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How to Customize and Install DIY Shades for Your RV

How To Customize and Install DIY Shades For Your RV

What are RVs?

An RV is a recreational vehicle that includes living quarters that can be used for accommodation. It includes motor homes, caravans, popup campers, campervans, truck campers and fifth-wheel trailers. Sounds fun and interesting doesn’t it? Imagine having a sitting and dining area, a bedroom, and a kitchen all on wheels, and you can travel wherever you want while still enjoying home-like benefits and luxuries. Visualize waking up to birds chirping and rivers flowing by with mountain ranges from the comfort of your bed. The image is enough to transport us to those amazing locales far from the hustle and bustle of the city.

RVs can be quite luxurious for all those who can afford it. These are equipped with ACs, heaters, televisions, satellite receptors, etc. Holidaying was never so much fun and exciting before. So if you have one, you must be a proud owner. While these campervans are a great possession and add a different dimension to your travels and the way you holiday, there are some concerns that need to be addressed to make your experience a more comfortable one. RVs have lots of windows to let in natural light. While that is welcome, there is a pressing need to provide adequate window treatments to these windows. You must be able to protect your RV from continuous exposure to natural elements and extreme weather conditions.

Window Treatments for RVs

If you are traveling to somewhere which is hot the windows can cause hot rays of the sun to filter through and warm up the interiors of the van that can be extremely uncomfortable. Similarly, if you travel to a region that experiences heavy snowfall and minus temperature, lack of effective treatment can cause energy loss. This will cause the temperature inside the van to fall. To prevent these discomforts and undesirable elements from spoiling your holiday mood, it is important to find, customize and install window shades and blinds on your RV windows. Use blinds and curtains to give yourself privacy and comfort while adding beauty to the interiors.
RV Window Coverings


Curtains are a popular window treatment solution for your RVs. You can choose from a wide range of fabric that will to address issues like light blockage, light filtration and protection of privacy. There are endless designs, textures and colors to choose from that will blend beautifully with the decor of your campervan.

Cornice & Valance

Cornice and valances are also a popular option for your windows. They are top treatments that are either constructed of wood or fabric. They do not offer window coverage but adds aesthetic value and beauty to the interiors of your van. These can be used along with other window treatments like curtains and blinds.

Blinds & Shades

Window blinds and shades are an ideal window treatment solution for your campervans. Blackout roller blinds, cellular shades make a good option as they provide privacy, cuts outglares, are energy-efficient and also help to block out light as and when needed.
Blinds and shades are a very popular window treatment solution for your RVs. The color, length, height, and design can be customized to create the look you want to blend with the interiors of your RV. Pleated and Roller shades are a popular choice of window treatment for RVs.

Pleated Shades

Pleated Day/Night Shades are a popular choice for your RVs. They look to combine two shades in one and as the name suggests there is one translucent shade that is ideal for the morning time when you need filtered daylight to fill your RV and another opaque shade that is perfect for the night time which will help to preserve your privacy and block out light. You can customize your shade by choosing the color for your day fabric and night fabric. You could also opt for optional blackout liner if you want additional protection against light and trespassers. Give measurements based on whether the shade will be outside mount or inside mount.
Pleated Shades for RV Windows

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are another great choice of window treatment for your RVs. They are sleek and streamlined which gives your space a clutter-free appearance. They are elegant yet smart with a range of colors and textures to choose from. They are available in a range of light-filtering fabrics depending upon your need for light filtration and light blockage. There are sheer, light-filtering, room darkening and blackout Roller fabrics for windows. Blackout Roller shades are perfect for RVs as privacy and light blockage are pressing concerns. Dual Roller shades make a great choice of window treatment as like day/night shades they also have two shades roller into one. There is one sheer zebra shade in the front and a blackout roller shade at the back. Customize the look for your shades by choosing from the range of colors and selecting the control mechanism you want for the shades.
Roller Shades for RV Windows

How to Measure for your Pleated and Roller Shades for your RV?

We will offer some helpful guidelines to ensure that the shades that are ordered are a perfect fit. Measurement is very important for window treatments to be functional. Customized window treatments will not be returned so you have to be cautious while taking measurements.

• Outside mount shades are mounted outside the window casing and hence they are designed to cover an area larger than the window itself.
• Measure to the nearest 1/8” always.
• Measure the width first and then the length. For the width, measure from left to right and for the height, measure from top to bottom always. Make a note of the measurements. For outside mounts, measure the width and height that you want the blinds to cover, then add extra to the width and height to account for light gaps, mounting surface, and overlap. Allow for adequate coverage.
• For inside mounts, exact measurements must be taken inside casing, from edge to edge. Do not take any deductions.

Installing Window Shades for RVs

1. Install mounting brackets at top of the window frame about 3″ from the corner of the window. If you are using the Quick Install option, brackets are not necessary. Place screws directly through top rail into the predetermined holes. On shades 40” or wider use of 3 mounting brackets are recommended with one at the centre.
2. Insert the headrail into mounting brackets by tilting the front of the headrail in up position. Slide the hook of the mounting brackets into the groove of the headrail. Push the back of the headrail up until it snaps into the bracket.
3. Allow the shade to hang down until the end of the cord retainer meets the bottom of the rail.
4. Place the screw through the cord retainer and mount it directly below the bottom rail about ½” below the rail. This will help to create the right amount of tension needed to operate the shades efficiently. The tension must be tight.
5. If needed, adjust the tension by pulling on the cord string and re-tie the cord retainer.
From measurement to installation you can do everything by yourself without professional intervention. In some instances, you could even try making a blind for your RV if there is a pressing need, particularly blackout ones as the need to block out light is truly an urgent requirement. With the blinds up and functioning, sit back and enjoy your days out in the open in your favorite camper van.

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