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How To Cut Roller Shades That Are Too Wide

How To Cut Roller Shades That Are Too Wide

What Are Roller Blinds?

Have you been contemplating on how to enhance the subtle beauty of your window space? Browsing through various websites and magazines looking for the right kind of blinds? Roller blinds are a great option to consider when it comes to introducing new blinds to your space or replacing an old one. Their design and fit are a little unique that helps in making them stand out from the other horizontal blinds. Not only is their construction unique but the fabric that they come with makes them different from the other blinds.

Roller blinds have a unique construction where instead of panels, you can enjoy a whole sheet of thick fabric that helps you adjust the amount of light that enters your space. Here the fabric comes wrapped around a long casing that is fixed on top of the window. The conventional roller blinds are operated with a cord. When you tug on the cord, the fabric that is wrapped around slowly lowers itself.

It is through this cord you can adjust the length or height of the fabric. The excess fabric remains rolled around the casing depending on the length you want to let down. You can choose the fabric of blinds whether you want it to completely block out light or whether you want it to filter in light.

They are very different and quite unlike the other horizontal blinds. With these blinds, you have more flexibility in streaming in just the right amount of light to set your ambiance. Plus, they’re easy to clean and maintain as all you need to do is dust it regularly and avoid using harsh chemicals or too much water that can cause damage to the fabric.
Shorten Roller Shades That Are Too Wide

How to Cut Roller Shades That are Too Wide

One of the biggest fears most people have when they shop for blinds, shades or shutters is the fit. Measurements play a key role here as they help ensure that the window treatment is the perfect fit for the window but sometimes the fit is just not right.

When the fit or size is not right, then people are often stumped as to what to do, should you return the item and ask for a refund? should you get the blinds altered? Another alternative is altering them yourselves. With roller blinds, you just need to know a few tips and tricks on how to cut roller blinds that are wide to fit your window. They are as follows:

• First, ensure the blinds are rolled out flat on any surface. This will help you understand what material the blinds are made of, so you can gain a better understanding of how to cut them.
• Every blind comes with their own set of brackets that need to be fixed on the wall. You need to fix them in the desired position you want your blinds to go up. This is an important step because as soon as you’re done adjusting the blinds, you can fix them to your window immediately.
• For the next step, you have to take measurements of the window and the blinds to better understand how wide is your blinds and how much needs to be cut off. Mark the areas that need to be cut off from the existing blinds with a pencil, this will make it easier for you to cut it out.
• It’s time to take the sharpest pair of scissors, be cautious and start cutting for the marked region. Once you’re done cutting you can even out the edges by trimming off the excess.
• Now you can place the blinds back in the bracket and see how it is perfectly sized to fit your window.

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