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How to Cover Windows Effectively for Proper Heat Blocking

How To Cover Windows Effectively For Proper Heat Blocking

Summer is officially here and this is the right time to think about keeping your home protected from the scorching sun rays in order to stay cool and comfy. Depending on where you live, summer temperatures can go from warm to extremely hot. Instead of battling the unpleasant indoor atmosphere with your cooling system and fans, learn how you can efficiently block sunlight heat from your windows. Do you know that 76% of the daylight that streams through the windows transforms the light into heat? During the extremely hot weather, doors and windows can make your indoor atmosphere incredibly uncomfortable and control this, you need something that will prevent all the unwanted sun rays from entering your home. Now, the question is how to cover windows? Well, window dressings play a vital role in this scenario. Choosing the right covering can make a huge difference while giving you a blissful and relaxing indoor ambiance where you can sit back and enjoy a soothing atmosphere throughout the summer months. Windows are an architectural and aesthetic element of your home décor and you might be concerned about the beauty of those windows as well. Therefore, we have gathered up some of the modern window treatments which are aesthetically pleasing and offer functional values to your home. These window solutions are designed to give you the flexibility of preventing direct daylight and heat while boosting up the look of your overall interior in a dramatic way. Learn more about the heat blocking window treatments that can do wonders for your home!

Top 5 Ways to Cover Windows for Heat Blocking

There are plenty of ways to enhance your indoor overheating problems, including blinds and shades to various DIY methods. All those methods can effectively block out the heat penetrating through the windows while keeping the unwanted elements out of your home. Understand and compare all your options and get the idea of getting the right and sophisticated solution to protect your home from unbearable and suffocating sunlight heat.

• Heat Blocking Window Shades
Installing window shades is a quick fix to keep your home protected from being overheated. Window shades are made of a sold fabric material that prevents the excess heat, keeping the indoor atmosphere consistent. The main trick is to choose the right type of shade that will offer maximum coverage along with multiple benefits.

When it comes to preventing the heat, cellular shades and solar shades are great choice to go for. Cellular shades are made of honeycomb structured air pockets that trap the excess heat inside, reducing solar heat gain. Solar shades come in different openness factors, choosing smaller opacity level solar shades will block out maximum sunlight. All these shades are available in different light controlling features, with room darkening and blackout shades being the most efficient and effortless way to stop the daylight and heat coming to your space. Blackout window shades don’t let a single ray of sunlight to pass through their fabric and also enable the power of heat blocking. Consider adding blackout or thermal liners for maximum functional efficiency. You can consider sidetracks as well to block out more heat.

There are variety of shades available which include roller, pleater, skylight, and many more, check all the options before you make a final decision.

Also, keep in mind that color plays an important role in blocking heat. A lighter hue tone such as white or beige will help to reflect the sun’s rays. But sometimes, these neutral tones may not look great for your aesthetics, in that case, you can layer drapery over the shades that will enhance their efficiency as well.
Light Blocking Solar Shades
• Window Blinds
Like window shadings, blinds are made of different slats or louvers and adjusting them will control the amount of natural light and heat coming through the windows. Keep the slats in close position to block out all the heat while enhancing the insulation level. There are a range of blinds available that are designed for this unique purpose. Choosing the right blind will reduce solar heat gain and while controlling the other functional aspects such as ventilation, glare control, UV protection, and privacy. When closed, blinds are capable of reducing heat gain by up to 45 percent. Blinds such as wood blinds, faux wood, vertical blinds, all can fulfill your requirements when customized properly.
Graber Window Blinds
• External Protection
Like the interior part of your home décor, your exteriors need some protection from the harshness of direct daylight too. Exteriors are the best place to spend quality time during the summer afternoons but heat can make the space problematic. Planting trees can cool down your place to some extent, but to get complete protection, you need to cover the place with the right shading solution. Exterior window shades are an amazing choice in this case. They are specially designed for outdoor areas and offer a degree of privacy as well. You can also use awnings that reduces the amount of sun that hits the window.
Patio Exterior Shades

• Window Film
Insulating plastic window film is an amazing way to keep heat and sunlight out of your place. Attaching them to the inside of the glass can create small air spaces but getting enough film to cover all the windows can make a change and block heat from entering your indoor.

• Bubble Wrap Window Insulation
Window blinds and shades are an affordable way to cover your windows perfectly but if you are a strict budget and not concern about the look of the windows, opt for bubble wrap window insulation. This bubble wrap enhances the efficiency of insulation by creating a layer and trapping the excess air.

• Combining Multiple Window Treatments
Hanging blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies can effortlessly prevent the heat from coming through your big windows. But to increase efficiency you can integrate them with each other. For example, pair curtains with any of your desired blinds and shades and revamp the beauty of your home while enhancing the functional and practical values.
These are the top six ways of covering windows for proper heat blocking. You can choose any of these depending on the requirements that will help you create a comfortable indoor ambiance while saving a big on summer electricity costs. Check out all the options before you get started. If you need any assistance while doing this, feel free to get in touch with a professional!

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