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How To Craft A Cornice Box To Enclose and Cover Your Curtain Rods

How To Craft A Cornice Box To Enclose and Cover Your Curtain Rods

DIY Curtain Cornice Box Making to Conceal Window Hardware

When it comes to putting the right window aesthetics, there are multiple ways to do so but only the right creative implementation will enrich the beauty of the widows in a dramatic way. While the concept of styling windows has been from decades, from blinds to shades, curtains, shutters – there are plenty of window designs that are manufactured to give windows a sober look while adding some functional and practical values. In order to bring coziness and warmth, window treatments play a huge role. It’s not only about styling, the right one can be eye-soothing while making the windows the focal point of your decor.

But if you are someone who wants to do something unique and distinct, then cornices are an amazing piece of decor that is mainly designed to hide the curtain rod or other unattractive hardware elements. Usually, they act like the ornaments for your window solutions. Their pleasing appeal enhances the graceful vibes of your space and sets up the perfect ambiance that you will adore. There are a variety of stunning cornice box designs available in the market, but if you want to integrate a cohesive look with your own design, then you can make them at home as well. Making your own cornice box not only gives the windows delightful vibes but also offers you ultimate pleasure and refreshment. You can decide the design as per your interior type and window structure. All you need is the right tools and the appropriate method.
Window Cornices

Step By Step Ways of Crafting a Cornice Board

Step 1: The first and foremost step of crafting cornice boxes is measuring your window frame. Usually, the length of the cornice box should not be taller than 1/5 of the total length of your window treatment. Measure the window frame width and add a few extra inches to the overall measurement to accommodate the thickness of the board.
● Step 2: After taking the measurements, make markings on the board. Use a circular saw and cut the front, top, and sides of the board.
● Step 3: Assemble all the pieces and use wood glue to stick them together. Fix them with three pins for proper security. Wipe down the extra glue.
● Step 4: Attach plywood to the front of the cornice using wood glue and nails.
● Step 5: In this step, place the cornice on board on the quilt batting material. Cut the batting in such a way so that it can easily fold on the edges of the board. Try to keep 3 inches extra for a proper fold. Fold the battling around the cornice and secure it with staples.
● Step 6: Place the batting covered cornice box on the fabric you want to use for your cornice board. Cut the fabric in such a manner so that you have enough material to cover the boards and fold inside. Once you cut it, fold it neatly, and staple in to secure.
● Step 7: In this way, you can easily make a cornice box to enclose and cover your curtain rods. All you have to do is install them properly using L brackets. Screw the brackets directly on to the wall and mount the box.

Some Special Tips for Maximum Efficiency

● Before you staple the batting or fabric around the cornice box corners, make sure you have enough fabric to fold them appropriately. Otherwise, it will look unattractive and ruin the aesthetics completely.
● If you are looking for a thicker or fluffier cornice board, then use thick batting or fabric material.
● Make sure you fold the batting smoothly, not so tightly, otherwise it may damage the batting.
● You can use additional tassels, beads, or other decorative elements to embellish the beauty of your cornice board as well as the windows.

Making cornice boxes is not that overwhelming as it sounds. Just make sure you have all the required tools while doing the process. Take the measurements properly, cut the batting and fabric accurately, and fold them neatly to create a clean and clutter-free yet sophisticated aesthetic. You can always seek professional help to get your job done easily and efficiently.

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