside the room. This will help brighten the interiors and help make your house a vibrant and friendly space rather than a dark, murky, and dull place. Skylights are also helpful if there is limited space in the walls and you can not fit in a regular window there. Skylight windows ensure that you get enough natural light inside the room for longer durations.

Fixed vs Operable Skylights

You can pick between primarily two kinds of skylight windows; the fixed skylights or the operable skylights. You cannot open the fixed skylights and hence if you want to allow some air inside the room you should opt for operable skylights. The operable skylights can be opened to allow fresh air inside but the fixed skylights are more energy-efficient as these stay sealed. You can opt for either of the two depending on what you need for your house.

Why dressing up the skylights is important and why is it difficult?

Skylights are normally installed at an angle and in hard to reach places such as the roof. While, the skylights help make the room bright and welcoming by allowing more natural light and fresh air, doing so has some downsides too. Allowing more light to enter the room for longer durations results in more heat gain through convection and it also increases the glare in the room. UV exposure is another issue that can damage the furniture inside the room. Hence, it is important to get suitable window treatments for the skylights in your room.

Dressing-up the skylights, is a bit challenging due to their placement and the angle at which these are installed. You cannot install just any type of window coverings. The specific nature of the skylights limits the options to some extent.
Remote Control Skylight Shades

How to Cover a Skylight Window for Insulation and Heat Blocking?

When deciding which window treatment option to use for covering the skylight windows, there are two most important factors you need to consider. One is heat gain and the other is light-filtration. As the skylights give you access to more natural light for longer durations, the possibility of heat gain also increases. Hence, finding suitable window coverings for the skylights is necessary. You cannot opt for blinds or shades which are sheer or do not block heat effectively. Blackout blinds or shades or the heat-reflecting variants are the best choices, as these can prevent heat gain effectively.

You should opt for window treatments that are lightweight and easy to install. The window coverings which are heavier, such as shutters, metallic blinds, etc. are not suitable for skylights. Aluminum is an exception here as it is a lightweight metal. Hence, aluminum blinds are a great choice for skylights. These blinds are cost-effective, durable, and easy to install. Being lightweight, they can stay in place even when installed at an angle if made specifically for skylights. This is what makes them suitable as skylight blinds.
Skylight Cellular Blind
Cellular shades also are a good choice as skylight window coverings. They normally comprise dual continuous fabric layers. Their structure allows for the creation of air pockets in between the layers. These air pockets help the cellular shades deliver better thermal insulation. You can opt for blackout or room-darkening fabric for these shades if you want to get more control over the light entering the house.

Another key aspect is the operability. Since the skylights are often installed in hard to reach places, operating them with a pull cord is not convenient and to some extent also impractical. You can consider motorizing the window coverings for your skylights. Doing this will not only help you operate them with ease but also open more options and features for you to access. You can control the window treatments using a remote or even your Smartphone. You can automate their operability by programming based on your routine and living habits.

In the case of operable skylights, you can opt for window coverings that can move with the skylights. This will allow you to open the skylights to allow fresh air inside the room without having to dismount the window coverings. Finding suitable window coverings for your skylights is just a tad bit more difficult than finding ones for your regular windows. However, the key is to consider the relevant factors associated with the skylights. You need lightweight coverings that can block heat effectively and are also good at light-filtration. You should opt for the options that check all these boxes and you are good to go.

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