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How to Cut and Modify Blinds at Home

How To Cut And Modify Blinds At Home

Window blinds are an amazing way to embellish the beauty of your interiors. They are used to make our living style comfortable and pleasant. From blocking out the harsh sunbeams to offering privacy, blinds are an efficient way to keep your indoor consistent and elegant. They are available in a range of colors and texture options to give the windows a charming look while adding a finishing touch to the overall aesthetics. While placing the order for your preferred blinds, you need to mention the accurate height and width of the window frame, so that you get the exact blinds to fir the windows perfectly. Sometimes, a wrong measurement can lead you to get the wrong sized product. But if your blinds are too wide, you can easily cut down to the required size so that that you can enjoy the full coverage. With a little effort, you can easily modify oversized blinds at home so that they can fit your window. In this article, we will show you how to cut blinds at home without taking the help of the manufacturers!

How to Cut Blinds at Home

To start this process, the tools you might require are –
• Scissor
• Screwdriver
• Sawblade
• Measuring tape
• Pencil
• Plastic or rubber band
When it comes to the blind cutting process, you may have to cut down the headrail and the slats.

Cutting Down the Headrail:

• Measure the width of the inside window frame to find out the required width of the blind headrail. You need to measure at three places – The top, bottom, and middle of the window. While taking the measurements, make sure that there is enough place to move up and down for your blind.
• Take out the smallest measurement and remove the end stiffener from the headrail.
• Now, take a pencil to mark the new desired measurement and cut the headrail using a hacksaw or tin snips.
• Lastly, put the stiffener back into the headrail.
Don’t worry about the look after cutting as the headrail will be hidden after placing it in the box type brackets. Cutting Down the Slats:
• First, align the slats into position and secure the ends using a rubber band. You can cover the slats with tape to prevent any type of crack or scratch. Don’t forget to line up the bottom rail evenly.
• Measure where you want to cut and mark the width using a pencil.
• Make sure that the headrail is not in the way while cutting the slats using saw blade. If possible, keep away the headrail inside.
• Now, cut through the tape and slats carefully and take out the tape and rubber band. Once you are done, check properly whether the slats and headrail are cut at the same length or not. If not, then trim them individually. It may take some time, but the output will give you peace of mind and the windows a perfectly stunning look.

For any doubts regarding measuring and cutting down the window blinds, reach out to the customer team who will be happy to assist you!

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