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5 Helpful Tips on How to Cover Light Gap on Window Shades

How to Cover Light Gap on Window Shades

Helpful Tips on How to Cover Light Gap on Window Shades

Are you facing any problem with light gaps on each side of the window coverings? Looking for ideas to block out light in the early morning to sleep well? Then we are here to help you in this matter. Go through this guide on how to cover light gap on window shades and you can reduce the light gap significantly.


What is a Light Gap and How to Cover Light Gap on Window Shades?

Window Light Gap

When you install a window shade or blind inside the window frame, a gap between the edge of the shade and the window covering will allow light to enter the room. In areas such as a bedroom or media room where complete window light blockage is required, this light gap can be quite disturbing.

Either mount the window treatment outside the frame instead or add fabric drapery panels on both sides of the window to cover the light gap completely. Some products also have side channels available to cover the light gap.

Eliminating light leakage not only protects your privacy and further reduces glare, heat, and light from entering your home; it also gives your window treatments a beautiful and gorgeous appearance which can be appealing for many home decor styles.


Enjoy the Darkness by Reducing Light Gaps

The manufacturer makes a small deduction to allow for smooth operation when mounting inside your window. Certain products also have the fabric come shorter to make room for the mechanism. This creates a small gap on each side of the window covering affecting the blind or shade’s ability to darken a room. Choose outside mounting or blackout blinds with side channels to avoid light gaps.


If you hate the light gap but love a shade, here are some light gap minimizing tips:

#1. Measure Your Window Before You Purchase

Measuring Blinds Shades

To get a light leak free window, first measure your window frames correctly. If your measurements are wrong by even a small amount, your blinds and shades may not completely cover your windows, resulting in minor light leaks along the edges.


#2. Install Your Window Treatments

If you want to get the maximum effectiveness from your window treatments, it’s important to make sure that they are correctly installed. Before installing your new blinds or shades, always consult with our design experts or read the step-by-step installation guides included with your product. Click here to learn more.


#3. Choose Outside Mount Installation

Outside Mount Install


The outside mounted blinds and shades can cover the entire window, and overlap the sides for extra light blockage. Inside mount blinds fit directly inside the window frame; they must be slightly smaller than the casing itself, which can result in small amounts of light entering the room on the edges of the window. They also need space on each side to operate smoothly. In the case of an outside mount, the shades obstruct the light a lot better, as they cover the whole window with an excellent margin.

Overall, outside mounts provide a uniform look to your windows, so consider the idea when you deal with oddly sized or oddly shaped windows, or when the window frame is not deep enough.


#4. Buy Shades Instead of Blinds

Although blinds are highly effective at blocking out light and insulating your home, they are prone to more light leaks than shades due to their slats. Shades are created with a single piece of continuous material that serves to block out light as uniformly as possible.

So consider choosing window shades for your beautiful home instead of blinds.


#5. Consider Blackout Fabrics

Blackout Window Blinds


Blackout fabrics or Blackout Blinds not only reduce the amount of light that enters your home, but they can also help eliminate light gaps at the sides and bottom of your window treatments as well. The extra layer of blackout liner forms an additional barrier between the sunlight that’s hitting your window and the inside of your home.

Choose Blackout Roller Shades for your beautiful home. These shades not only help in blocking the light but also provide you with the maximum levels of privacy. These shades block 100% of the harmful UV rays of the sun.


Light Gap:

The edge of the window creates a halo effect or a light gap. For the blackout effect, and to cover the gaps to eliminate the halo effect from windows, using a layered window treatment that combines drapes with roller shades, cellular shades or blinds are recommended.

Blackout Blinds with Sidetracks are also recommended against light gaps.


Light Gap on Window Coverings? Need Solutions?

Although the task may seem difficult, proper window coverings can reduce it significantly. Creating the perfect environment in your home doesn’t have to be tough.

Call now for your questions, and we are ready to give you the solutions. If you want to see window treatment options in the comfort of your own home, we can do that too. We offer free samples and free shipping for your convenience.

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